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C- for effort I guess

It's not that I'm trying to start drama, I'm trying to help you realize your mistakes. Calling us "Butthurt SJW Kids" makes you seem like the real prick here. I'll leave it at that on this side of the discussion.

I don't understand what you mean by alt/trolling account. I don't own one, this account is the only account I own on itch. I'm not baiting, and as others have said this is not distribute-able content. Either way, your rude nature doesn't really help your case. It's nice you know the state I live in, but self responsibility is something YOU aren't doing. If you're dead in 5-10 years, that's still thousands of days away, neither will I be talking to you for that long. I've got a better explanation of things on the link I sent above. You're not helping yourself out here.

I would just like to quickly warn of the creators harsh reaction to breaking the DDLC guidelines on fangames. 

Examples of harsh reactions here :

You can duck and listen for the meow to tell when to get up, you wont get moved that way.

A very cool game, I loved the gimmick of the game which felt and looked pretty cool. The style works well and I loved how the theme of the game influenced the world, as it was an old time-y game and the old time-y filter transition sweeps and changes the layout of the stage. I think the concept could be very cool in a full game, but this is already great, so good job.

Link Expired Not sure if its intentional

Its A Pretty Cool Game