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C- for effort I guess

Look, I'm done repeating myself, It's not about parody, but the background that is protected from the game. Don't expect another reply from me, I'm moving on to better thing than arguing with someone I lost all respect I potentially had for.

Look, your insults aren't making me look like the bad guy, Lawyer or not your acting like a kid. I don't need to play it to see that you stole the background from a legally protected game. I care about people, not a bloody anime game, and every petty insult you say makes me care less and less about your situation, if you truly think you're in the right here, go ahead, have your beliefs, but you're not doing the "Right Thing".

It's not that I'm trying to start drama, I'm trying to help you realize your mistakes. Calling us "Butthurt SJW Kids" makes you seem like the real prick here. I'll leave it at that on this side of the discussion.

I don't understand what you mean by alt/trolling account. I don't own one, this account is the only account I own on itch. I'm not baiting, and as others have said this is not distribute-able content. Either way, your rude nature doesn't really help your case. It's nice you know the state I live in, but self responsibility is something YOU aren't doing. If you're dead in 5-10 years, that's still thousands of days away, neither will I be talking to you for that long. I've got a better explanation of things on the link I sent above. You're not helping yourself out here.

Ahem. I am from the state of Wisconsin, a US state if you would be so kind. Fair use or not, you're still breaking guidelines and laws. I've never complained to Marvel comic creators, because I don't even read comics. When I mean Backlash, I mean literally make fun of people saying they don't know shit that you don't think is true or you don't want them to be true. I've never even played Doki Doki Literature Club, my friend has only told me about it and I saw this game while looking through game jams, and I at least saw a few screenshots from my friends about the game, and the background is identical. I'm not even close to political besides saying I don't agree with trump building a wall. Honestly with a game breaking as many rules as you are doing, you really should've won so many awards by pasting your game on 7+ jams. Win the money or not, you still have the potential to get money from a copyrighted product in your game, therefore breaking fair use laws. I have a great sense of humor, you just don't get to see it from one comment on a game jam page telling you that you fucked up and broke some laws. Frankly, you don't seem to really want people to play your games if you're going to have such an aggressive attitude towards people warning you of your law breaking. Also since you spell humor with a U, either you don't know how to spell it, or you're not an american citizen either. Either way, these laws aren't just a US thing, it's a global law you can't break. "Do us a favor and take your politics elsewhere!" (Note I am not even a Social Justice Warrior, just someone who is becoming less concerned about how legal this game is and how you perceive the comment section)

My friend who also doesn't agree with what you have to say, who also said that none of what you said was even related to my comment, told me that you should take a look at this video.

If you wanna keep arguing, I'm down for letting even more people see how incapable you are at realizing your grave mistakes.

I would just like to quickly warn of the creators harsh reaction to breaking the DDLC guidelines on fangames. 

Examples of harsh reactions here :

(1 edit)

A creator is expected to not backlash at people who may be interested in their game. Do remember this is public conversations and all of it is able to be seen by anyone. If you feel offended because you broke a few heavy rules, then try to fix your actions instead of saying they went to a shitty law school and saying it isn't a parody of DDLC being used for the purpose of being in a game jam that could win money. By using the assets of their game you are breaking their guidelines, and though it may not be free, it is still not your asset to use and you don't have the permission to use it. As nice as it would be, I can't just take some music from Nintendo without backlash, so why should you be able to do such a stunt? I know that if I don't state this, you will come at me with the same backlash as the others on this section, so if you don't plan to give me a REASONABLE  and respectful explanation without any rude or harmful language, I won't respect what you have to say either. Copyright doesn't only go to games you pay for, they also go to freeware games, so if you're breaking someones copyright, they can sue you, so just remember that's something that could happen by breaking their guidelines. These people know what they are talking about, and just because you state that it has "Content Warnings" doesn't make you exempt from breaking rules you don't like. There's some things you cant change, and these rules are one of them. If you want to use someone else's assets, you need to ask them to use it, and if what has already been stated many times over hasn't gotten through your head yet, the guidelines specifically state that there must be no content from their game used in any Fan Games, or should there be Fan Games in general. That means NO CONTENT, and that background is clearly from it.

Just stop lying to yourself and realize that you are breaking rules by entering Game Jams with your game (Not to mention all the rules), and you really shouldn't be doing that under the laws and guidelines of the game.

(Edit: Changed n=Nintendo to Nintendo, a dumb mistake on my part as I was writing this late at night last night.)

You can duck and listen for the meow to tell when to get up, you wont get moved that way.

A very cool game, I loved the gimmick of the game which felt and looked pretty cool. The style works well and I loved how the theme of the game influenced the world, as it was an old time-y game and the old time-y filter transition sweeps and changes the layout of the stage. I think the concept could be very cool in a full game, but this is already great, so good job.

Link Expired Not sure if its intentional

Its A Pretty Cool Game