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Vc eh BR? Tenta mudar a resolução e deixar os gráficos no mínimo. Se o seu pc aguenta o game, insiste que uma hora entra. 
Não sei se o game tem um output_log.txt, eu jogo no linux e não encontrei.
Are you BR? Try to change the resolution and leave the graphics at a minimum. If your computer can handle the game, it insists that you enter.
I do not know if the game has an output_log.txt, I play on Linux and I did not find it.

You need to validate your account, probably the email has been marked as SPAM, look for it and you will find it.

I hope you have already achieved, if not yet, the URL is wrong. The right one is

Thanks for answering. I was able to log in normally today. Maybe the problem is related to my unstable connection, everything normalized now. Congratulations for development, success!

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Hello, I created my account today but I can not login, I already verified the email and I can login normally on the site, but it does not enter the game.
I'm running on Linux Ubuntu 18.10, I gave chmod u+x permission for the game to work. Below is the screenshot with the error.

Status: error:14077458:SSL routines:SSL23_ (...) I can only see this.

I thank everyone who can help.

P.S.: I tried to post this in the game forum, but my email is confused with spam, the first attempt did not let me create, I changed the username and it worked, but the account was banned soon after when I tried to post it.