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Marcus Otterström

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Thanks for playing and sharing :)

Amazing game. Very well done, hats off to you.

Fell out of the map two times, otherwise a cool game! Really nice art.

Great game! A recommendation for next time - an option to skip the slow typing text. For example, I could hit space while the text is being typed to instatly type it all out. That'd be cool feature and really the only downside I could find for this game, that the dialouge is pretty slow. Oh and the most minor thing ever, a small volume bar would be handy so the user doesn't have to change the browser volume in volume settings.

Story was great though, and I'm assuming you can get 2 different endings, which is really nice! Well done on graphics, music and meta as well.

What an amazing game you guys've made. Enjoyed it a lot! The only thing I could ask for is more narration. It got lonely for my 75 remaining attempts on hardcore after the voice lines ended. That doesn't stop me from giving it full stars all around though. Amazing!

Cool game! I think the swinging mechanic could've been a bit smoother, so it keeps your velocity when going into a new grapple. But other than that, it felt really nice to swing around and navigate the map. 

I didn't really tilt in the game, but I probably would've if I ever fell down all the way back down again. Well done :)

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Aha, now this changes everything! My mistake for not picking that up! I think I tried it at one point, but the impact was so insignificant that I didn't realize that the ball moved. Now I got 1900, and I'm starting to get why this is a rage game. Well done!

Thank you very much! Congratulations on your win :)

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My bad, I didn't realize WASD controlled the ball. Oops.

Nice artstyle and calm music, I actually got kind of relaxed by playing this! 

After spam shooting the wall a few times and upgrading everything, I managed to get a highscore of 968. No end of pole in sight though. 

(I'm pretty sure it's not possible to complete the game in this state)

Glad you're enjoying it! I guess you will have to play until it stops ;)

Glad you liked it! :)

Amazing game. Has good storytelling and it's pretty creepy. Would love to see more!