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Without trying to sound too pushy, would it be too hard to create a build with no rotation inheritance?
Even though I'm getting more and more used to the camera rotation and vertigo, its still something that I feel could drastically improve the experience.

Ok, so, I've tried the game. Let me start by saying that the tech envolved is really elegant. Even the old version with the android app and accelerometer looked more interesting and simple than all the complex expensive bikes, the base threads or even the bluetooth things that would measure your cycling.
Using only the vive is so so simple that it is amazing in it self.
as far as the experience. Everything was fine until the road stoped being flat.
the way I feel about VR (and I hardly feel dizzy or vertigo in vr) is that this game should remove the camera rotation all together, except when steering.
When you ride a bike and you go downhill, you keep your body vertical, unless you do want to lean forward. So the camera tilt and yaw should stay the same. Same way as going over rocks. most cyclists will stand up and let the bike do all the shaking while their legs and torso keep counter act all the motion so the head stays stable.

My suggestion: Remove head rotation caused by terrain. I think that would dramatically improve the experience.
that said, a game like this, for the vive, I would easily pay 15 to 20 dollars for it.

I just tryed it. Where would you like feedback sent to?

no download yet?

Is there still a way to get the download link?