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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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A visual-novel about exploration of a foreign land, uncanny individuals and one's self.

In Sheep's Clothing is a Ren'Py Visual Novel set to follow the experiences of one Jaz, a person pulled out of reality and dropped into a barren alien world with none to call company but a not-so-human girl, demons and voices in his head.

The demo is up for download with about 15% of the final game! Despite that, I can promise 15-30 minutes of engaging, story-rich gameplay. Get it here on

Please enjoy and upvote if you like it to help promote the game! I hope to make updates ASAP.


If you're busy no worries! I'm also still working on my VN so I can't immediately jump into a new project at least until after the next week.  I haven't played the current version of La Fortresse du Kudourt yet but I'll definitely have a look soon. Contact my email at whenever you have the time!

Au fait, merci pour votre compliment, mais je crois votre connaissance de l'anglais est meilleur de mon français! XD


Marck E.

Hey! You have such a genuine reason to make this visual-novel. I'm amazed! If you're still working on your project, I may be able to help you with cartoon character sprites for free once I free up my schedule. I'm an artist hobbyist currently wanting to transition into professional, so I'm looking to gain experience and build a portfolio by working with people. I'm also working on visual-novels myself and working on another one sounds fun. Check out some art I've done in the past!

Il y a longtemps que j'ai appris un peu du français. Ce jeu est une excellente opportunité!


Marck E.