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cool! glad u had a good time c: thats what its all about after all

this is neat! i like the outlines and the sorta, banded colour

simple but surprisingly fun to play

this is cool! i like the graphics a lot

this is real cool! nice job!

i think you started working on this before the jam ?

hope everyone had a nice time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea i think so, trying to make as many tiny games as possible within the time (theyre all garbage lol)

(and also bc i slept in by accident)

no problemo! jams are fun but also stressful so i think more folks should make jams that are more abstract and fun, have a good time ! hopefully your time gets less weird!

i dont think this jam will get too much attention bc of how abstract and silly it is, but i hope u make something and have fun doing it!

ive been trying to remember the name of this game for years and it just pops up on itch one day

fun and cozy c:

i may have written half an essay abt how much less cozy the new animal crossing is compared to the older ones

eat all them bitches

i should finish this lol

cool thanks!

hi i was just wondering if team submissions are allowed?

very cool stuff! im a little too dumb to get very far tho :P

for some reason my computer thinks this is a virus but from the screenshots i can safely say that this is the most game of all time

v o o l

should be yea

glad u liked it!

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hi idaa c: