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The game is great, but needs polishing in my point of view.
I liked the idea of moving with mouse only, but because the attacking
animation does not us move freely it makes it feel a bit clucky.

Moreover, I found the spells great, they feel impactful and it is really enjoyable to use them, but the cooldown is too long ( I was playing mage ). Still the cooldown is not necessarily a problem in itself it is more the fact when we get hit it cancels the spell and it starts the cooldown.

The sounds and musics were good I have nothing to say. I like the style too but using E for a spell and to interact does not feel right when playing. F to interact would be better in my point of view.

Overall, I liked playing your game and I hope you will continue your journey and reach your goal of making game dev your job. 

Nice game, I would implement a score system. That way I could now if I did great or not. 

Thank you for making that game

WOW, this is so scary I like it!

Sorry but it's just a demo ;)

thank you, xD

I would make the rocket spin a bit slower . But it is just my opinion

Good concept, the game is beautiful but the gameplay needs a bit of  polishing 

Good game but it needs some polishing.The collider are sometimes a bit special haha and in the menu going into options do nothing :/ . But still pretty good and fun.

Pretty good game!I like playing it!thank you for your work!

Really good game.I liked playing it with my friends

Pretty good game

I love heartbeast

Nice best game I ever played!