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This is so cool! Now I can work with a Windows 98 like interface. Thank you so much for developing this plugins.

Love them! And thanks for separating the tracks and adding instructions on how to use them.

LCD Screen saves me a lot of work. Thank you so much for creating such cool extensions.

Oh my glob! I needed this so much. Thanks for creating such terrific extensions.

I'm impressed by all the content this game has. It was funny and interesting. Not too hard, not too easy, most of the things making sense in the vibe of the game world. Having the smell as a mechanic and as a tool for solving puzzles is clever.

The pixel art quality is good, and also the music and sound effects. The nun-hitting-animation was my favorite visual thing in the whole game. I liked how some inventory items worked depending on the order in which you merge them.

And that Palpatine pope... When I saw it I thought it was Benedictus XVI... what a disappointment.

Terrific game!

After three attempts I managed to see the credits screen. Amazing atmosphere, UX, and humor. The music is not annoying despite it has a short loop, and I loved the crescendo part of the frist theme (before the first "event"). One of the things I love of this genre is that it leaves a lot of room for imagination, and the vibe you guys put into the descriptions made filling those gaps funny.

Don't quite like the attack mechanic. It requires some sort of rhythm-skill, which I liked, but it took me a lot to understand it. In most of the encounters in my final run I managed to escape the fights, which felt great.

The game progression was one of my favorite things. After the first event, I couldn't stop thinking about anything other than wondering what would be next, and that was my reason to kept playing. Though, never got to had enough money to buy the upgrades with the coolest names.

What is the Cargo for? Didn't see it change in any of my game sessions.

I played the silly version. It was very funny, mostly because of the puppy and the baby dragon. I didn't quite enjoy the narration.

Riddles were fun, but being honest, I answered most of them by trial and error. The gameplay experience was odd and enjoyable, kind of surreal. Kuddos for how memories are represented. And I loved how the camera changes to focus the attention on some props (very Resident Evil-ish).

The way you interact with objects and NPCs feels weird, if players will be able to do only one action, why are there two clicks required to do that action. I mean, if, for example, you can "interact" and "examine", then clicking to choose one of those options makes sense, but if you can only "interact", or, in this game's case, "talk", then asking players for a second click goes against a good UX.

It would be fine if players can control when to pass to the next dialog line. I missed a couple of them because I didn't have the time to read (and my listening is not good enough to understand everything).

I'm not sure if I finished the game. I got to a scene with the puppy riding the dragon and Sir Kanon walking on water. I walked forward and fell out of the screen. Later I figured out that there was a mirror to the right, but I could not make Sir Kanon go back up to the water platform.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and liked all those things. Looking forward to see you playing the post-jam version (I will be very grateful if you do).

Thank you very much for this very detailed comment.

I'm glad you liked the vibe of the game, its weirdness and presentation, and the "instructions manual" mechanic (but I can't take credit for the idea, though, because it's something I took from Tunic).

I greatly appreciate that despite all the bugs you tried more than once. I'll have to check the disappearing characters (because it should happen only to those you can control when you left a room (and there is still a lack of feedback on that action)). The backpack shouldn't be single-use, that's something I have to fix too.

I agree that the characters' abilities should be better exploited. Maybe I can include some of that in the post-jam version, but I feel that will be something I can better accomplish in a later game set in the same world. And the kissing mechanic is something I thought I would have the time to implement but couldn't in the end (and forgot to remove the thing from the manual). As for the "strong gating", I'll have to evaluate if the game experience is not greatly affected by allowing to control all the characters from the beginning, but it's an interesting analysis you make about it.

No one had mentioned the dialogue options, but I'll take your suggestions to make them more noticeable, and fit the aesthetics of everything else.

I'll try to play your game before the voting period ends.

Thank you so much for your patience. I'm glad you managed to finish the game and see the last page.

jjjj... Gonorreín es re-áspero. En la versión post-jam va a ser incluso más áspero.

The atmosphere of the game is great. Like the click-to-move mechanic with the walking animation, but sometimes it is confusing to know where you will go to. The story looks interesting, but I couldn't get too far (in my first session because the PC get stuck, in my second one because despite I had the bow with the cursed arrow, I couldn't get rid off the crow). I'll try it again after playing other submissions.

Played both the jam version and the 0.6 version. Rated the game based on the first one (because of the rules 🤗😉 ).

Hahaha, they aren't butts. I am very honored that you say it reminds you of the Amanita games, because that's the kind of games I'd like to make.

The right click mechanic is not implemented (I didn't have the time for doing so), but you don't need it to finish the game. Honeslty, I'll prefer if you give it another chance once the post-jam version is ready.

Thank you so much for your comment!

That sounds interesting.

Wow! was not expecting that tone at all, but I enjoyed it (a lot).

Great atmosphere, visuals, and good music and voice acting. I had to played twice because of a bug: I put the radio player in the bathhub before plugin in the extension, and after doing so, I couldn't plug-in the thing.

Liked the ending, although after had seeing all those weird scenes it was kind of predictable.

I'm gonna fix that in the post-jam version.

What a beautiful and emotional game. It is impresive all the work it has in the narrative, all the dialogs and cards, really impresive. Planting and harvesting was not to clear for me, but I guess I did it well because I made it to the end of the game. The changes in the town and its inhabitants helped a lot on setting the atmosphere of each act. It was sad to see what happened to the tree... and the uncertainty left by the bird returning again and again without a letter. Liked the music and how it changes for each act.

Good seeing a platformer in the jam. The music get a little annoying after I while, and I was not expecting to read deep conversations (kind of subversive \ :D / ). Hope bunny finds himself someday.

Interesting concept. My session last 15 days, and after that I died because all my stats went to 0.  It was funny to stab an NPC and then feel nervous about facing him again. The game feels a bit unfair tho because most of the time NPCs go only for food, and I didn't find a way to persuade them to give it to me when they obviously didn't need it. Saw the chat icon, but it was too late to, by the time, I was more concerned about fullfilling my needs than to try that mechanic.

Hope DeepL did a good job translating this:

Bonjour. La version post-jam aura l'option de sauvegarder le jeu. Merci de l'avoir essayée et d'avoir laissé un commentaire.

I'm glad to see that you found the name of the game cute and funny, and that you liked the characters. That mood for playing the game sounds like a good thing to try. Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for saying that so nicely. I'm really glad you mentioned the gameplay thing because that's something I want to achieve with the game.

Oh no! That's a shame. Pages don't turn, do you mean you couldn't change pages?. The final page is one that a character gives you, but I'm glad you got near the end, and that you liked the cuteness and voices of the game.

You can't.

You have to "read" the page about Goddiu and Chiquininín in order to talk with Goddiu and ask him for control.

hahahaha... Didn't see that bug before.

You have to use Gonorreín in one of the offices. He is the only one with the strenght required for that task.

One of the pages has a clue.

You have to inspect the drawer.

Hi. If you mean how to switch characters, you have to right click the backpack. Don't do it in the map because that will break the game.

Glad to know that. I'm working on some tutorials for the plugin, hope they will be ready next weekend. And if you are interested in learning Godot, this YouTube channels could be helpful: GDQuest, HeartBeast, PigDev. Also, the GDQuest team made a great Web app to leard GDScript: Learn GDScript from ZERO.

I'm glad you found it funny. Thanks for the kudos.

Thank you.

Terrific illustrations! Oniric vibes greatly achieved. My favorite dream was the one with the dog. The mechanic of clicking the circles is interesting, I wonder if there is a connection between that and the game's theme.

Games that make me take notes or draw on paper are one of my favorites. After several minutes I managed to get to the exit. Great music and movement animations (made me remember my childhood playing Versailles 1685). The idea of "crafting" your inventory was great!

Great atmosphere. The 4th wall branch made me laught. Thanks for the Wong Kar-Wai reference, will give a look to his movies.


I'm looking forward to see what you will make with Popochiu. That last sentence almost brought tears to my eyes (from emotion!). Thank you so much for your comments.

And... I finally created the Discord server:

I'll try to keep members informed about daily updates on the Wiki or the development. And of other personal projects (games) I'm working on.


It makes me quite happy to know there are people interested in Popochiu. I promise I'll create a Discord for the project in the following days. I've been busy working on the documentation, fixing bugs and my freelances (capitalism!!! yeeeyyyy ( ノ; u ;)ノ ).

Thank you so much for your comment ꉂꉂ ( ˆᴗˆ )

I'm glad you are excited about it. And I hope you can make something with it.

I hope you give it a try. Please let me know if you get to make a point n' click game with it.