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Oh, I see... I didn't know about that bug. It seems like a deal breaker. Anyway, thank you!

Thank you. I didn't have enough time to make a proper tutorial, so it might be a little confusing indeed.

wait... -_- Esti freaking alin lmao

Thank you and sure - my discord is Mao#7215

Well, everybody told me it's hard.

Yeah, I guess the difficulty is pretty high. Everybody seems to tell me that.  I also know about the audio problem, but I don't think I'll ever work on the game again. Thanks for feedback!

Really interesting. I wouldn't have expected anyone to use path finding in a game jam. Good job I guess, it's really well implemented.

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Thank you. It's true that I spent most of my time polishing it. The game itself was done in 7 hours and the other 10 were spent on polishing.

The art is amazing!

This is an amazing interpretation of the theme. It's the best I saw so far. The Audio and the graphics were also very good and the game was pretty fun. There is only one thing that bothered me, the camera was too far from the player. I think it's a good idea to put it closer. Except that 10/10, well done!

I really liked the art of this game, but I didn't find it very enjoyable. It's just that I don't like games of this type. Anyway, the audio was missing and that left me with a bitter taste while playing. I am not asking for music, but only for sound effects. They could have been added. The art was very good though.

The game itself was pretty fun. The graphics and the sound were also very good, but I think I would have liked it more if the game was top-down or isometric. Anyway, well done.

 About the rooms where you spawn on top of enemies. It's just their attack area was big and the rooms were small so you didn't have place to spawn outside of their area, but yeah, I could have done something about it. Thanks for the feedback.

The loading bar at the beginning is used by Godot Engine ;-)

Looks like you used Godot to make the game, well done! Although the art in the game is awesome, the cover picture for this looks quite plain, why's that? Anyway, it was pretty fun. The music is alright and your art was really awesome. I think that's what made me like your game. The mechanics are also pretty fun. I used the mechanic to fight using the mouse in my game too, so I find it quite appealing. Good job, I really did like it!

Woah, dude.. This is really cool. The art is gorgeous. May I ask for the source code? I am a bit curious of how you did some things so I'd like to see it.

Everyone, keep in mind that you have to download both the exe and the pck file to get it working.

hmm... that so.. Well, whatever. Glad I could help, lmao

woah, what did you mention me for? I didn't help you with anything. I am kind of surpised to be honest. Anyway, I appreciate it.

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xD. I am aware that the music is trash. Don't be sorry about it, lol. Thanks for comment in any case.

Pretty fun

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Why not? It is pizza after all, and we like pizza, right?

What about pizza with tomatoes? I think it's good

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The game itself is pretty bad. You didn't put too much effort into it. How does it even respect the theme? 2 out of 5 because it is at least playable.


no u

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I personally like the part where you play it.

It's almost as good as mine