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Many World Creations

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This was taken at v1.1, seems this dev is very active in their updates, which is cool to see.

Let me know when you got a new level or two out. ^^

This game needs alot of work. Hopefully points made in the video can help you fix issues with more precision.

There's a good start of effort here, hopefully the next iteration is even better!

I gave most my thoughts in the video.

Ah, it was just your only game on Itch.io so I assumed.

This was a good first game. Hopefully you've learned alot and will make something even better next time.

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Chickuzi - 12 hours a loading

This was a good time and if you dont mind long load times to your fast paced action this is worth a gander.

You're very welcome, I hope you found the data useful.

To be specific with the background issue, what was distracting was when it kept moving even though the forground wasn't. It's something you get used to after awhile but its very jarring at first, so I'm guessing that's why you might not have thought of it.

When you make a game and test it alot you kinda build immunities to things.

This game has alot going for it. The demo seems a bit rough round the edges but I can see a cool game in the making.

The animation was probably one of my favorite things, each character having alot of well... character.

This game had an interesting concept, however I think it could have been made even stronger.

If you're looking for a game that makes you rethink about what it means to kill in a game without thinking why, I'd recommend playing Undertale, however if you don't have 8 hours to spare, this is a fine 3 minute substitute.

This was a neat idea, though it's not without its issues.

This was cute, I really enjoyed the push to complete the challenge even though there wasnt any in game reward for it.

For a first game this is pretty grand, and if you want a 5 - 10 minute platforming challange this is worth a look.

I look forward to your next project.

Created a new topic You can see lots of potential

This game has tons of potential. Watch the video to gather all thoughts.

Watch it here


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Watch it here

I liked having to figure things out on my own, I really felt like a stranger to a foreign land, though sometimes the task required wasn't clear enough and it lead to some frustrations that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Specifically there's a task where you dont get a note telling you what you need to do until after you've done it. With the only connection being that one of the things in the city is sleeping. A large leap of logic at par with a point and click adventure.

Still it looked incredible, and the mood set was grand. Totally worth a try if you're thinking about giving it a download.

Watch it here

This was adorable and well made. I can't wait to see more from ya.

Watch it here

I cant wait for more content to fill this game up, its a good base, it just needs more.

Watch the play through here.

This was odd. I wish I felt like my input mattered.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

I guess I didn't spend enough time in your screensaver. I am nothing.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

The audio was very loud in this, otherwise, I found it very charming.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

Man, I never knew the Greeks were so strong.

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This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

Those environments were incredible

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

This was my favorite submission I tried. Though the flashing seemed a bit over kill.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

Reminded me of the classic windows media player screens when you listened to music.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

It was cool to see how seamlessly it looped.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

The animation is this was great!

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

That music was incredible.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

The title really says it all. Simple but effective.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

This makes for a really great screen saver.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

This sorta had that amoung the sleep feeling.

This was in ScreenSaver Jam View

This was an interesting ScreenSaver

This was in Jam View.

The art was incredible, really felt like a SNES opening title.

You're absolutely welcome. If there's anything I can do to help just ask.

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This was so cool. I've been following the development of this game and I'm so glad to see it finally up to play.

Unfortunately I couldn't' get my usual recording program to work with this, but I managed with a little extra work to do a video on it.The actual game was well put together. I can't wait to see more of it.

Watch a playthrough here.

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So I gave this a play(well two) and I really liked the puzzle and item management, though sometimes the rules weren't clear and I was able to do some puzzles before figuring out other ones.

Watch my second attempt here

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I found this very quaint. I came for the art and I was not disappointed. Though the game play was a little slow for my taste, and the penalty of death when couple with that slowness is a bit much.

Created a new topic Gameplay and Review
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I gave this a play, and I adore the model work and simplicity of it.

This game really gave me a sense of hopelessness as I tried to find a tree and then my house. Never found the rope.

The way the camera spins can disorientate you and after awhile I got nauseous.

Your footprints disappear after a while so you cant retrace them to your home and really I feel its a matter of luck to find it again after you leave. The darkness consumes you and there isnt really much light or way to navigate the wilderness.

I think this is worth a play, though I'm curious if its beatable. You should give it a shot and let me know if you could or not.

Gameplay Video here

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Watch It here

The art style is strong with this one. (Though wearing winter clothes in the sweltering heat is probably why he thinks the animals can talk)

When the animals talk the text is problematic. With the owl, it was difficult to read over the tree, and the rabbits faded too fast to read.

The hit boxes were a bit dodgey at times. Where the only way to get them was to walk in a direction tapping the 2 key frantically.

Still, if you're looking for a small cute story to play for ten minutes you cant go wrong here. I enjoyed what I got, and if we're lucky, perhaps they'll expand more in this style.

This is such a great little game. Each run is about 5 minutes worth of reading. I'm excited to get more endings.

Listen to me read poorly here