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Have you read the original game page? Instructions are there but if you downloaded direclty from here it would be very confusing.

Neat! Mechanics are cool. I wished for more usages for them. Well done!

I did the sandwich! Egg/Egg/Ketchup --> http://imgur.com/a/BKAIf

Well, my first was egg/egg/ketchupp. And I plan to make it. I'll put evidence if I do. It would be nice if there was different comments for spesific combos. Could add exploring elemts to the game. Beside that game does what I'ts supposed to pretty well.

gĂŚm gooooooDDDDDDDDDDD but short game

pls act 2 longer

Enjoyed it!

Probably, spent my time coding on this one. Had no time to work on crafting tree.

https://mantlair.itch.io/rainbow-sword game is done! check it out if you want!

Good idea. I will look if I can add it.

I can also use one. If I dont have problems with time I will make each level of the game synchronized-ish to as song. I can use something between 1-5 mins.


I have searched. Also apperantly we are from the same country but the name on the page dont make sense in Turkish. Probably nickname-ish.

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You are supposed to dodge the raindrops in an enemy wave. There might be a block button too. Using the sword.

Which one is better? Fixed speed or freefall?

(Also game screen will probably be a bit bigger on the final product.)

What is the best way to contact an artist? I couldn't find anything.

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The cover I picked. And the current state of the game.(Placeholders!)

UPDT: Current progress.


Nice game #informatrix2016

That looks awsome! I will check it when im done with Ludum Dare Stuff, hehe.


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Report 1:

Yes. GM scales fonts for no reason and it took our 3 hours of time. And we switched to unity. Here is some gif.

Report 2:

End of day 2! We are inching close to the end of our stunning Age of War clone.

Things we have done by now:

-Unit cooldowns

-Spawning units by user input

Report 3:

We have completed some of the siprites and fix some bugs here is gif

Awesome! I hope to do something like this after my exams.

Yeah Its therorically infinite. A code spawns rulers from prefab. And places them randomly. I can give more detail or send source code if you want . (B