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We are looking to get this at EXALTED FUNERAL here very soon!

This is correct thank you. I did the CMYK as it is better for printing.

You are amazing my friend!

I don’t know how to make  it have other payment options. I’ll look into it.  For the time being, feel free to snag a community copy

that is the plan!

Glad y'all like it!

also, thanks for all the encouragement!!

that would be sweet!!! It would probably be pretty cheap to do as it is only 2 a4 sheets… I’ll reach out to Exalted Funeral 

Hey Diogo! Matthew here from ManaRampMatt. I am going to create a random religion generator with over 20 tables to create paleo-faiths. I’m excited!

other than art updates and ventures in the back of the book being completed mechanically the rules have not changed


This is the logo to use for your submssions.

Yes! I'm gonna go hunt that show down and maybe call my first campaign "The Quantum Leap"

Wow! That is beautiful, what is it from?

I definitely am planning one. Haven’t finalized it yet, but once artwork and layout wraps up I’ll post more info! I am super excited about it!

thanks for your kind words my friend

this is amazing! A must have for any OSE campaign, let alone historically grounded, low-fantasy settings. As always Christopher delivers a big time winner!

awesome! Let me know how it goes!!!

Well, if you’re playing any mouse adventure game, then yes they are literal 6 inch tall humans or if you’re playing it in a fantasy setting then they can just be explorers in a super large ocean… It is kind of open ended

 I’ll be posting weekly edits of the file until it is finally complete. Stay tuned

also stoked you are excited 

it is now currently itchfunding and I’ll be posting weekly edits of the file until it is finally complete. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much. The team is growing too. Emiel Boven (creator of DURF) is onboard to do artwork. I am excited!

follow the link to El Refugio de Ryhope’s website to download the files for free from then. While there, check out the other cool Mausritter adventures. 

haha it is quite nearly the same as Barrow Delver, I forgot to change that text hahah

thank You for the kind words! I’d love to see it translated for all my Spanish speaking friends! And you are a great person to do it!!! 

Excited you like it!

I will see what I can potentially do

link works fine on this end

Hahahaha, “use prefer..” hahaha my bad! I’ll fix these ha

ha absolutely! That completely slipped my radar!!! Should have it fixed tomorrow 

check it out y'all!

Pocket mod in the wild for DURF JAM

Thanks Matt, the Precursor Beast generator in Bernpyle Press 1 is in the game jam not issue 1 of zine. Bernpyle Press jam submissions are being laid out it a zine currently but I understand the confusion. Also the Rabenkunst spells are all still up on the Tales From Moonshore website under the “Rabenkunst “ tab. I will make the links clearer, my bad. Thank you truly for the feedback!

thank you!

B&W is now uploaded

Black & White is now live!

many thanks 🙏 

coming today! 

Just created a Druid class for this amazing game and am working on two more supplements as my play group is about to start a Heartseeker campaign! Thanks for creating this system Scott!