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Hi. I am currently working on other projects. But I'll see if I could make a quick demo 

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Disclaimer: I am not by any means a professional game maker developer. I've only worked on projects as a hobby. But this has taught me a lot!

I started making games during grade 8 before I migrated to a new country. A friend of mine had introduced me to game maker 8. At first I was following some PDF tutorials which helped me make my first game (a car that could jump on platforms lol) . I've been using game maker for around 5 years. I have worked on more than 500 (not exaggerating) projects and only ~10 of them could be considered "complete".  

All the repetition that I had gone through when working on those projects, helped me get faster at writing GML code, a better designer, and finally be able to understand the fundamentals of programming (which helped me in other programming languages).  IT TAKES PATIENCE AND REPETITION. 

Here are the two YT channels that I was following to get better at GML

1 -

2 -

I recommend joining game jams and DO NOT THINK OF MAKING A BIG GAME. My philosophy is that the challenge is to make the most simplest game you can given the restrictions. The simplest and smallest game. As time goes on and as you work on more games, the definition of simple and small will change for you.  

The biggest mistake you can make when learning (You will always be learning for the rest of your life, and so will I) is to over scope a project. If you look at the first project I uploaded to Itch (Avoid Death) you'll see how simple the game is. Remember that I made that after working on more than 500 projects. 

I suggest following as he's made a great community around the world. I follow him, and it helps to not feel alone most of the time. 

Remember that GML will help you to wrap your head around programming in general. But I suggest moving on to other engines or frameworks such as Godot, Unity etc. after being able to make medium size projects in game maker. Because they follow a more commonly used structure of programming which WILL help you to become more "professional".

I personally have moved on to Godot and one day I will post a free Godot Project Template. 

Good luck to you my friend.

If you had any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me :) as I LOVE to help. 

PS: English is not my first language either!

Just a quick update.
I'm not working on this project because I'm working on a game project (EVoid) which you can check out from my page. 

However, I have a couple of ideas for this project which I might be working on in the up coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this project. 

I'm so sorry for this massive delay. I've been trying to make general scripts that can be used to collide with slope tiles. But I've been having trouble and I don't really understand the issue. 

I'm going to try to add this feature, but I would not count on it

Will try! : ) 

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I hope you'll enjoy the new versions as well! :]

Hi guys. If you're using game maker studio 2, hear this out. I've made a project template that helps with making a new project. Even if you're not making a new project, it has some beneficial features. THIS IS FOR FREE. I want to help anyone using game maker studio 2 to make better games and have a better time.

I am a video game developer and I have used game maker for more than 4 years. I make a lot of games and it always takes a long time just to get the basic systems of the game going. These systems include:

  • Main Menu
  • Pause Menu
  • Saving
  • GUI
  • GUI Tools such as buttons
  • Collisions
  • etc

After spending a lot of time redoing the same thing for different projects, I decided to make a template that I could use for most of my projects. With this template, I can just start working on the mechanics of the game and have a better time. 

So here is the template project that could be used for many many new projects, or the ones that already exist.

Here's a link to download page:

This Template includes:



Delta Timing variables

  • If you are not using Delta Time in your game... what are you doing? Delta Time is a very important part of making the game fair. 
  • Simple DT and DT_Fixed variables to use across the project
  • You can even use this to make slow motion effects! :D

Global Input variables

  • Keyboard inputs
  • Xbox inputs

Macro and global variables:

  • Aspect ratio and resolution of the game
  • Global variables to refer to layers easier

Pause menu

Pause menu


  • States: // You can add as many states as you'd like. Here are a few:
    • Main Menu
    • Normal level
    • Pause Menu: // Add to pause menu with only changing a few variables in its state script.
  • Tools such as buttons:
    • Buttons that can be interacted with and modified


  • Save and load objects of a level.
  • This system uses JSON which means, it can be scaled to larger projects a lot easier. 

Collision tileset

Collision tileset


  • Solid collision script
  • Tile collision script: I personally use tile collision for collisions in my games.



  • Checkplace and remove index of a tileset with scripts
  • A wall tileset with auto tiling
  • Collision tileset

Nine slice drawing:

  • draw rectangles based on 9x9 sprites


  • one persistent object that controls the game


  • one object to control the level
  • Place solid tiles on wall tiles

Room template
Room template

Template Room

  • A room with layers and common objects:
    • Background tile layer
    • Middleground tile layer
    • Foreground tile layer
    • GUI layer
    • Camera Layer

Camera Object

  • One camera to be used anywhere in the game
  • Modify this camera with simple variables provided

Here's a link to download page:

I hope you'd find this helpful.

Get Creating

omg. mind blown actually.

Just look at the talent and skills!

Great job!

I love the idea and the mechanics. Lovely sound track.

Great work!

I had never seen more 1s before! Funny idea Tim.

Thank you for the post. I'm super glad that you enjoyed it.

Very well. I Will Definitely keep that in mind. Thank you so much. 

Thank you Doulos for playing my game. I have received this feedback about the movement. In future I might change the rotating to a normal movement behaviour and make the heart look like a person running around. 
I hope to see you try the new updates of the game as I will be trying to expand it.
Thanks again.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

I love this game! :D

I'm very happy to see that you've enjoyed this game. Unfortunately ,currently I am not planning to develop this game any further. Thanks for playing my game Tragicmiraclecollection!

You are a curious person :) . I do know I should have spent more time on designing the levels and the change of colours mean that they are damaged. When your health is low, your adrenaline goes high and you turn into "Beast Mode", and then you damage more and you move faster.

After all, I hope you enjoyed :)

 - MysteryStudio

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm hoping to develop this game further. If you have any ideas about what I can add or what I should remove let me know. :) 

850, The music fits the game. Nice job!

Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoyed it and yes I will be developing this game further. I'll make sure I'll expand the settings for sounds too. Thanks again.

I Love the art and the music, with the design, maybe begin the game differently so the player can experiment with the movement first before start attacking. 


Wow this is amazing!! 

Man you should continue with this project, I just LOVE it

OMG I love this game

Yes I loved it

Thanks, Hope you liked it

That's kind of a high score you know, To get around my score you have to build the game from ground up xD

Yeah I think I made it too hard, I hope you enjoyed. 

Thank you for your reply, I might as well do that. Hope you enjoyed. Good luck

I loved the background music.

I got very serious with I what I was playing hhh. Nice game

I had fun, But the character moves way too fast. But overall it was a great game. thanks for making it.

Thank you for telling me

Thanks, Hope you enjoyed

Thank you very much. It was Helpful

I loved the game. I really enjoyed it and I like the way things works. I reborn as a shunk.  

Thank you for playing. That "Water" was not actually water it was a blue flame and it could walk on other flames without getting hurt. Yes I know I made the last level too hard. If I went to developing this game further for sure I would change that. Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoyed.

Glad you enjoyed The "Challenge"