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Colt Hack

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Oh okay, cool! I didn't understand the mythos behind them.

Oh, they often show up in the center of town, or there are more than seems right, sorry I see that I came across quite rude there.  I just often reroll until the gate wards are either gone or really out of the way, or I find myself warping them down. They are the areas for the guards and such, right? Sorry, I really do love this software.

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Yay! How long until "gate" neighborhoods are optional? Really love the program though.

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I love this game. High score, 1742. 

This was made in PICO-8, a virtual retro game console. 

I love this game so much. I can't even throw any complaints your way. It's fantastic. I just want to see more!

I really like this, but I can't seem to figure out how IO flag streams work. If I could get the tiniest of explanations I would love to be able to finish this game!

Cool idea, but I bet it would be tons of work to add in the "Height" of each building, let alone the scaling issue. Still, it would be pretty amazing to have a little model of your dnd town.

This was fantastic! I absolutely loved this! Playing it on a huge HDTV made it obvious that it was a resolution filter, so I knew the game was better than at first glance. By the end I was running around slaying slimes and I had so much fun!