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wow I wish I had dreams like this, sounds really fun :)

Explore the stairs, find what's up there, but be careful in doing so. The game is kind of a short horror walking simulator type thing.

This was great! Beat it using my reaction time trained from being a gamer :)

I would like to request custom css support for my profile, I want a more custom profile page, so it looks good, who doesn't want it? 

Nice, thanks for playing, keep up great videos, I wish you success!

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Thanks for playing, was pretty entertaining to watch, although I'm a bit bummed that this is not the latest version of the game where you have a hat :p I was just a bit too late to update the game x)

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Well this kind of game isn't for everyone then, I guess? Just saying it would be more helpful for a developer to know why a game is boring than just its boring. As of now, your statement doesn't help with anything. 

Thanks for playing! And also thanks for the nice review :p

A big improvement from the last time, isn't it? And yeah, this is a bigger, better and stronger sequel to 'Scarecrows' x)

Great video! Thanks for playing my game, something about watching people playing your game gives a nice feeling. :)

Yes it is, it just gets gradually harder with every altar and at 2 out of 3 he moves 3 times faster than at start and kills you 3 times faster too

Thanks for playing and making a video! Although I would recommend changing the link in description to the current one, because I recently changed it for... reasons.

It's not the same, this was just meant to be better and more interesting than the previous one, because I really liked the idea of a scarecrow

Would really like some feedback on a game I made - Mr Twigs

Could you please change the link in from your video to please? this is the new URL, when renaming the project didn't realize people will make videos on it lol

The page doesnt exist because im fixing it, it will be back online very soon, today to be more exact

That page doesnt exist now because I am fixing it right now, it will be back online soon

Was entertaining to watch, thanks for making the video about my game, really appreciated. :D

Thanks! I will watch the video later today, and I am working on an update to make it more spooky and tense, with also adding a new game mechanic. 

Coming soon™ :) 

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A horror game about satanic altars in a wheat field with a scarecrow named Twigs chasing you down and trying to kill you, doesn't this sound fun?

This game is about a maze of doors that change when you are not looking, basically weeping angels but with doors and without angels. 

Thanks a lot for playing and making a video on it, imo this is the most polished game I have had in audio and performance, so yeah, big thanks. Gonna watch the video later when I'm not busy :) 

Thanks for playing, love that people like playing my games, and yes there were a few mistakes in your text but that's alright, English is hard sometimes. :D

Made in 6 days if including the post launch update. Need feedback to improve :)

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Now it's fully released, with an objective, out of Beta, more scary, with a bigger map, optimized etc. Build 1.0 now.

Edit : Had nothing to do so updated it again with harder objective, bear traps and wavy water :P

Thanks for playing! Didn't expect anyone to make a video on it, I'm working on an update that will add an objective to find a few things in the field, so you can't just stand in place and look at all of them. ;)

Scarecrows is a game about you running from scarecrows, that move only when you don't see them, they will get you eventually.

The game is kind of a Demo for now, until I think of what to do next. :)

Made this game, made a cool looking page for it but no one is finding it, I think I screwed up with tagging.


A horror game about stealing pumpkins from a graveyard :)

The game is about stacking boxes and climbing them to the exit, which is a black hole.