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Was checking out the sprites carefully because I wanted to see what the resolution was (though I noticed there is already a comment that asked, lol) and just wanted to let you know that there is a bit of an oddity in your last screenshot. Where the path is going south from the house, one of the trees is cut off and only half the sprite is there.

Oh, I see what you are saying. That makes sense :P

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I am confused, my game used 4 colors total, and my total use of limitation was 3.8... Were people rating it higher if you used exactly 5? I was giving everyone who used 5 or fewer full points, as that was the ruling. Just wanna know for next time how this works.

Hey, thanks for giving it a play. I am actually very familiar with Pico-8, and know how to use the tracker quite well. I really didn't spend a lot of time working on this, and chose snake as my base game due to time constraint. For a reference of the music I make in Pico-8, check out this project:

Thank you for giving the game a try! I agree about the controls, but as far as Pico 8 is concerned I actually don't know how I could have made it better. The snake moves on a tick, and the input is setup using a buffer. So you can press whatever you want during the tick countdown, any number of buttons, and when the tick happens it will automatically use the last button in the buffer and clear it. So it only saves one button, which is why it starts so slow. When it gets fast that does become a little less reliable though because the ticks are so fast, it might have 2 ticks before it reads a buffer input.

Hey, thanks for giving it a play, and for the kind words :)

Well, the part that got me is one of the signs at the top say "there are more secrets along the edge of the map" or something like that, so I just started spamming expecting to hit a roof, lol.

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This game is really fun! My only gripe would be that it seems to be possible to jump outside the map with the infinite jump. I am not sure if I just spammed it too much looking for the spoiler? and was just too high to hit the ground in the time I waited, but when I reset the page I lost all my coins so I can't test again unless I re-collect them all.

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This game has a really fun idea, but I feel like most games that do something like this start with a few easier levels that let the player get used to the mechanic. It took me like 20 minutes to beat level 1 because I kept hitting the wrong buttons and the first time I got to the generator with the battery I wasn't close enough to activate it, lol.

Also, when you do accidentally hit the wrong button, turning it back around doesn't save you, the fall time seems to remain and it still kills you... I don't know if that is intended, but it's not very forgiving. It would be nice to be able to do that to move more quickly, kind of like a speedrun tactic, lol.

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Thanks for giving it a play! The power available in this game is the Modifiers.

When you are on the main menu, in the top right you will see the points you accumulated over all your plays, this will save to your local Pico-8 memory. Then, if you go to the Modifiers screen, you can spend those points to get benefits that slow down the snake's growth, meaning it has the power to achieve higher scores. These modifier levels also save. Hope that helps :)

That is okay, and no I am not sure... I will have to give it another try and see if I can finish it without the second spoiler :P

Random path with giant curves; Enemies go stupid fast, and always show up just in time to force a jump into the void; Nostalgic perfection, lol.

About Diddy's hat though, you could have shared the same red as the enemy's eyes.

This is a fun little game :)

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I simply cannot force myself to try this anymore. This is a neat concept, but the implementation is infuriating...

I figured out the whole puzzle I am fairly sure. I know how to kill the boss, I get multiple hits in every attempt before the power goes out again, but nothing I do seems to get me there fast enough to kill him in time. I don't know exactly how many times I have attempted this now, but when I started to get angry I counted 10 before I gave up, because I hate leaving things unfinished and I am at the boss...

I don't know if the timer is a set number, a changing number based on how far you get, or if it's a random variable and I am just getting extremely unlucky, but this is much more stress than it's worth. If I am missing something, please tell me, but this was not at all enjoyable.

Great in every other way though.

Edit: After a friendly spoiler I was able to get it beaten. Still kind of stressful, but it turns out it was kind of my fault xD Slight spoiler

Mini Jam 73: Power community · Created a new topic UI Text

I am just wondering, because I am trying to decide exactly how retro I wanna do with my aesthetic... obviously UI images and stuff have to stay within the limit, but if I have the text of my game be white, does that mean I only have 4 colors for everything else?

Cool, thank you for the reply!

QB64 Game Jam community · Created a new topic Inspired Work

I happened by this jam, and was actually considering making a Text-Adventure recently in QB64 for a Text-Adventure jam, but ended up not being able to because my keyboard broke. I am just curious, since it has been a long time since I have used QB64 and will be studying my old games to refresh my memory; Are we allowed to copy code we have previously written for other apps? Or is it expected that everything is written for the jam? I am more than happy to browse and re-write my scripts, just wondering as it would save a bit of hassle, since I have some BAS files with general functions I have written in the past for text parsing, class structures, and other generalized things.

For the record, I am not talking about copying the core structure, obviously I will re-write the main loop and game-specific protocols.

Thanks for giving it a play! Was really outside my comfort zone, lol.

I was watching some of your dev posts for this game, and it turned out really cool!

I love it, it's super cute :3 To be honest I was kind of expecting to be one of the people who ended up without a gift, but I had a feeling you would make it through as well! Thank you for your hard work, and happy holidays!

Hey, I just wanted to make this topic quick for any other developers who will be developing their game in Unreal Engine. I was looking through their free assets because back in September I believe they were giving away HQ Residential House for free. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore, but they do have about 10 free modular-looking asset packs that are all assets from the game Edith Finch, 100% free. So if you don't have HQ Residential House, and would like some recognizable and good looking horror assets, I suggest checking it out!

"Light can be anything, yeah, it doesn’t matter if it brightens or darkens a color, it still counts as one."

I am a little confused by this, do you mean that all the lights setup in my game have to be one of my palette colors? Can it be pure white so that it is just purely brightening the colors around it? Or do you mean lights can be any color we want regardless of palette?

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"If a dev hasn’t given any credit, and someone finds out that the assets are pre-made, they can report it..."

All of the pre-made assets I will be using are purchased through the Unreal Engine Marketplace, I own the rights and license to them and will not be giving credits in my game. Just so that's out there. They occasionally do giveaways and I have gotten  over 100 of their asset packs for free.

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"using pre-made assets in a creative way might make you some Originality points, but not all"

Thank you, that is what I was wondering :)

This was really fun! I don't know what the goal of the last level was, but I beat it with 1 move remaining lol.

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Hey, I typically do these jams by myself, and as you say in the information blurb I do use them to practice my game dev skills, but as I am not an artist I use them to develop my programming and gameplay loop skills. I also typically use modular game assets to create my levels, since again, I am not an artist.

In the rules page, there is a section that says all assets must be made in the time of the jam (excluding music and text fonts), and that any pre-builts or templates will go against the "Originality" category. I understand that if I use modular art assets this is most likely still going to be the case, but my question is: If I use my modular piece, like I normally do, to create a completely original game world (albeit with the same "every house uses drywall" tactic that is already used in real life anyway) would I at least get less removed from the originality category for using the modular assets in an original and creative way?

This is not my game idea, as I don't know the theme yet, but let me give you an example. Say my game is called "Trouble in the Workshop", and the player character is a chair. His goal is to browse through the workshop and find himself 2 worthy "arms" so he can finally become the armchair he's always wanted to be.

Hey, I figured I would stop by and give the final build of your game a try! I wish I was there, but I have some post-jam updates to work on, my game is very much not one yet!

I thought about this originally, but decided not to mention it because of the controls, which by the way feel so good now! I also think the change to the muzzle flash was a positive, the game as a whole feels much nicer to play!

I just feel like the shotgun is a little underpowered. I know it does a 1 shot when you stick it to a zombie's head, but for testing purposes I put 2 shotgun shells into a zombies stomach and then shot it in the head with gun 1, and that wasn't enough to finish it off. Though if your goal was for the players to feel like there is almost no way out, like in a "real" apocalypse, you have definitely achieved that :)

Either way, clearly I had fun, look forward to seeing you in future jams!

Yea, I rushed to put up this build before the end of the jam. When I do the next update I will be removing all pieces of the art kit and extra I didn't use which should significantly reduce the file size.

For now, sorry about that!

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Last night during the discord meetup I finished constructing the town for my game (to an acceptable level). I would still like to improve upon it, but I don't think I will have time as I still have to work on some other parts of the game. This has been a really great learning experience when it comes to my expectations on level design. I always feel discouraged near the start because I have trouble visualizing the finished map, but you just gotta add more and more layers like any other art medium until you finally have something you're happy with :)

Town Creation Step-By-Step

Glad it worked out! I will have to keep watch for your next update :) 

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Oh okay, yea the Standard FP stuff actually accounts for that, but it has some "advanced" features that really don't do it any favors. On the bright side, this means you should mostly be able to fix the issue by going to your Input Axis settings and changing the Horizontal and Vertical Gravity from 3 to something like 100. The sensitivity controls how fast the axis lerps towards 1, and the gravity controls how fast the axis lerps toward 0. When you start walking with this controller the speed is immediate, so the sensitivity is fine. But when you let go it has a curve multiplier that it uses, which keeps full speed for half of the lerp. By changing the gravity to 100, this will speed up the process and the character will come to a smoother stop.

I highly recommend at least trying it out, it would just be changing the axis gravity; and if you don't like it, put it back to 3. But I guarantee it will be an improvement :)

Hey, I played your game and it's quite fun. I am actually developing a game for the jam using the town version of that art kit :P

I did notice one thing that is a little weird about your movement though. Currently it seems like when you let go and the axis lerps from 1 to 0, the character moves at their full movement speed. If you multiply your movement speed in your script by the axis value, then as the character starts and stops walking the speed will lerp as well!

Good luck on finishing up your project :)

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I am making a new topic because I can't seem to change the title on my other one, and I didn't really title it properly. This will be where I post the updates for my game for the next couple of days. The name is still a work-in-progress, but the core idea of the game is that the player will have to perform a list of tasks within a certain amount of time. Once the list is done, a bigger list will be generated, some time will be added, and it keeps going until there are either no more tasks to add, or until you run out of time. Complete as many as you can for the high score of tasks!

I am not getting things done quite as fast as I would like, so I might end up having to tune down the game loop a little bit, but in the last couple of days I have been able to design the main house, setup some of the basic game framework, and get the tasks working as intended (showcased with the first task below). I should be able to make quite a few more tasks today, then it's just a matter of expanding the level so I can add tasks that require going outside (such as going shopping).

It took me all day, but I finished designing and furnishing the main house for the game. I don't want to spoil the whole tour, but here is the upstairs hallway and bedroom! The asset pack I use only has so many things available, so some rooms have more to look at then others. The bedroom in specific has the fewest furnishing options.

Furnished Bedroom Video

Tomorrow I am going to put aside level design for a bit and get the interactions down so I can put in some doors, and start designing the framework for the tasks the player will perform during the game. After that, all that's left is spending the last couple days expanding the level, implementing all the individual tasks, and setting up the win condition.

When I made this post I wasn't really thinking ahead about it being a devlog sort of thing, sorry about the title.

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I have spent the rest of my day getting familiar with my art kit (I got this stuff a while back from one of Epic's giveaways) and setting up a small house I can use as a framework to build other houses from.

Small House Test Video

Tomorrow I want to start designing the "main house" for the game as well as one or two task locations so I can start working on the game loop. I also have to record some voice lines for this game, so that needs to be worked out sooner than later. This will be a fun little challenge, and I will definitely have something playable at the end!

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For a long time I have been wanting to make a third-person story-driven game. I know that doesn't seem very hard per-say, but I am kind of a perfectionist and I have a hard time doing things the easy way. Well, while looking through cheap games on Steam for something to play I found this silly little game called Dude Simulator 3, and it gave me an idea for an equally silly little game I could probably make fairly quickly using features I have designed for other games like interactions, weapons, and of course the basic character controls. Only took me about 3 hours to put this together this morning, but it is the culmination of about a week of meticulously fine-tuning a system that tries to emulate how the character controls in standard AAA Story-Driven experience, game, things.

AAA-Styled Character Demo

As I said, I have started working on this project this morning so it wont be a super well polished, or fully expanded upon submission. But I have a full idea, I am going to do my best to focus on pumping content over mechanics, and I hope I can provide something fun to kill an hour or so of your time :)

Haha I was more-so making a joke about my OCD tendencies, I am definitely just here to have fun making a spooky game. I have been wanting to make a horror-esc game for a while, and this is the perfect excuse!

Cool, thank you for the quick response! I know for some short jams people prefer literally everything be done in the time-frame, which I totally respect, so I figured it was better to ask.

Hey,  I am going to be setting up a test project to mess around with lighting just to get an idea of what I am going to be doing for the jam as the main asset pack I plan to use, in my experience, has incorrect lightmapping and only works properly with dynamic lighting. Since my main concern is the game ending up too dark, I want to see if I can find a solution before the jam starts rather than pulling out my hair during.

I was just wondering, is it okay if I use this test project as the base for my jam entry? I won't be making any classes (other than a light master which I would be importing/copying to the new project tomorrow anyway) and I don't even really know what I plan to make yet, just that I want it to be interior and not be super ridiculous dark. I don't mind setting it up again tomorrow, I just figure it's worth asking incase it's cool I save myself the effort.

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Some of the scares in this game got me pretty good, and the art style is adorable! I love how you can look down and see yourself, or look up and see the hat (while you have it). I was very surprised as I was playing though, at some points in the beginning it wasn't super obvious where to go, but I enjoyed that because I ended up finding the last area first and was waiting with anticipation to go in!

I kind of wish the movement wasn't so slippery, and that when going to town the transition was just a trigger (maybe if you couldn't go that way yet just include a voice line like "I should probably ..." or something), but in almost every way that matters this game felt very polished all the way though. Keeping the player confined for story segments, selectively allowing access to areas and even toggling access to specific items based on story cues rather than just closing them off. Some little hidden events that are cute, andhahasomefunnydude.

I will be recommending this, and I look forward to trying out more of your games!