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Mahaer Mahmud

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Oh goodie!

When is Mini Jam 9?

It sounds like a really cool idea. However, I can't get an idea of when it releases. Can you please estimate for me?

It seems that what is supposed to be the unix process that opens the app (in Contents > MacOS) is actually just a text file. Try downloading the official LÖVE mac binary, and putting the .love file in Contents > Resources, as well as changing the icon.

LIKO-12 community · Created a new topic Fixed macOS binary

So I noticed that the official macOS binary for Liko-12 is broken right now. To solve this, here's a new binary that I created myself! The reason that you may not see the DiskOS installation screen is that I already ran it for testing. Other than that, it's freshly prepared!

Hope you enjoy it!