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That's great to know!
I was actually scrolling down looking for this info ^^
Ouroboros and Crimson Gray player here, I'm scared of long games but I think I'm going to try this, looks great.

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Thank you!

GOG would have been ideal since that's the version I already own. But if their revision process is cumbersome, I'll keep an eye to possibly re-buy the game here during a sale. Thanks again.

Would it be possible to have it on GOG too as unsupported bonus content? (I saw your reply about the Steam version.) Like for example quite a few of the SNK games there on GOG: they are listed as Windows only but include a Linux version in the goodies, along with the disclaimer "Please note: macOS and Linux versions are provided as unsupported bonus content."  Shock Troopers, Metal Slug, Twinkle Star Sprites...

I totally get sometimes Linux can be difficult to support, but now that Anodyne 2 is out it would be cool having the 1st one DRM-free on Linux too, with the same "unsupported" disclaimer. Thank you for your consideration.

If I might humbly suggest, it would make sense to lower the price while the game is included in special bundles (many developers do during Humble Bundles).
Case in point, right now the Anime Rhapsody Bundle is pretty cheap and includes Four Horsemen, while there isn't even a 10% discount here or on Steam... Not telling you how to price your games, but I tend to avoid buying bundles (except Humble) because I prefer directly supporting the developers whose games I want to play, not having the revenue being split between 10 creators when I'm only going to play one or two of the games. But if the game remains full price it's hard to justify the standalone purchase.