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Gameplay is pretty simple. After going first time bankrupt you will get the trick. I like the start screen but the workbench screen is not that pretty. Anyhow I will definitely have a look on your code base as I´ve ever wanted to create a gb game! :)

Thank you for your feedback. I know that the bug is annoying. As well as the user interface interaction is not very clear. But please consider that it was made within 72 hours and a lot of time went into graphics and balancing tests.

The highest level a player has reached yet was 23, as far as I know.  The trick is to reassign the crew regularly. Also they will stop work when they´ve got hitten (which was more or less intended).

If you want a more polished version, follow me and stay up to date.

The 50 coins item is a stats upgrade. It will lead to more repairing power, more damage at the cannons and less damage taken while steering thru rough sea.

thank you very much! :)

I am sorry to disappoint you. But as you can see both jams had the same time line and it is not prohibited to participate in more than one jam. Your aggressive behavior against other indie game devs, and FOSS community, shows me that you are not into the scene and may never will. If you have concerns about the  plausibility of my submission, deliver a proof.

So anyhow here are the facts:

- OMG! Buccaneer is submitted to OpenJam and GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam (That´s where the OMG comes from in the name)

- GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam 2  was on October 6-8th

- Open Jam was also on October 6-8th

Also, when I have a look at your submission I could easily say that I have spend more time on my game than you.

Thank you for your feedback. I know there is a bug where they stop working. Maybe I will improve the UI as well as making the game a bit harder and the levels more diverse in the next few weeks. I´ve had a lot of fun developing it - even with some bugs :P

Done already, as well as in the loading screen xD

Well, the UI might not be the best :D On the right side you can select the pirates by clicking on their panel

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I´ve updated the page and added a picture showing all the areas and how to select a pirate. The steering wheel is currently only needed when the sea is rough (stones and wood swimming around) to avoid/reduce damage over time.

FreeCatalonia community · Created a new topic Wishlist

You´ve got some ideas? Feel free to post it here

I´ve added it to the 1.2 wishlist :) Maybe in some weeks ^^

Well, this game is the real winner. Amazing work and for sure the best one in the top10.

570 IS VERY IMPRESSIVE! I would say: Mission Complete!

Haha :D Who needs proper driving physics anyway?

Thank you very much!

I´m a vending machine. 100% match!

nice little learning game. could use some polishing and more complex levels ;)

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Thanks for the feedback. Sadly I´m running out of time for the jam. But I´ll add a highscore board and a timer afterward :)
At least a highscore and a timer has been added :)

Really nice game. I love the art but I´m the worst on speed running :)