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good content.

oh gosh, this game was wonderful. i really wanna cosplay Laina now, haha!

gorgeous game. it hit really close to me. 

This game made me bop my bussy.

This game was good! I liked the gameplay, although it could use a little tweaking. For example, the "Easy" Mode wasn't exactly..well, easy. It felt more of a "Normal" Mode, but that's not a big issue. The graphics of the animatronics were a bit wonky at times, again, a nitpick. I really did enjoy this game, though. Good work!

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I really didn't like this game. It feels like a cheap knock-off of "Annie96 is typing..". There are lines in this game that fit the story exactly. Besides that, the gameplay was flat and boring; the glitch effects didn't even add anything, they were just cheap jump-scares.       I would not recommend it to my friends.