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Still in development. 

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Hey! Sadly, our old engine (gamemaker 1.4) does not support mac. However, the new engine we're using supports mac and the game will be coming out on mac!

You can also try the android version:


This is just a demo. We're working on the full game at the moment :)

Hey Ian! Sorry for the late reply.

All the dialog from the demo were placeholders, none of it will be in the full game.  We have a professional writer doing the scripts for the game Hopefully, we we release the full version, you'll like the script :)

Thank you!

Hey Mister! Thank for your kind comment!

We're glad you enjoyed the demo!
We have improved the writing and gameplay a lot. The hitboxes has also been fixed. We have added a bunch of new stuff, including animations, cutscenes, puzzles and more. We;re also planning a console release. More details on that soon!

Thank you again!

Hello! The game is still in development. More info in summer! If you wanna see our future updates, follow us on twitter:

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Hey severaleggs! Thank you so much for trying out our demo! We're glad that you enjoyed it. As you know, this is an old demo and most of the issues has been fixed. We're preparing a new page update soon, which includes: New Screenshots, A new look of the game, several new arts and animations, and a new trailer :). Hope to see you around when we have the update.

Thank you again!