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Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you were able to give the new build a try and get back to me with your thoughts.

  • Marisa did the modeling for both the train and the new tables/dresser, and I'm excited to hear you liked that new content! I'll pass it on to her.
  • I totally agree with you concerning the explosion sound effect! I felt the same about the old one, in all honesty, and I can easily see myself getting tied of this one fast. It used to be that I presented Bombfest without audio, so it'll be interesting to see what additional feedback I'll be getting now. I will definitely be replacing that sound with something a lot more interesting, in an audio sense!
  • I considered setting the default difficulty to Medium, but then I was afraid that people new to the game wouldn't find the difficulty option and get discouraged while they were figuring things out. I think I'm going to set medium to the default setting, while also making the difficulty option more obvious on the practice screen.
  • The smoke has been in for a little while, but I've been tweaking it every patch! A Link To The Past and Wind Waker were a huge inspiration for the smoke, and I'm glad you caught the reference!
I'll be adding some new tasks to my ToDo list thanks to your suggestions, and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future!
Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta 2.31
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Beta 2.31

  • Gameplay Changes
    • The Character Select screen now leads directly into the Practice stage, instead of going to the Rules screen first. The Rules screen is still accessed by pressing Pause (Start on Xbox, Esc on PC) from the Practice screen.
    • Bombs that fall off of a stage no longer count towards the current bomb limit, which means more bombs should be active at once.
    • Initial sound effects have been added in a variety of situations.
    • Multiple stages have been updated with new environment pieces such as tables and chairs.
  • Stage Changes
    • Sink has been reduced in size. This is intended to speed up matches and encourage riskier behavior.
    • Chairs has had its chairs reorganized. They are now closer together, which is intended to help reduce match time.
    • Chairs has had its chairs reshaped so that bombs roll towards the middle of each chair. This is intended to increase the effectiveness of bombs tossed onto chairs from a distance.
    • Train has been given some extra blocks in the center of the stage. This is intended to encourage players to move with the train instead of huddling in the middle.
    • Homes has been redesigned, now featuring four smaller homes and no outer walling.
    • Streets now features a new car model, animations, and particle effects.
    • Streets' car now does a fixed amount of damage/push, regardless of player damage levels. The car also features a grace period, so no new damage may be applied to the same player in quick succession.
    • Traps now features new box models and animations, including a tape indicator, visually signifying which traps will be opening next.
    • Bluff has begun to feature some texturing. Only a little. I'm still not entirely happy with this stage!
  • UI Changes
    • After selecting a character on the Character select screen, players can press jump (A on Xbox, Spacebar on PC) to have their icon jump. This is intended to help with player identification so you can tell who is already in the game.
    • Stages and Bombs have been given new icons in the Rules menu.
    • Players at very high damage levels now feature and "exhaustion" icon over their avatar.
    • The stage name and round count cards present during matches have had their reveal animation altered.
    • The Dive sticky note has been updated with a more relevant illustration.
    • Bomb spawns have all been moved towards the center of each stage.
  • Options Changes
    • Menu sliders have been added to multiple menus.
    • The Rules screen will now only respond to input from the player that opens it.
    • AI may now be explicitly enabled/disabled for multiplayer matches from the Rules menu. They will always be active during single player matches.
  • AI Changes
    • The AI should now be less prone to rolling of edges. They'll still do it, but hopefully less now.
    • The AI should now immediately drop or throw bombs if their targeted player is standing too close to them.
  • Other Changes
    • Xbox controllers now rumble upon character selection.
    • Angular friction has been reduced universally. Things should spin more now.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the game soft-locking after returning from the Credits menu.
    • Fixed tie breakers turning every successive round into a tie breaker.
    • Fixed "re-dying" when hopping while off-stage on Streets or Bluff.
    • Fixed players pushing objects with unstoppable force while diving.
    • Fixed damage indicators persisting when returning to Practice during a match.
    • Fixed bombs sometimes disappearing and reappearing at the start of a match.
    • Fixed Sticky Bombs spawning and immediately falling through the world.
    • Fixed a bug that would lock a players controls after attempting to dive consecutively.
Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta v2.3

Beta 2.3

  • Gameplay Changes
    • Diving: Players can now tap the roll button while moving to dive. You can dive out of the way of explosions, across small gaps, and you can even headbutt people!
    • Drop-In/Drop-Out: Players may now drop into and out of matches! You can join matches in progress by pressing the Accept or Start input on any connected device. (A button or Start button, C key or Enter key.) Human players may drop-in to replace AI players. You can drop-out of any match from the pause menu. (Re-added after being removed from v2.2.)
    • End Match: Players may now end matches early from the pause menu to return to the warm up screen. (Re-added after being removed from v2.2.)
    • Quick Play: Players may now skip the warm up screen by pressing Quick Play in the rules menu.
    • Warhead Sudden Death: When sudden death begins, now warheads rain from the sky!
    • The portal in the warm up screen now begins activating on touch instead of on button press. It also has fun new physics interactions.
    • Round wins now only award 3 points (Down from 20)
    • Round eliminations now only award 1 point (Down from 5)
    • Round self-eliminations now only cost 1 point (Down from 5)
  • Stage Changes
    • New Stage -Train: Featuring a wooden toy train circling the stage, position yourself accordingly to be saved from bombs that would otherwise knock you off the table!
    • New Stage - Streets: Featuring carpeted streets, watch out for the toy car! If you aren't paying attention, you might get run over!
    • New Stage - Traps: Featuring an unstable floor, move off of the red boxes before you fall into them!
    • Islands: Renamed to Chairs. The chairs have been repositioned to reduce the size of the stage.
    • Homes: Table edges lowered.
    • Castle: Table edges lowered.
    • Sink: Extra kill triggers have been added to the rim of the sink.
  • Bomb Changes
    • Bomb Rebalancing: Bombs have seen a universal decrease in push force and a universal increase in damage. This will hopefully reduce the number of early-game deaths while increasing the frequency of late-game deaths.
    • Bombs now spawn in mid air before falling to the ground.
    • Bread bombs are even more unpredictable and explosive.
    • Magic bombs now feature bigger sparkles.
    • Warheads can no longer be picked up while being self-propelled.
    • The intense red color of armed bombs has been reduced in intensity slightly.
  • Input Changes
    • Pausing: Players can pause the game by pressing the Start button or Esc key. (Re-added after being removed from v2.2.)
    • Advancing from the character select screen now requires a player to press the Start button or Enter key.
    • The end-of-round scoring can now be skipped, per item, by pressing the grab/throw input. (B button or C key.)
    • Matches where only AI players are left live can now be ended early by pressing the grab/throw input. (B button or C Key.)
    • The game now differentiates between Start and Back inputs in some circumstances. For example, pressing the Start button will advance the title menu to the character select screen, while pressing the back button will attempt to quit Bombfest.
  • UI Changes
    • Tally Scoring: Score is now tracked in base 1.
    • Damage Indicators: Player avatars now feature new animations that reveal how much damage the player has taken. The avatar will sweat when the player has taken enough damage for explosions to push them further. The avatar will pulse a red vein when the player has taken enough damage for explosions to push them at least 2x further.
    • The Rules, Stages, and Bombs menus have been repositioned to fit better on certain displays.
    • Bombs and stages may now all be toggle on or off with a new menu option.
    • The options menu now contains basic video options.
    • The options menu now contains basic audio options.
    • Sticky notes updated with Xbox and Keyboard controls.
    • Updated "Aim" sticky note to show aiming arrows.
    • Reimplemented the loading percent notice in the bottom right.
  • Other Changes
    • Players now visibly fade to grey soon after being eliminated.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed keyboard controls locking up if multiple keys were pressed/released at the same time.
    • Fixed some UI elements not reacting to mouse input.
    • Fixed sudden death not resetting between rounds.
    • Fixed dying in sudden death breaking the player's avatar.
    • Fixed sticky bombs crashing the game if they are despawned while attached to another bomb.
    • Fixed players dying when falling too hard on the lowest surface in Bluff.
    • Fixed players not getting credit for certain eliminations, such as holding a bomb until it explodes next to another player.
  • Known Bugs
    • Occasionally, after a match ends, the game will refuse to transition back to the warm up screen. I have no idea what causes this, and I haven't been able to recreate it. It seems to appear most when four players are playing with Xbox controllers. The only fix is to reset the game.

Alright, I'm back and settled!

  • Opening screen:
    • Music is totally on the way, no worries! Just met with the composer on Monday, and I'm excited with where things are going.
    • The right arrow you saw was supposed to be an Xbox's start button, but I admit my design could be a lot better.
  • Class selection:
    • I think you'll be happy to find that the newest build has a separate class selection screen! Now you don't have to worry about the tutorial showing you controls without you being able to use them.
    • Right now the characters are identical in gameplay.
  • Tutorial
    • The switching buttons may have been the Xbox controls vs. the computer controls, as Xbox users used the X button in this version, while computer users used the C key. That said, the X key also works for throwing bombs, which I agree to be confusing! I'm considering cutting that down to just one input to help with that.
    • I'm glad you found and appreciated the WASD controls! I use those exclusively. You may also use the J key for bombs when using WASD for a more comfortable control scheme. I plan to flesh out the rebindable keys menu so that players can discover alternate controls, like those ones, as well as set their own.
  • Gameplay:
    • I am getting more and more interested in adding a leap functionality to the game when starting a roll. Perhaps it could be used as both a defensive maneuver and an offensive headbutt! I'll let you know what comes of this!
    • Spawning behind the overlay images is a big issue that I have only partially resolved. In the newest build, the camera is zoomed out a bit, which helps, but the issue still exists. I'm thinking of making those images transparent if a player is ever obscured by one.
    • A player indicator tag is a necessity, I agree. Even if you know your color, reading it is much easier. For my color blind players, this would be especially helpful.
    • The damage meter is getting an overhaul, and I'll make sure the damage amount is obvious! I want to avoid a percentage display, but I do want to make discrepancies more visible.
  • Major issues:
    • Pausing should not crash the game! I have no idea why this is occurring, and it might be platform specific. If that's the case, I apologize. I hope to get my hands on a cheap Mac Mini and work out platform-specific problems as soon as I can. Thank you for putting up with this!
    • Advancing stages should also not crash the game. I've just built a new build for Mac with completely redone menu code. If you get the chance, let me know if anything has changed. (For better or for worse!)
  • Graphics:
    • Thanks for the kind words about the art! I hope to evolve it in subtle but meaningful ways, such as minimalistic texturing and more world-building details.
    • I'll work on shrinking the visuals that hamper gameplay more than they help. Let me know what you think!
    • I'm very happy to hear that there weren't noticeable performance issues with the different graphics settings, but the consistent crashes still trouble me. I realized that I was only building Bombfest for the x86 architecture, and I have since been building universal (x86 and x64) architecture builds. I have no idea if this will make a difference, but it's worth a shot.
Thank you for all of the feedback and for taking the time to try out the super buggy Mac build! I want to make it a priority to build Bombfest cross platform, and you are helping me accomplish that. Let me know if you have any more feedback, or end up testing the game on that 2015 Macbook Pro Retina!

Hey man! I just uploaded a new beta build of Bombfest which includes two Linux builds; One comes in x86, and one in x64! Let me know what you think!

Dude! I'm so stoked that you got to play Bombfest and enjoyed it so much! You've been a huge encouragement for me. Thank you so much!

I think I can make that build super easily, and I'll make it as soon as I finish walking up!

If you're giving the game a play on a Linux machine, please let me know how it goes! I haven't gotten around to personally testing the builds yet, but I will go the extra mile to support Mac and Linux.

Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta v2.22
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Beta 2.2:

  • Gameplay Changes
    • Goodbye Big Bomb, Hello Warhead: An entirely new bomb that flies into the air before crashing down with a big boom!
    • Bouncier Bouncy Bombs: They're actually bouncy now.
    • Stronger Hands: Players are less likely to lose the bomb they are holding when caught in an explosion. The bomb might get ignited, though...
    • Throw distance has been slightly increased, while the time to reach max throw distance has been decreased.
    • The minimum distance to grab a bomb has been increased, allowing players to pick up bombs easier.
    • The Camera has been zoomed out to show more gameplay and help keep players from getting hidden behind the UI!
  • Stage Changes
    • Castle has had some blocks moved around.
    • Homestead has been changed to Homes.
    • Homes has lost some blocks.
  • Input Changes
    • Mouse Input: Enable mouse input through the options menu and play the game with only the mouse!
  • UI Changes
    • Glow: Players and bombs now glow through walls and other objects when obscured. This glow disappears when the player or bomb is fragged.
    • Throwing Arc: Know before you through! Charge of a throw to reveal a throwing arc, revealing how far the bomb will fly!
    • Players no longer feature an icon when obscured behind walls.
  • AI Changes
    • AI Difficulties: The AI now comes in Easy, Medium, and Hard! Test your skills from the clumsy Easy bots to the skilled Hard bots! Personalities are still randomized.
  • Other Changes
    • Certain bombs have had the amount of smoke they produce on explosion adjusted.
    • Bombs no longer change colors when thrown. Too much visual confusion.
    • Bomb fuse smoke no longer appears on top of everything.
    • The radius indicator had its graphic updated.
    • Grey death lines. (I have no idea what that means but my notes said these happened.)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Mahjong tiles no longer flier stupid long distances when thrown
    • Bombs should no longer get stuck in the player's hands when damaged while holding one,

Beta 2.21 (GDEX Edition):

This is the version that was displayed at GDEX 2016! New menu on top of everything from the above notes. Check back here for more details after the show!

  • UI Changes:
    • Complete UI Overhaul: Check out all the new animations! Know that I lost sleep on two separate nights for those!
  • Known Bugs
    • Bombfest will occasionally lock up after a game has completed. Looking into this now.
    • When moving back and forth from the main menu and the warm up stage, the game will occasionally forget to spawn in some players. Definitely an issue with new UI input handling.
    • After a Sudden Death, any new regular bombs will spawn with reduced fuse timers. To avoid this, set the timer to Unlimited in the game rules. I know exactly what's going wrong, so expect a fix soon!
    • During a tie breaker, player icons will appear for players that are not included in the tie breaker. Expect a better announcement of the tied players and those extra icons removed!
    • Players that get fragged on stages like Bluff or Sink may appear to still be in the match. I'm hoping to grey-out these players to avoid confusion.
    • Running two Bombfest clients at once leads to plenty of undefined behavior. I'll look into preventing this.
    • The Homes stage occasionally spawns bombs inside of the block homes, which is funny but unintended.
    • Keyboard players sometime lose the ability to pick up and throw bombs with the C key. I have encountered this bug, and players should still be able to use the X key in the meantime.
    • Some menu elements cannot be clicked on and must be selected with the keyboard or Xbox controller.

Beta 2.22

  • Rules Changes
    • Reduced the number of options for round count, timer, and bomb spawn rate.
    • Default rules have changed to standard mode, 3 rounds, and 90 seconds long. (From standard mode, 5 rounds, 60 seconds long.)
  • UI Changes
    • Player spawn points no longer appear in a tie breaker if the player is not tied for first.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bombs permanently changing fuse timers after a sudden death.
    • Fixed some UI text scaling improperly.
    • Fixed the wrong controller vibrating when players took damage or got fragged.
    • Fixed player scores sometimes staying visible during rounds.
    • Fixed crowns being awarded to all players after a first-round, total draw.
    • Fixed some bugs related to character selection and player joining/leaving
    • Fixed certain inputs (picking up bombs, rolling, etc.) becoming disabled.
    • Fixed an occasional soft lock that would occur when the overall winner didn't win the last round.

    This is incredible critique, Switch! I really appreciate feedback on the Mac build, which I can rarely test myself. Sounds like it's pretty unstable, and I'll update the download link to warn others!

    I can't get to all your feedback right now, but I will as soon as I get some downtime. Perhaps this weekend! I just wanted to make sure that you knew I saw it and that I will be addressing it soon.

    Posted in 2.1 Thoughts

    Thanks for the feedback Brian! Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Self-imposed crunch is the worst.

    1) Oh shoot yeah this is totally an issue. Thanks for the heads up!

    2) I have never seen this done, and the new AI system will probably means it'll never happen again, sadly. I wish I were there.

    3) I'm glad you like those details! I think the most important thing a game developer can do is pour their heart into small stuff like that, and expect more soon!

    Bomb ideas: Both are great! I had originally planned a cluster bomb, but then I chickened out and didn't start on it. I think I could handle it now, though. The black-hole bomb sounds great, too! Sounds very visually appealing, what with blocks and players all swirling in a vortex! I want it in the game.

    I look forward to getting the newest build of Bombfest in your hands this weekend!

    Thank you! The swirling was unintended, but I'm glad it looks good! There's a few bugs still, but it'll be ready soon!

    Whatcha think?

    I'm glad you like the rubber bands! I was going to make an entire rubber band ball but I got really bored of modeling those rubber bands.

    I'm thinking that the area under the bomb will be painted with a bug nuclear symbol before it falls! Also, one on the bomb would be great, too.

    I've started work on the warhead, and it's coming along okay. Having some trouble getting rotations right, but initial tests are fantastic and it should be ready for the next beta!

    Thanks for all the feedback, and from all the different angles! I really appreciate the time you've taken to address all different aspects of the game.

    • Music: It's in the works! I'm working with a composer that I'll be meeting with again next week. We're writing some unique music from scratch, and I'm really excited with what we've got so far!
    • Potato computer: I'm glad to hear that you got a good framerate from the Medium setting. Right now I run it on Low on my Surface for game nights, so it's encouraging to know that the in-between settings are getting used.
    • Practice round: This was one of the highest priority changes for modern Bombfest, and you've nailed down why! I'm glad it's serving its purpose as a safe place to learn and master the controls.
    • Feature creep: I appreciate the reminder, and I need it daily. I think I'm locking down the number of special bombs to 6, and the number of levels to 12. That said, I'm going to be replace a few of the current ones for higher quality/more interesting options.
    • Special bomb ideas: Fantastic suggestions!
      • I spent like 10 minutes planning out a Bob-omb homage this morning after reading this! The idea I had was a little too involved to explain or program, but I'm saving that plan for later. A little bomb that moves around on its own would be incredibly interesting to play with!
      • I like your Basebomb idea. When I made the Bread Bomb, I was going for a similar concept with a smaller blast radius but easier to hit other players with. I've been toying around with an idea closer to your Basebomb, but I haven't been able to sort it out well enough to bring it into fruition.
      • The Bouncy Bomb is a good idea, too! I loved those swirly-textured bouncy balls as a kid. In making the rubberband-covered bom bin the current version, I was inspired by those as well as the Bowling bomb from Crash Team Racing for a long-distance bomb. The idea eventually got split into the Ice Bomb and the Bouncy Bomb currently in the game. That in mind, I might just have to add some swirls to the current Bouncy Bomb...
      • A bomb like Bombageddon sounds like a game-changer. I have the Big Bomb, but I plan in replacing it. It's plain, utilitarian, and usually feels unfair. I think something closer to your idea would be more fun. Here's what I imagine: A miniature warhead that, when thrown, boosts itself high into the air. After some travel time, it swoops down and explodes on impact in a huge blast radius. It would remain in the air long enough to give players time to run away, if they can, which would help balance how dangerous it is. I think that sort of huge, area denial would be an awesome mechanic to try out!
    I look forward to more input on the game! Let me know what you think about my notes on your bomb ideas, too. The ones I have planned and in the game are far from perfect, and I could use all the refining I can get on the bombs and the bomb roster.
    Posted in Some thoughts

    Thanks for the feedback, Tom! I appreciate your detailed critique.

    • Character bios: I definitely want to do something like this! I don't know if I've left enough space on the screen unless I shrink the font size down a bunch, but I want to give the characters some more characterization. I was thinking, at the least, having some promotional material that introduces the characters briefly.
    • Round countdown: I had this in an older version and removed it because the code didn't translate at the time, but frankly, I think you're right. Like in Towerfall, where the player is marked before the match begins, it makes sense that player's would want to have a moment to find themselves before starting a round. I've gotten so used to searching myself out quickly that I've overlooked this for other players. Thank you!
    • Versus AI Spectating: Another tester said something similar a couple of days ago! Getting knocked-out early in a singleplayer match really bites, especially if the AI get stuck and can't kill each other. There is a mostly-hidden round timer which will kick in a sudden death, but it still isn't fun of there aren't any humans left. I would love a replay system, but I haven't even begun working out how to record procedural physics without saving a ton of frames. (There's surely a way, though.) Perhaps an option to automatically auto-resolve AI battles? I'll keep thinking on this, and I would love any more ideas and suggestions you have.
    • Duel Mode: There's an option in the menu that should disable AI in multiplayer matches and allow you to play with 2-4 humans, only. It very well could be bugged out, so let me know! In the future I plan on adding a mode select that will allow you to explicitly add AI or play without them, which should help in the future.
    You've confirmed a few of my own concerns and brought up some new ones to address. I'll be working on solutions over the next few weeks! Thanks again for taking the time to both play and give feedback on the game.
    If you get the chance, let me know what you think of Chaos Mode in the options menu. (Eventually, it will be a selection from a mode select screen, but for now it's hidden here.)
    Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta v2.1
    (Edited 1 time)

    Beta v2.1:

    • Gameplay Changes
      • New bomb variations:
        • Bouncy Bomb: It's a bouncy ball wrapped in rubber bands that explodes! After the first boom, it explodes on every bounce.
        • Magic Bomb: A homing bomb that chooses a player to chase. You can pick it up out of the air and throw it back to reset its fuse!
        • Ice Bomb: It's a bomb frozen in an ice cube! It's so dang slippery, which is great for sliding it all the way across the stage to hit someone far away!
        • Sticky Bomb: Actually just the Spike Bomb with a new model! It's a putty-covered bomb that sticks to players and surfaces!
      • Chaos Mode: Enable Chaos Mode for maximum chaos! If you enjoyed the old Bombfest (everything before b2.0), here's an updated taste of something familiar. Press grab (X on Xbox or C on PC) to create a bomb out of thin air! You can only have two bombs on the stage at a time, though, so throw wisely.
      • Cheat Codes: Oh buddy. All cheat codes can be activated from the title screen/demo mode, and most can be activated from the pause menu. You need a keyboard to type them in, though. Here's a classic cheat to try: cranium
      • Players are now assigned slots based on the order in which they join. Keyboard players are no longer stuck as Player 4!
      • The Cannonball has been removed because it was difficult to use and only offered downsides over other bombs.
      • The Spike Bomb was changed to the Sticky Bomb.
      • The Spike Bomb's old functionality has replaced the Bread Bomb's functionality.
      • Bombs now apply a fixed, upwards push that is affected by falloff.
    • Stage Changes
      • The Divide now features a doorway in the middle of the divide. Matches can no longer end up with all players on one side and all the bombs on the other.
      • The Sink has updated bomb spawns. See Bug Fixes below.
    • Input Changes
      • Holding grab (X on Xbox or C on PC) will now sweep up the first bomb you get close enough to pick up.
      • Removed the unlisted, secondary bind for grab (Was B on Xbox and X on PC) as it was overlapping with the drop-out action in some cases.
      • Overlapping inputs (Example: Dpad + left stick on Xbox) are now handled in a semi-predictable fashion.
    • UI Changes
      • When choosing a character, the character's name is now displayed above the player's icon.
      • Stickers are now awarded alongside a card detailing how many points they are worth and what was done to earn them.
      • Stickers for frags are now awarded in the order they happened.
      • The player's icons at the bottom of the screen now indicate how much damage they've taken by either sweating or pulsing a vein based on damage amount.
    • Options Changes
      • Chaos Mode is now toggleable.
      • A new sticky note has been added to the options menu that describes the currently selected bomb.
    • AI Changes
      • The AI now rolls more inteligently.
      • The AI no longer immediately throws unlit bombs like Bread Bombs.
    • Other Changes
      • The Big Bomb now has a better-proportioned model.
      • Bombs now blink in a more fixed pattern: Once every second until detonation, and quicker during the last second.
      • Smoke produced by bombs now features new colors and dissipates faster to ease actually seeing things.
      • Added a total of 5 cheat codes. Each cheat code is only a single word long. Check my gifs on Twitter for hints and share them if you find them!
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed bombs sometimes getting stuck in the player's hands when hopping off of the ground and throwing a bomb at the same time.
      • Fixed AI players sticking around if a second player joined a singleplayer match and AI Players in Multiplayer was turned off.
      • Fixed bombs spawning under The Sink stage.
      • Fixed players being able to drop bombs through the floor of The Sink.
      • Fixed controllers vibrating when AI players took damage in some cases.
      • Fixed players getting awarded stickers after dropping out of the game during the match results.
    • Known bugs
      • The AI still likes to walk into walls instead of going around them. I have a plan to resolve this in the next update. Please continue to blow them up for their ineptitude.

    I've got it now! Design like that would definitely make the controls even more accessible, which is great for new players.

    Right now, bombs start their fuses when they're lifted, which is the second X press after they've been picked up. This way, players can start the fuse when they want, as well as cook the bomb for however long they want. On top of that, the second button press duration dictates how far the bomb is thrown. Players can tap to set it down immediately, or hold to throw it farther.

    At least right now, I think that the extra button press brings enough depth to the relatively simple mechanics to justify its inclusion. I think the trade off between depth and accessibility here is a good one, but I'm open to considering a simpler approach based on more feedback. I'll keep my ear to the ground and ask what others think about it!

    Thanks for the impressions! I'm excited that you've tried the new beta already, and that it seemed to go well!

    • Bomb variations: This is definitely going to get some attention for 2.1. The Sticky Bomb in particular I find hard to distinguish at a glance, and I'm designing a new one with a new shape to help out with that. As for Cannonballs, I might add a skull and crossbones if that doesn't make them too much like the Big Bombs. Frankly, I enjoy fooling people who expect a regular bomb and get a dud instead, but I don't know if it's more annoying than it is fun yet.
    • Bomb differences: It's rather difficult to figure out what the bombs do without reading the patch notes right now, and I'm considering ways to address this. Some bombs, like the Big Bomb, seem self-explanatory. Throwing a Sticky Bomb or a Spike Bomb should help explain what they do, but I can still see questions coming up. Perhaps an in-game manual of some kind?
    • Rolling up bombs: I added some new physic materials to players and bombs to make them bounce and slide in different ways, and the issue only appears when those physic materials are active. I have no idea why. I'm glad that you took note, because I wasn't sure if it was going to be an issue or not. Now, I definitely want to fix it.
    • Controls: I'm a little confused on what you mean about 2 X button uses versus 3. Right now, I would describe it as two: Tap X to pick up a bomb, press X to begin throwing, and release X to actually throw. I think you're describing something like this: Tap X to pick up a bomb, tap X to throw a bomb. Do I have that right?

    Charming! The interactions were a nice touch

    Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta v2.0
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    Beta v2.0:

    • Gameplay Changes
      • Overhauled bomb mechanics: Bombs now spawn randomly on the stage based on player count and are no longer spawned by the player; instead, bombs must now be picked up.
      • New controls: Bombs are now dropped and thrown with the same input depending on how long the input is held. Tap to drop, hold and release to throw. (As such, some controls have been combined. See "Input Changes" below for new inputs)
      • New stages:
        • The Castle: Four block turrets connected by walls surrounding a block keep.
        • The Sink: It's a sink. The counter doesn't count!
      • New bomb variations:
        • Big Bomb: 2x explosion area, with bonus damage and force. It's a hefty bomb!
        • Cannonball: Only ignites when damaged by another bomb. Looks kinda like a normal bomb without a fuse!
        • Sticky Bomb: Attaches itself to the first surface, object, or player it is thrown at. Very powerful, but very small range.
        • Spike Bomb: Detonates on impact with no fuse. Dangerous to hang on to!
        • Bread Bomb: It's bread that explodes! Is a cube and has a shorter fuse, but it ignites on throw instead of on pickup.
      • New camera: Stages are now viewed from a 15° angle to improve environment readability.
      • New slomo: The game now activates slow motion when a player is threatened by a bomb that was part of a chain reaction. It won't save you, but at least you'll look cool.
      • Bomb ownership is now determined upon throw instead of on spawn/pickup.
      • Bombs with no owner will become owned by the player that damages them.
      • Bombs no longer have a chance to crit; The effect has been replaced by Big Bombs.
      • Bombs now stop rolling sooner.
      • Bombs now require more damage to be detonated by other bombs.
      • Players will now throw bombs straight up if they are blocked from throwing them forwards.
      • Mahjong tiles can be picked up and tossed. (Possible issue: might make it hard to pick up bombs)
      • Being the last player standing is now only worth 20 points. (Down from 25 points. Frag stickers are much more reliable to earn now, leading to quicker games.)
    • Stage Changes
      • The Lobby now features just one book and will start a VS players or VS bots match automatically based on player count and the AI In Multiplayer option's setting.
      • The Study's centerpiece, what's supposed to look like a book, now looks like a book.
      • The Islands now features four modeled folding chairs instead of blocked-out chairs.
      • The Tower is now played on a round table.
      • The Stairs, The Arena, and The Cliff no longer have space between the boxes to prevent bombs getting lost and players getting stuck.
      • The Homestead has had the outer-wall blocks reduced in height to aid in finding bombs.
    • Input Changes
      • Multiple controls have changed:
        • Bombs are now thrown by holding and releasing an input: X button on Xbox, C on PC/Mac. Players may still drop bombs by tapping the input quickly, though they cannot cook them this way.
        • Rolling, hopping, and activating portals now share an input: A button on Xbox, Spacebar on PC/Mac. Players may still hop while rolling by releasing the input and pressing it again quickly.
    • UI Changes
      • Sticky notes designs and inputs have been updated to reflect new controls and mechanics. In addition, they now feature text and additional instructions for some inputs.
      • Stage names and round number are now announced on screen at the start of each round.
      • Sticky notes, logo, scorecards, and menus have been made smaller and may have had their designs altered.
      • The bomb radius indicator sprite has been updated.
      • The bomb cooldown icon above players' heads has been removed.
      • Obscured bombs and players are now indicated by an icon in the UI.
      • The player icons at the bottom of the screen now react to player damage and have new animations for player death and revival.
    • Options Changes:
      • You may now set the max number of rounds before the highest scoring player is automatically declared winner.
      • You may now set the max duration of rounds before bombs start raining from the sky.
      • You may now set how often special bombs appear in relation to regular bombs.
      • You may now exclude certain bombs from randomly appearing.
      • You may now exclude stages from being randomly selected.
      • You may now choose to play with AI during multiplayer matches or not.
    • AI Changes
      • The AI has been updated with logic for the new gameplay mechanics.
      • When fleeing from bombs, AI players will now run towards their target if moving towards it moves the AI player away from the threat.
      • The AI will now take into account round surfaces and multiple surfaces.
      • The AI now prefers some special bombs above others. They all seem to hate cannonballs, though.
      • The AI will now be randomly more or less afraid of bombs and their explosive radius.
    • Other Changes
      • Options are now saved to a human-readable CSV file that can be edited before and after play sessions.
      • Xbox controllers now vibrate during the scoreboard and when pausing.
      • The Courier's cape now features gold trim because he's a big deal.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed players hopping while performing certain actions to gain extra, unintended height.
      • Fixed matches not ending if someone replaces an AI player part-way through a match.
    • Known Bugs
      • The AI doesn't understand walking around walls. If you see an AI player stuck walking into a wall, please blow it up. (The wall, or the AI player)
      • Bombs and players obscured by smoke or other particles aren't being revealed by an icon.
      • The tower in The Tower stage falls over in a semi-random direction 90% of the time.
      • When joining a singleplayer match, remaining AI players will not be removed regardless of the Multiplayer in AI setting.
      • Bombs will occasionally get stuck in the player's hands when attempting to throw. Pressing and releasing throw again fixes the issue.

    Thanks for the feedback, Miranda! I'm glad you could give it a go. I appreciate the compliments on the visual style and the gameplay! My biggest goal is to keep things clear and accessible, and it sounds like that's how you found the beta!

    I realize that the arrow button you're seeing at the title screen is the start button for Xbox controllers. I decided to include both keyboard and Xbox inputs on the title screen so players would have at least one button or key they recognize immediately. Also, depending on which one you press, the how-to-play sticky notes will update to match either keyboard or Xbox controls! This in mind, you're the second person to express concerns about my button/key sprites, so I may have to look into updating them.

    The shortcuts in the current beta of Bombfest, 1.3, are all over the place and I don't know what I was thinking when I implemented them. After numerous suggestions, I've planned out some new inputs for Bombfest Beta 2.0, and I hope you and others find them more intuitive!

    The first stage that loads, the one where you pick your character, doesn't have any instructions on how to start the game, and that's totally my bad. I'm thinking of ways to address this in the next versions, but know that you aren't alone in wondering what to do at the start.

    I can't help much with falling over or getting blown up, but I'm confident these things will get better with time!

    The new beta should be coming out within the next few days, and I hope you're able to give it a go when it's ready! Thanks again for the feedback, and let me know when Remnance could use some testing!

    Created a new topic Patch Notes: Beta v1.3
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    Beta v1.3:

    • UI Changes
      • Menus now support mouse input.
      • Bomb stickers removed for suicides now occur after all players have been awarded bombs stickers for ring outs.
      • Some UI elements have been reduced in size.
      • Moved player names from sprites shown during gameplay to the scorecards after a round.
      • Removed score counter from scorecards.
      • Stickers now list their score value.
      • Roughed-up plenty of hand-drawn elements that weren't hand-drawn enough.
      • The character UI images have been updated to match their new skins.
      • New sticky notes for instructions on pausing and navigating the pause menu.
      • If both keyboard and Xbox inputs are detected, stick notes will now alternate between control schemes.
    • Character Changes
      • Each character now sports a unique look to add some personality. Color-blind players should now have an easier time telling the difference between and identifying the green, red, and orange players.
      • Gold stars are now always awarded in overtime to the last player standing or to the last player to fall off the table.
      • Players that are winning now spawn with crowns.
    • Gameplay Changes
      • Three new levels: Islands, Study, and Tower!
      • Bomb damage, force, and blast radius have all been reduced slightly.
      • Bomb damage and force are now calculated on a curve instead of linearly, leading to increased damage and force overall.
      • If multiple players reach 100pts or more at the same time, the game goes into sudden death!
      • Thrown bombs now apply directional force and lift force separately. Now, bombs will always have some lift when thrown, even when the player is on their side or upside down.
      • Suicides now only register if the player is killed by their own bomb.
      • Suicides now only remove stickers that are earned that same round.
      • Players may now return to lobby from the menu during stage transitions.
      • Default pause key for keyboard players has been changed to only Esc instead of Enter and Esc.
    • AI Changes
      • AI will no longer run towards bombs while their bomb ability is on cooldown.
      • AI will now roll over some obstructions they encounter.
      • AI will now avoid players that are holding bombs.
      • AI will now always throw bombs that are about to explode in their hands instead of sometimes dropping them.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed rounds not ending when the second to last player alive drops out of the game.
      • Fixed overtime persisting when returning to lobby.
      • Fixed players during the transition from lobby to game breaking everything.
      • Fixed scoreboard getting stuck on screen during level transitions.
    • Other Changes
      • Waiting at the title screen will load a demo/attract mode where AI blow themselves up for your enjoyment.
      • Options now save between sessions.
    • Known Bugs
      • Bots will totally walk off at least a third of the levels unprovoked.
      • Crowns will sometimes persist on the UI after a match has ended.
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    Updated for Bombfest b2.2+

    I'm actively working to update the in-game, how-to-play UI and eventual key binding menu. Until that's all well and good, below is a list of the controls for Bombfest:


    Action First Binding Second Binding
    Move Arrow keys WASD
    Grab/Throw Bomb C or X J or K
    Roll/Activate Portal Spacebar Left Shift
    Menu/pause Esc Enter
    Navigate menu Arrow keys WASD
    Accept C J
    Cancel/back X K


    Action First Binding Second Binding
    Move Left stick Dpad
    Grab/Throw Bomb B X
    Roll/Activate PortalA
    Alternate roll Right stick
    Menu/pause Start
    Navigate menu Left stick Dpad
    Accept A
    Cancel/back B
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    Beta v1.2:

    • UI Changes
      • New UI prompts for title screen, character select confirmation, and exiting the lobby.
      • UI now properly updates input on gamemode select portals. (Previously only displayed Xbox inputs)
      • UI now properly updates input in character selection on a per-player basis.
      • Reduced the size of some UI elements.
      • Added borders to some UI elements to aid in visibility.
      • Player score count has been moved to the scoreboard and previous occurances have been replaced with the character's name.
      • Players with the highest score now sport a crown in the UI to distinguish them from other players.
      • Replaced the "jump" how-to-play sticky note with a "portal" sticky note.
      • The game now congratulates players who reach 100pts first before returning to the lobby.
    • Character Changes
      • Characters should now have a much easier time rolling/climbing up surfaces such as the books in the lobby.
      • Characters should no longer be able to hop to increase the "kick up" height when getting up after being knocked over.
    • Gameplay Changes
      • Added the option to enable or disable random crits (aka super bombs) from the options menu.
      • Players may now exit the lobby by holding cancel. (Xbox: B button. Keyboard: X key. Prompt addition listed in UI changes above)
      • Random crits now always deal 2x damage, force, and radius.
      • Bombs now explode sooner after taking damage from other sources. (0.2 seconds from 0.375)
    • AI Changes
      • AI players now generate a random "personality", leading to unique behavior in a variety of circumstances. No two AI should act the same way.
      • AI players now avoid others when their bomb is on cooldown, and they also hold bombs longer before throwing them.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug where the scoreboard would not disappear if a player dropped out during the round results screen.
      • Fixed a bug where players would be able to create bombs but not throw or drop them.
      • Fixed a bug where players could despawn within a portal and the portal's UI would not appropriately update.
    • Other Changes
      • Portals sparkle now.
      • Super bombs now sparkle yellow instead of grey.
    • Known Bugs
      • Occasionally, the Random Crits option will not take effect, leading to super bombs when there shouldn't be any.
      • Occasionally, the scoreboard screen will get stuck on when starting a new level.
      • Occasionally, if the second-to-last player drops out of the match, the match will not end

    Upcoming Beta v1.3

    • UI Changes
      • Menus now support mouse input.
      • Bomb stickers removed for suicides now occur after all players have been awarded bombs stickers for ring outs.
      • Some UI elements have been reduced in size.
      • Moved player names from sprites shown during gameplay to the scorecards after a round.
      • Removed score counter from scorecards.
      • Stickers now list their score value.
      • Roughed-up plenty of hand-drawn elements that weren't hand-drawn enough.
      • The character UI images have been updated to match their new skins.
      • New sticky notes for instructions on pausing and navigating the pause menu.
      • If both keyboard and Xbox inputs are detected, stick notes will now alternate between control schemes.
    • Character Changes
      • Each character now sports a unique look to add some personality. Color-blind players should now have an easier time telling the difference between and identifying the green, red, and orange players.
      • Gold stars are now always awarded in overtime to the last player standing or to the last player to fall off the table.
      • Players that are winning now spawn with crowns.
    • Gameplay Changes
      • Three new levels: Islands, Study, and Tower!
      • If multiple players reach 100pts or more at the same time, the game goes into sudden death!
      • Thrown bombs now apply directional force and lift force separately. Now, bombs will always have some lift when thrown, even when the player is on their side or upside down.
      • Suicides now only register if the player is killed by their own bomb.
      • Suicides now only remove stickers that are earned that same round.
      • Players may now return to lobby from the menu during stage transitions.
      • Default pause key for keyboard players has been changed to only Esc instead of Enter and Esc.
    • AI Changes
      • AI will no longer run towards bombs while their bomb ability is on cooldown.
      • AI will now roll over some obstructions they encounter.
      • AI will now avoid players that are holding bombs.
      • AI will now always throw bombs that are about to explode in their hands instead of sometimes dropping them.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed rounds not ending when the second to last player alive drops out of the game.
      • Fixed overtime persisting when returning to lobby.
      • Fixed players during the transition from lobby to game breaking everything.
      • Fixed scoreboard getting stuck on screen during level transitions.
    • Other Changes
      • Waiting at the title screen will load a demo/attract mode where AI blow themselves up for your enjoyment.
      • Options now save between sessions.
    (Edited 1 time)

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for leaving the kiddie gloves behind! I appreciate the raw criticism, and I know Bombfest will need plenty of it before it's ready for market.

    UX and UI Criticisms

    • I realize that the sticky notes sometimes only displays the keyboard controls, but this should change when a player joins with an Xbox controller. I haven't found a good way to display both sets of inputs, but for now, players that pause the game will always be shown their inputs. Perhaps I could fade between both keyboard and Xbox inputs if I detect both are being used by different players?
    • I agree with both of your criticism about the sticky notes! I've just added some "particles" to the spawn sticky note, and I've rotated the arrow on the drop sticky note, and I think the changes help. Let me know what you think when I get the new beta build to you! Do you think a different order of the sticky notes would help? Perhaps, create on the left and drop on the top?
    • The new build now as either an A button or C key prompt based on the last input detected from the player, and the inputs persist through character confirmation! They are even replaced by the B button and X key for dropping out of the lobby after character selection. I hope these changes address your criticism!
    • The pause menu can also be accessed with the Esc key, but I realize that I don't signify either key anywhere right now. This is an interesting issue, because I can't think of a good way to convey pausing through a hand-drawn sticky note. I'm going to think on this, and I would appreciate any suggestions!
    • I agree that "PAUSED" probably isn't the best word for the pause menu. I almost wish I could reasonably fit "PAUSE MENU" there, and I might try, but I'll probably end up putting "MENU" there instead. Great idea!

    Bugs and Issues

    • Music is a huge issue, and I'm working on that starting tomorrow! I've got a composer on call, and I just have to get around to writing some requirements for him.
    • I haven't had any problems with navigating the menu myself, but I don't want people to get stuck with a broken menu. Were you using keyboard inputs or Xbox inputs when the issue came up? There isn't any mouse support yet, but I hope to add it soon. I figure that would be useful for a PC game.
    • The default navigation for keyboard inputs is arrow keys or WASD, and accepting a menu item should be C or J, and canceling should be X or K. I think I'm going to make some notes that only appear in the pause menu with those inputs.
    • Oh yeah, the AI gets into a never-ending duel sometimes. I plan on working on that this week by randomizing some of their logic variables and ranges, such as when to throw bombs, how close to get to bombs, how long to hold them before they explode, etc. Hopefully that will help make AI battles more interesting.

    Thanks for giving the game a go, and I look forward to more feedback. I value your UI/UX expertise, and if you have any more design advice, I would love to hear it!

    (Edited 2 times)

    This is fantastic feedback! Thank you very much, and I hope it wasn't too much trouble to organize it all.

    Addressing complaints:

    • I really should have a button/key prompt for the title screen! That's a good point, and I'll get on it. On a side note: you can also progress passed that screen with the C key or Enter.
    • About finalizing selection: Another great point! I completely forgot that I replaced the join prompt with the character names at that point, which doesn't really help you know what to do next. I'll find a way to keep the name and add the prompts back, I think.
    • The rolling (or climbing) to get on the book is a little awkward at the moment, especially when your character is up against the surface you want to roll-up on. I just came up with an idea that may help with that, and I'll work on it! UPDATE: Change has been implemented in next build.
    • Yup, it's spacebar and not C like the character selection prompts. My logic was this: Have menu accept and cancel keys (C and X, or A and B on Xbox), and use jumping to activate/use things in the environment (Spacebar, or A on Xbox). As the accept and jump keys are different, there's a disconnect between navigation a menu and interacting with the world due to the bomb spawning key. The most important change I can make immediately is update the book's prompt to the correct keyboard one instead of always displaying the Xbox prompt. I will consider changing the keyboard input for that in the future, as well.
    • Right now, it's intended behavior to keep human player scores after a game ends and you return to the lobby because I don't have a game over/winner screen implemented yet. When that's done, I'll remove the scores when returning to the lobby.

    Addressing kinda-complaints:

    • What sort of physics slowdown did you experience? Did you mean player movement in general, slow points in action during a match, or a framerate loss? When did it occur, mostly?
    • Concerning suicide scoring: Imagine that you killed 2 people and killed yourself in a round. In the build you have, kills and suicides were calculated at the same time, so the scoreboard would show you gaining one bomb sticker, or 5 points. In the next build, I have separated the calculations, so you would gain two bomb stickers, or 10 points, and then immediately lose your last bomb sticker and 5 points. I realized yesterday that this was hurting communication of what happened, and so did you during your testing! The change will be coming in the next build, along with color-coded bomb stickers so you know who you killed.

    Addressing the praise:

    • Thank you for the kind words about the visual style and the AI! I'm excited to evolve on them both. The AI, especially, will be getting both smarter and dumber in the next few builds, and I'm excited about more feedback on them as they change.

    Anywho, thank you again for all the feedback! I've updated my todo list and I'm planning to get to work right away on some changes! Let me know if there's anything else you experience, especially with other inputs and player counts.


    I've added some of the above changes to the next beta build of Bombfest. Check out the tentative patch notes here if you're interested.