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Thanks for the love!

Thanks so much!

Thanks 💖

this was beautiful and so amazing <3

Thank you! I believe 🗑✨

Thanks so much! Keep an eye out, it's going to my kickstarter backers first but an extended edition will be coming out Late March/April❤️

Thanks for the love ❤️

Thanks for the love! I'm glad you enjoyed it. You might already know, but I am funding a fuller version of this on kickstarter. After everything gets sent out, I'll be adding the full version on Itchio for download, with the bonus zine on the kickstarter. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks so much!

haha thanks! being a spider rat is important 🕷️

I do not— I am planning on doing a redo of this game that looks a little more polished since this is the first I ever made. This was made for a Strawberry Jam I think is linked, so some of the other entries may be a little similar. Thanks! 

Thanks— glad you liked it!

This is so beautiful! I love the art and the story— truly amazing ✨

That sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing it 💕

he's a good mayor

Okay- sorry about that, it should be updated and fixed now!

Sorry- yes I'm working on that- for some reason bitsy's being a little glitchy with me on this 

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Mothra is beautiful and sweet 🦋

Thanks for the love! I'm glad you liked the concept 💕

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Thank you 💕 I really appreciate it and I’ll have to keep that dungeon idea in mind 💜

This is so cool and so gorgeous! I loved the idea of baking for this many people and the ending was super interesting 💕

Thanks! Let me know how it goes, I bet it works solo as well. I'll have to try that too 💕

This is so cool! I'll have to play it soon because it sounds interesting. I know it's definitely not the point, but I would actually love to see this onstage-- would be a very cool improv game or perhaps something like performance art.  It would be so cool to see different takes on what a radio or a poet is. Either way, this is great! 

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it ✨

Thanks! I’ve been thinking about The Canterbury Tales a lot lately and I’m glad you like the concept. I hope to try it out soon as well ✨💕

Thank you!!🦋💕

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it 💕

Thanks! It should be 4 and 8– that’s a typo, I’ll make sure to get a new version up!

This was actually my first bitsy game! Because, this whole game is more or less a monologue inspired by the myth of perseus and medusa, it's referring to "what are you waiting for, why aren't you killing me?", kind of, if that makes sense. The ending is to the right of the "medusa" sprite, where the text says you chop off her head. Hope that helps! 

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed this— really appreciate it 💕

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it ♥️

This is amazing! I love all these goblin cards

This is so cool! I love the shadows

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

I love that is this is exactly what I thought it would be. So awesome! 

Thanks! I’m glad you had a good time!

Loved the art style and what a twist! I didn't expect it at all and it was so cool. Loved the merging of genres and just a cool, complete story! 

Loved this one! Very relatable and cool and pretty. Love the rooftop!