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Thanks for the game!


Class 12th in Hungary. Using Godot Engine for a while....

I hope the theme will be interesting: as well my will, will be more stable!


Good question! I've some problem with finishing my games development, too. .

I don't know!..?

Good to know, thank you! I tried out the new version: the lighting particles for the dash is my favorite so far.

And now, I know the reason why the gunplay felt a bit odd: the contrast of the aim indicator/cursor! Maybe adding colored outline could solve this little problem...

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So, let's start!

It was a nice and challenging game! The levels were challenging enough, and had some surprises at times.

I don't have ideas, where it can be better, expect: the gunplay.. But if it was hard to accurately aim for a plan, then it's almost perfect!

And also, the thumbnail was standing out of the recent games.

Well Done!

Found it!

This character creator is the reason how I found it:

Because then I remembered, that I saw some characters like in this game...

Nice trick: making the fighter jets fire in a random, but limited direction! I needed some time to finding it out...

Great game!

I finally managed to get it run on Manjaro Linux!

I only missed 2 dependencies, which are in need: to run Construct 2 games!

  • libnss
  • gconf

I installed these in the package manager, and then worked!

The link that showed me the way:

Have a great time!

Thanks! "May heaven grant you fortune" - Tower of Heaven, by Askiisoft

Maybe adding restart button later, now making ~9 more games for a game jam (starting this weekend!)

Thanks. See you later!

Good luck! I will try some game jams. I didn't finished anything for jams in the past: but now I can do it! (probably)

Something like that: the game was out of focus, and the character's velocity has been stored: that's why it happened. My bad!

Hehehe... I'm stuck on the ceiling!?

Your game: MoonMan! I finished it!

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Hehe, looks like I have been click-baited! Still, the other game was somewhat fun!

What a coincidence! I just finished that  Godot RPG tutorial, from HeartBeast!

That's all. Personally I don't like it. But it's fine...

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I had some problems, but I was able to fix it! (I couldn't see the close button, as well the moveable title bar.

In ColorAnalyzerDialog.lua:

function ColorAnalyzerDialog:Show(wait)
    self.dialog:show{wait = wait};

    -- Don't display the dialog in the center of the screen, It covers the image
    local bounds = self.dialog.bounds;
    bounds.x = bounds.x / 2;

    -- Added this line, so now I can close it!
    bounds.y = bounds.y / 2;

    self.dialog.bounds = bounds;

Might just got an idea, for a extension...

Nice little game!

I converted the copy of the program with itself. It worked! (But the exe file can't convert files anymore...)

I added this to the boot.config, then it worked:



The link for Laigter 1.9 Linux is not linking for the right place:

The good link:


Good Luck!

Good Luck!

Thank you for saying 'Thanks'!

I have...

You can try to form team at:

You can try to form team at:

You can try to form team at:

When Godot Engine 4.0 is coming out?