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I've played a bunch of your games and this is probably the most bonkers one by far! Super cool visuals, a bit confusing at times but I figured it out once my brain clicked into the right gear lol. Awesome final boss battle, lots of genre-hopping. Really creative!

Dope experience as always, thanks for popping into the stream. Looking forward to the full / combo pack!

I remember this episode. Very accurate recreation, good job.

Really fun game, especially if you like rogue-lites like Binding of Isaac or Hades. Controls are really well refined, super fun upgrades and unlockable characters too, and you can pick how difficult you want the game to be. Thanks!

Super cool. Finding the photo spots was more difficult than usual in this one. When it turned to the raining scene it made me feel really miserable lol, which is a good thing because of how realistic it is. I hope you do more cave stuff in the future. Great job!

Really cool. I got all the endings and found a secret boss inside the mirror, does beating that do anything? Thanks!

Super weird, unconventional horror game. Very cool. My brain started breaking when I had to play two games at the same time lmao, thanks for making this oddity.

Feels just like Australia. Noticed you're Aussie too? Sick! Thanks for making all of these type of games, they're really fun and relaxing to explore.

Yo, this was really cool! The art style is great. I'm not familiar with the novel but I like abstract games. Unfortunately I pressed 'Esc' thinking it would quit the clothing menu and restarted the game lol... you're very talented, thanks for the game!

This was very cool, I like games that subvert expectations on game design and fight back at the player. Very original. Thanks!

Such a refreshing take on the horror genre lmao, thanks!

Cool game. I know I keep saying "I have no idea what I'm doing" as if it's the game's fault but I eventually figure it out on my own, just takes patience. Pretty clever way to have players solve the puzzles. Thanks!

Dope game. Really silly and fun. The mouth+tongue models are really cool, good job. Thanks for game!

This was trippy af, loved the bounciness and the moon effects. Could go a couple hours more of this with some mini-quests or more planets to bounce to or something. Thanks!

Way cute and wholesome! Kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Pokemon Snap, really fun. Climbing is a bit weird and some controls were wonky but I managed. Cool ideas with the fruit birds! Sadly I couldn't find every animal/insect :( - Thanks for the cool game and good luck!

Way cool atmosphere, really enjoyed the premise and old-school sci-fi horror aesthetic. Did a speed run to get the other ending too lmao. Thanks!

Cute and sinister, awesome! Although, I was too paranoid and... uh... made a whoopsie. Thanks for the game!

Cute game! Got a bit lost but figured the puzzles out eventually. Was expecting something scarier going by the description but at the end I was like, "ohhhhh" I can relate lol. Thanks!

Pretty cute, I learned a lot of new ways to make tea. Gonna try out the dog treats way soon, thanks! Nice Psychonauts reference lol 

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This was really pretty and fun to play in a chill way. Big Portal 2 vibes which I like! Totally accidentally streamed the demo on the day of release lol. Thanks! 

I really felt like a creep by the end, good job!

It's you again!? lmao! You've really grown since The Subject, I've enjoyed everything you've done since then. This was really good. Love the weird psychological, supernatural aspects. Wishlisted.

Pretty cool style, actually looks like a PSX game. Enjoyed the chill and sombre atmosphere and gameplay. Thanks! 

Really cool style. Grew on me the more I played but then I had trouble with some of the stealthier sections later on lol. I really enjoyed the cryptic backstory of the ocean world and its mysteries. Music was dope. Thanks!

Really awesome style with the 3D and pixel art combo. Would've loved to have known what the argument was about, maybe I missed something? Not super important though. Is this set in the year 2060+ or am I just imagining lol? Wish I had a bedroom as cozy. Thanks!

This was really cool, loved the 2.5D style and the mystery behind what caused this post-apocalyptic world. The way the "soul crushing" effect was used is dope.

Loved this silly game/music EP! 

Dope style, I'm glad you let players just enjoy the game without having to worry about being eaten and restarting afaik. Thanks! 

Really cool, wish there was more!

Played through the demo (I'm a bit too late lmao), really enjoyed it. The shadows tripped me out a lot. Thanks!

Thank for that weird rabbit hole, I'm looking forward to playing the rest!


Thought it was just gonna be the school area, then the world opened up and I got addicted to flopping around and swallowing loads of enemies to squeeze out their juice. Legit, had so much fun. Really wish I could have gotten revenge on that PoS bat though, maybe in an update? Thanks for making this weird game!

Really fun and interesting, my viewers enjoyed it too. Figuring out each room was very rewarding, not too over the top. Favourite rooms were the weight riddles and the chess room. The only problems I ran into were in the paintings room because I didn't understand what to count but figured it out eventually. Thank for the game!

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I don't know what it is you've done but this is one of the creepiest games I've ever played. Really unique, incredibly restrained. Perfect balance of mystery and psychological horror.

Actually really cool, felt like I just connected with the patterns and flew through the game. Fun! Thanks!

Very hard to look at, very fun to play. Super unique style. Realise half-way that I've played your other game. Thanks for making these!