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Didn't expect this game's adult themes haha. Here's my playthrough on Twitch.

Lemme get in on this link posting train. My playthrough on Twitch. Hope Pamali scares a whole buttload of people on release!

Thanks for the game, it is an interesting concept. I had some trouble finding what to do next. Unfortunately my PC crashed during my playthrough so this is all that I have on Twitch.

Thank you for the game. I really admired the high quality visuals and lightning but was confused about what was going on tbh. Totally forgivable since it was only made in a week. Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

Only discovered these recently so I played them back to back on Twitch. Thanks again, hope you continue the yearly release trend.

Thanks for the game. Twilight Zone type mysteries are always fun. Had a bit of trouble at one point like I typically do in point & clicks. Watch my Twitch playthrough.

Thank you for the game, I thought it was of super high quality for a short indie game, especially your first release. The voice acting was also great. The only issues I had related to the controls and how there seemed to be some strange mouse acceleration going on that made it difficult to aim. I've created a somewhat lengthy gameplay video, my first of the new year. Thanks again! :D

Very fun and short game with a cool song. I've made a gameplay video about it with little bits of information about donuts, flamingos, and a sample of the original song at the end. Thanks, Boogie Knights!

Really nice visuals and minimalist, chilled soundtrack. I didn't end up finishing the game as I found it too difficult to avoid obstacles at later levels but I'm not that great at these type of games anyway. Made a short gameplay video.

Drift Space was super fun, I completed it in one sitting (and another to record some gameplay). No way I can manage the car, though. Would love to see it expanded as a multiplayer game without any collision between players, and the early levels I've seen of yours where it's more open looked really cool. Thanks for the game! Song was dope too.

Thanks for the game, it was very fun and interesting. I managed to guess the password of the player before me. Wonder if the next player guessed mine? If only there was a way to know... :P

Thanks for sharing your game, I've created a short gameplay video about it with little bits of information about you and sleep paralysis. :)

Nice one! I've tried my own speedrun but I'm no good at these things so I hesitate a bit. Only second time running this path, I'm sure someone better than me can do this in less than 50 seconds.

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Hey there, thanks for the gameplay demo. Looking forward to Paused being expanded with combat and swimming mechanics. Would be nice to have those pressure plates / sensors light up a path, or small conduit type thing, to whichever gate or platform they activate as sometimes they are not nearby (to help with subconscious guidance for players). I like the soundtrack too, it fits well but sometimes abruptly stops/starts. It is also possible to lose gears through clipping or on higher ground, would be great to have lone gears reset back to their spawn point if they are not interacted with after 30 seconds or so (if not done already?).

I've also recorded some footage of my playthrough.