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Dope style, I'm glad you let players just enjoy the game without having to worry about being eaten and restarting afaik. Thanks! 

Really cool, wish there was more!

This is honestly one of the best games I've ever played, and that's just the demo. Can't wait for full release!

Played through the demo (I'm a bit too late lmao), really enjoyed it. The shadows tripped me out a lot. Thanks!

Thank for that weird rabbit hole, I'm looking forward to playing the rest!


Thought it was just gonna be the school area, then the world opened up and I got addicted to flopping around and swallowing loads of enemies to squeeze out their juice. Legit, had so much fun. Really wish I could have gotten revenge on that PoS bat though, maybe in an update? Thanks for making this weird game!

Really fun and interesting, my viewers enjoyed it too. Figuring out each room was very rewarding, not too over the top. Favourite rooms were the weight riddles and the chess room. The only problems I ran into were in the paintings room because I didn't understand what to count but figured it out eventually. Thank for the game!

i didnt think it be but it do

farked that carnt roight up

I don't know what it is you've done but this is one of the creepiest games I've ever played. Really unique, incredibly restrained. Perfect balance of mystery and psychological horror.

Actually really cool, felt like I just connected with the patterns and flew through the game. Fun! Thanks!

Very hard to look at, very fun to play. Super unique style. Realise half-way that I've played your other game. Thanks for making these!

So pretty! I was looking forward to playing through the whole thing but hit a game-breaking glitch where my character couldn't path back :( thanks for the demo anyway! Hope to see more.

Super cute and addictive, wish there was more!

I felt this deep in my soul. No one in my Twitch chat had idea what was happening but I did, I knew it all. I am become Gus. Honestly one of my favourite experiences. Thanks for making it.

Awesome beginning. I have no idea what was happening but I was kept interested all the way through. I think I have played your other game before too. Thanks!

Beautiful colours, style, and music. Feels like walking through different types of art, like watercolour and charcoal paintings. Thank you for making it!

Beautiful as always. Really cathartic to walk around in virtual nature taking photos, always love searching for the right angles to photograph and unlocking the ending to see how you change the scenery as a bonus. Thanks!

Was really nice and interesting, very clever, definitely grew to like it a lot over time but unfortunately I think I broke the game at the end? The game stopped responding (around 16 mins) :( thank you for the demo though, I look forward to more! :D

Very cool and creative. Short but funny. Thank you! :D

Hey there, fine folks at Northtree Real Estate. Wanted to say thank you for sharing your prototype software. As prospective buyers, my wife and I are very grateful that you were able to still show us around and view open houses during these tough times. We used the softwware today and tried offering a price but ran into some issues. Here is a recording for your convenience. I'm currently at work but my wife will be home if you call, although I haven't heard from her all day. Maybe she is sleeping, or taking a very long bath, but hopefully she picks up, don't wanna miss out on these great prices lol!

This looks dope, I'm playing it for sure!

This was really cool and fun, like your other games, but I found it became really difficult, with a lot of distractions, requiring a walkthrough by the end. Thanks!

This was pretty cool. I got distracted by the moving blinds, thinking they were the answer to a puzzle, but I finally figured it out! Thanks!

Pretty cool and freaky. Have you seen the movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe perhaps?

This was nice but it really lagged my PC lol. Too beautiful.

Super cute and fun, loved how every bad solution has a silver lining. Thanks!

This game is great, really nice cartoonish style. Totally reminds me of all those classic N64 adventure games. Didn't find anything frustrating, really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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My kind of morbid game, would love to play a longer version. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for making this weirdass game, it was dope. The entire chat loved it!

Well that was a massive acid trip, pretty dope.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

This is one of the more unique games I've played. Loved it, really dope atmosphere. The Dark Souls vibes were perfect.

The rope shot so hard out of my butt and launched me into spacce, still fun!

Hey that was pretty dope, especially the clever changes in gameplay and design. Thanks for making it!

Welp, that was weird. Nice, but weird lol

This was super cool to play and intriguing. Thanks for the game!

Well, that was a surprisingly short game. Thanks!

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That was good, thanks!