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Definatly Subbed! Great channel man!

Thank You So Much For the Video! Ill be watching it right now! Thanks man!

Absolutely Man! Earned my Subscription!

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The first Horror Pig Feeding Simulator. Will You Feed Them?

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Please Drop Me A Follow!

Thanks man! Thats great to hear! My friend had some of the same complaints when I played it with him. It was hard to know what the ships do. Just for a tip, the fighters are really good if you just place a whole ton of them! I was hoping the story was funny. I'll definitely take your feedback into consideration on the next project. Thank you for playing!!

Ill go with 6 on this one - BULBOUS QUALITY

MORTIS is a multiplayer (2-10) top-down, pixel art SWAT game. Creep though dark corridors with your squad, take out your enemies with 20 weapons, 6 equipment, across 4 beautiful maps. Gear is persistent, so to win the first-to-three-rounds game, you'll have to conserve everything.  When you die, you become a ghost, who can freely float around the map. Gather information for your team or stun enemies with your ghost attack. 

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I need feedback on the Voice Acted Story for The Space Sim. Its the first time I have ever written a story for a game and I want to know what people think. There is a section on the discussion board of the game for feedback, and I will also be checking this post! Thank You so much for giving this game a try and please let me know your thoughts about the story. Not so interested in feedback other than the story for now, but if you have any comments feel free to let me know!

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The Space Sim Is:

1. A Massive Space Battle Simulator

2. Capable of 1000 ships in one battle!

3. Fully Voice Acted Story

4. 30 Campaign Missions, Random Scenario Mode, Sandbox Mode

5. Excellent Audio and Graphics

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The Space Sim community · Created a new topic Ship Ideas?

If you liked the game and want more content, let me know! Post any ideas for ships here and I might put them in the first update to the game!

Thanks man! Great video btw defiantly earned a sub!

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After playing through the campaign of The Space Sim, you will certainly be brought to tears by the ending to the complex narrative. Please rate the story below. A rating scale is shown.

[Rating Scale]

1 - Amazing Story

2 - Best Story of The Year

3 - Best Story of The Decade

4 - A Story so Good It Made You Steal a Bike Just to Watch It Burn

5 - Greatest Story of All Time

6 - Better than the Bible

Thank you for playing Mortis! Grab some friends and have a good time!

Did you make that raycast system from scratch in Scratch? I didn't even know that was possible haha

Ya bro absolutely! Tell me when its done I cant wait to see

I meant like a discord for solving the puzzle, but I think we may have gotten through a good bit on reddt. **Spoilers**

Discord please?

ummm look in the save file

An excellent experience. My favorite part was when the cat went from the top right to the top left of the screen. Truly random movement, I never knew what to expect next.

"{Also the main game theme does not work in webgl verison}

No idea why"  that line had me dying lmao

Thats really cool man I love crazy projects like this!

how are you doing that stuff with the mesh, is it a shader or something?


Final Arena is an online multiplayer fighting game. Battle your friends on flying space platform in matches decided by a best of three round system.

Link -


- Cross Platform

- Multiple Weapon Types (Standard, Explosive, Massive)

- Random Matchmaking and Custom Lobbies

- Synth/Retro Audio and Visuals

- Smooth Networking and Competitive Gameplay

Play With Your Friends Now!

link -

Best Game 2021

Thank you for posting this. I will run this position in my chess engine to see if it is a problem with the engine or with the code I wrote to interact my engine in this game. I am guessing it is the later.

Are you sure that is the case jxvn? The move generation algorithm does not take into account wether or not the move results in a checkmate until the move is made. Could it be that there was a discovered check pinning your attacking piece? In any case I will take a look at the code right now.

Thank you so much for making the video it was great!

Wow! Thank you for all the feedback! It is always more than welcome! Im in school right now, but I will give it a watch when I get home. Thank you for the vid and have a great day!

Thanks for the video man! I loved it! I will certainly take your advice into consideration when I make another horror game!

Thank you for all the constructive feedback and the video. The biggest challenge was defiantly pacing. I was planning on increasing the general scare factor based on the evaluation of the board, but my chess engine is not always very smart (it likes to think its always winning). If I were to come back to this project, the game evaluation would defiantly be the first part I improve. Thank you again for playing!

Hi Mr. Svedin, while your here, why not download some of my other projects!

Thank you for the advice! There were defiantly some porting issues when I tried to upgrade my chess engine to interface with the game board, but those will be fixed when I have time! 

Absolutely! That would make my day!

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Thank you so much bro! Refer to the post above if you would like to try again!

(IMPORTANT) To take pieces you must click the square below the piece you wish to take (similarly to how you would move normally), not the enemy piece itself!

I just jumped into the build and there doesn't seem to be an issue. Are you clicking on the pieces or the board squares under the devils pieces. You must click the square below the piece. I should make that more clear, my apologies!

That is strange, Ill look into it right now!