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It is in the changelog haha

"Notably, if you are playing with the Speedrunner background you can get a variation for the pool project where the staff goes skinny dipping."

I'm on Windows. If it's not too much trouble I'd love having all of them! Really wanna see the evolution of the game and the changes each build brought.

Thank you so much!

I'm gonna be honest and just admit that I'm obsessed with this game. I've played it back to back as every single background, tried every single combination of guests possible and seen their interactions with every group scene and project scene I could think of. I've done my best to see all the content except going codediving.

I really would like being able to read the previous builds and see how the game has changed over time, especially since I know there was quite a change of tone at one point where it was decided the story should be more serious.

Is there any way I could do that or are previous builds just gone forever?

I confronted him also, the only thing I did to get the C route was not telling the truth to Saya, but I got that line of dialogue regardless.

As for Aki, yeah, he knows, but Yuu goes from talking to him about it openly while on their way to class even though Aki hasn't asked him yet; to freaking out before the date while Shoichi is there because of Aki.

There's an inconsistency, not on whether or not Aki knows, but on whether or not Yuu has confirmed it to him and is okay talking about it in front of him.

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I'm going through the Shoichi's Route C and he said I told him to "keep the peace with his father", but I told him to ignore him. Is this a bug or is there just no dialogue option for the choices I made?

I've also noticed similar inconsistencies when it comes to whether or not Aki knows about Shoichi and Yuu's relationship. What triggers Aki to ask Yuu if he's dating Shoichi early on as opposed to finding out on the day of the date?

He asked during the Route C playthrough, but didn't during the Route A or B playthroughs; yet there were still moments where the dialogue would imply he did (like the conversation Aki and Yuu have on the way to school) but then go back to acting as if he didn't know (like right before the date).

Any chance we could get a game guide? I really like the game's writing and characters but I've always felt kinda lost when it comes to what to do in games like this one. Wish I could just experience the story without having to worry about figuring out what the game wants me to do.