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Thank you for playing through and enjoying Bad Faith! I’m very glad you got a lot out of the story. ^u^

It was meant to be a standalone story, so I don’t think a continuation is on the cards right now… but then again, I might change my tune in the future! Again though - thank you for enjoying my little world. ;w;

Thank you so much! Sai did a great job managing the team - be sure to tell them on Twitter too! ^^

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game. :>

Please give Sai your biggest thanks - they helped organize this entire project!

Thank you - and yes, it really is! 😖 Be careful, everyone!

Thank you!! Very glad you enjoyed it. :>

I hope you had a safe journey! Please let me know what you think when you finish it. ;w;

Thank you!!! Let me know your thoughts when you do!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review - I'm very glad you enjoyed Bad Faith as much as you did. Your commentary on the game and its cast really made my day!

I'll be honest, I wish I had written more visits/interactions between Nils and Magda as well... I think if I had the chance to redo Bad Faith, that would be one of the first things I'd do. I'm still very glad you like both of them, regardless! ^^

I look forward to making future, more ambitious works too! Again - thank you for playing!

Thank you for your very thorough and kind thoughts on Bad Faith! I'm very happy it left such a big impact on you - and I look forward  to making that next project too! ^u^

Thank you so much - I’m very glad you enjoyed the full version of Bad Faith, in spite of all of its intensity! ^^ I hope you do enjoy my future work too - I’m very excited about that.

Also to answer your question - yes, Lilia does encompass the existence of both Nils and Magda - but mainly on Magda’s side of things. If Magda behaves in a way that Nils really disapproves of, then Nils will stop calling her “Lilia” and call her “Magda” again. At least, that was what I was thinking when I wrote the scene, haha…

Thank you!! ^^

Thank you so much for enjoying Bad Faith! Do let me know what you think when you do finish it. ^^

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for enjoying my game! I’m not planning a continuation of Bad Faith itself, but I do intend to make more visual novels after Bad Faith. ^^

Okay - Steam keys have been updated! You should now be able to claim your Steam version of Bad Faith. :>

Sure! I just sent in a request. They should come in within the next day or two. ^^

Thank you! I look forward to your thoughts on the full version. :>

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed reading Bad Faith!

I am planning on eventually making an artbook for the game, so maybe I'll briefly discuss the potential future of everyone at the end there... ^^;

No problemo!

Oh, yeah absolutely... I play a lot of Steam releases myself and when I find out they have counterparts I'm just like "Wouldn't it be neat if this just worked all cross-platform?"

Thank you for playing my game! I'm very happy you got so much out of it! ;w;

Thank you - I’m really glad you enjoyed the DEMO!

I hope you enjoy the full version too!

Thank you!! ^^ I'm glad you like the game as much as you did.

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed the full game! ^^

And thanks for pointing that out - I'll probably add that change in a future update.

I'm very happy the audio captions worked out! ^^

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the VN too. Thank you for playing it!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed Bad Faith as much as you did.

Bad Faith was conceptualized as a self-contained short story - so I can definitely understand why it may come across as a little “two note” at times - but I’m very happy Magda’s writing and the game’s ending resonated with you. ^^

I can't give an exact date yet - but it should be soon - I'm making a lot of progress with the Steam build! 

I'll make a big announcement about it when the time comes. ^^

No worries! ^^ And I appreciate the gesture, thank you so much.

I am considering making an “Art/Development of Bad Faith” book in the future - I think it would be a nice way to cap off the game’s development! It would probably be after I finished working on the game’s Steam release, though…

Thank you so much for playing through Bad Faith! I'm very glad you enjoyed the story as much as you did.

I'm very glad Magda's arc resonated with you, especially with regards to her conflict about dying vs becoming more violent than her abusers by force. I also appreciate your commentary on how the arcs of other characters (namely Grace and Maria) finished too. 

As a little extra note - Nils uses they/them pronouns! They aren't a man or a woman - they have their own gender. ^^

Excellent! I’m glad I could help. ^^

I’ll probably make a devlog post about this issue for Linux users - so that other people who encounter this issue can solve it quickly.

Thanks for posting the error log! 

I scoured the web for other people who encountered this issue with Ren'Py games too - and apparently, this is an issue that sometimes pops up with images within the game that are high-res (usually game icons).

Does this info help at all...? 

Oh god, I just realized my earlier answer contained info from over ten years ago...

Here's a more relevant solution that may help:

Again, if this works (or doesn’t), please let me know!


I’m no expert on running things in Linux, but I found this post on the LemmaSoft Forums that seems to describe a similar issue.

If this works (or doesn’t), please let me know! I’m so sorry you encountered this problem…

Quick question - is it alright if I use part of your review for future promotional materials? :>

Quick question - is it alright if I use part of your review for future promotional materials? :>

Thank you for the incredible comment! I'm really glad Bad Faith could impact you in this way.

Yes, the layout and narration of Bad Faith was intentionally reminiscent of older VNs. In fact, Fate/Stay Night was a massive influence on the  for this game; it's one of my favorite stories ever, and legitimately made me want to write serious, long visual novels (though I love Kinoko Nasu's/TYPE MOON's works in general, haha). I'm really floored that you've compared Bad Faith to FSN in that regard, thank you. 


I really do love your analysis on Bad Faith's overall plot - with its themes of isolation, and the inevitable tragic conclusion. I especially loved your comments regarding the third act. I'm sorry I can't say more right now - but you've really analyzed the game well! You're right on the money with what I intended to talk about with the third act: wanting to enact revenge on/hurt people because you've been hurt, in turn - and then facing the very real consequences for doing so afterwards. As you said, Bad Faith's world is one where actions never come without consequences - even for the protagonist of its story. 

Also I'm glad Nils came across as intended - they were definitely one of my favorite characters to make too! I was worried that they didn't come across as inhuman enough while writing them, so seeing that they did exactly that for you makes me really happy... Funnily enough, I actually didn't realize that their decision to control humanity was similar to Lady Amaris's cultivation of the Haven - but looking back on it, it does make sense, doesn't it? Writing is funny like that.

Anyhoo - I'm really happy that you liked Bad Faith as much as you did! I love receiving big comments like this - so I was really pleased to see yours today. ^^ 

I'm tempted to use your pulling teeth analogy for future promotional stuff too LOL - I thought it was a pretty apt description of what playing this game was like - but only if you want me to! Is that okay?

Thank you so much for playing Bad Faith! 

I'm really glad my visual novel resonated with you in such a close, personal way. I'm happy you got a lot out of it. ^^

Thank you for the awesome comment, Dave! I’m really glad Bad Faith could resonate with you in this way. It makes me really happy to hear.

Do take the time to rest afterwards, though - it’s not an easy story to digest. 😭

Thanks so much for the incredible comment! I’m glad you enjoyed Bad Faith as much as you did - and I’m glad it held your attention throughout the entire story. I’m happy that you felt that way about the entire cast too - I wanted every character to have understandable motivations behind their actions - not just the more sympathetic ones like Magda and Nils.


I’ll probably talk about the ending more when I write my postmortem of Bad Faith - but the unsatisfying nature of it was definitely a choice on my part. I did want it to be a revenge story - but one that gradually became less and less cathartic the more Magda (as Lilia) sat and stewed with what she was doing to the people who hurt her in the past (specifically, people who weren’t as involved in her bullying within the Haven - such as Grace and Maria). In essence, the lack of closure and ends being tied up was intentional.

I’m happy you still came away liking the VN though, and I hope to make many more in future! Thank you for playing it. :>

Thank you for the incredible comment, Slither! I read through it all last night and I was thinking about how best to reply to such an intricate, well-thought out analysis of my game. I really appreciate comments like these. ;w;


I'm really glad you caught the parallels between Magda and Nils! I did intentionally make them foils to each other. And you're generally right on why Nils decided to visit Magda again. There definitely is an element of "Now you know what I went through." to it. 

With the gore and stuff, I definitely agree I should've added content warnings for those specific moments of eye trauma and cannibalism. Initially, I thought that warning for general blood and gore would've been a good catch-all for those moments in the game, but I guess they're too specific to just be described as that. Regardless, I've now added them to the spoiler-filled version of the content warning list - so people know exactly what they're getting into.  

As for the ending... I'll probably talk about the intricacies of it in my eventual post-mortem of Bad Faith - but to make a long statement short, yeah - it definitely wasn't intended to be cathartic. Your statement on Magda being forced to give into violence, and becoming worse than her abusers was very powerful. I got teary reading it.

Overall, I'm really glad you enjoyed Bad Faith as much as you did - and I appreciate your critiques as well. Really, really good stuff here.  Again, thank you so much!!