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Hee hee... Glad you enjoyed the ending! >:3c

I hope you enjoy the others, too. Let me know what you think of them.

WAH thank you so much for enjoying the game!!! I'm very glad you liked malViolence, and that Cautionne made an impact on you... ;w;

Actually floored by this visual novel. Fantastic pacing. Fantastic writing. 

A beautiful, horrifying tale - this is the yuri I crave. Thank you for making this.

Glad you enjoy it!!

Thank you - glad you enjoyed it!! I hope you enjoy the full game too. :>

Thank you! I'm glad this update can help you enjoy the game even more.

Thank you so much!!! I'm very glad you like the story and the game overall. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, eeeeeee!!! Thank you so much...

I'm glad we both feel the same way about Cautionne too. ;_; Maybe I'll do some merch of him in the future?

Thank you - I'm really glad you had a lot of fun with malViolence and its many puzzles! The Zero Escape comparisons are absolutely spot-on - it was one of the games that influenced malViolence's development. 

About the locations of the two items - you're absolutely right that their hitboxes are way too small. I'll probably make them larger in a later update - so that future players can find them more easily.

Nonetheless - I'm happy you enjoyed everything else, and I look forward to watching your playthrough!

(Also Astolfo fan? *shakes hand* Good taste.)

Loved your game, and loved reading this!!! I knew I saw some Yoshihiro Tatsumi influences there - so it makes me happy that my suspicions were confirmed! >:3c

Wahoo!!! Thank you!!!

Oh, this looks like a graphics card issue! Have you updated your graphics card driver or switched your video renderer? :O

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :>

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Thanks so much for the kind words - I'm really glad you enjoyed the game as much as you did.

The first bug is a known issue with the game. We're working on it! 

As for the second... did you search for everything? There are a couple of items that are hard to find in room 3 - the clipboard in the top room, and the box in the bottom room. You might need to read all of the diary pages too. Missing those can be enough to trigger the Communication Error ending versus Breakout Role.

Let me know how that goes for you.

No problem! They're a little difficult to find - but when you do find them, everything will fall into place. :>

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like the new QOL updates. :>

With the evidence board puzzle, the notes can be found throughout Room 2. They're a little difficult to see because they're grey, but when you find them, you'll get key clues to help you solve the puzzle.

As for the text skipping, I can fix that easy-peasy in a new update. I just need to make the wait times a bit longer between unvoiced lines. 

Hope this helps! I'll try to get the new update out ASAP with my team.

Thank you!!! I'm very proud of it too, hehe ^u^

Thank you for doing your best with the puzzles regardless! They are indeed very, very tricky, but there'll be a big update to the game tomorrow where the puzzles will be more fair (and with several difficulty levels to choose from!)

Cautionne is great, isn't he?

Thank you so much!! I'm VERY glad you enjoyed the game. :>


I'd love to include my game Bad Faith!

Thanks for opening up this opportunity - I appreciate it. ^u^

Thank you so much for enjoying malViolence - and for the walkthrough for this build of the game!

I should say - me and my team are actually working on an official walkthrough for the updated version of the game. 

Would it be alright if we could use your solutions for our guide? (since we’re planning difficulty levels) If so - we’ll credit you in the document!

Thank you so much - glad you enjoyed the game!!! ;w; 

And incredible work on solving the quilt puzzle, by the way - it's that nice balance of being really fun, but difficult.

For those two achievements - the busybody achievement is investigating all of the items in all of the rooms in one run. The hidden achievement is given when you get all of the other achievements.

Thank you so much for playing! I’m very very glad you like the game (and of course, my family of villains!) ^u^

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This was a great set-up for wacky murdery revenge hijinks! 

The dynamic between the MC and Oz,  sorry, Tiger, is really fun. Their banter with each other is humorous and filled with barbs. 

It'll be interesting to see how they get out of their predicament together in future chapters...  Damn Aslan, playing us for fools!

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I did a readalong of your VN! It starts at 3:45. Thank you for letting me play your game!

I mentioned this on Twitter already, but I loved the storytelling in Reaper's Goodbye. 

The presentation, with the 600x800 game window, the Tezuka-influenced character designs, and the black and white color scheme, created a unique atmosphere. 

I also adore anthology stories - so this visual novel was basically made to cater to me. Excellent work all around!

I did a readthrough of Reaper's Goodbye on my channel. (It starts at 1:13:05

Thank you for letting me play your game!

This visual novel was exquisitely presented. I loved the quiet, yet unsettling atmosphere you created.

Reading The Valley reminded me of traveling through the isolated worlds of Yume Nikki... so I'm very excited to see where this story will go next! I adore eldritch horror...

I did a readthrough of the first part on my channel, if you're interested. (It starts at 49:36.) Thank you for letting me play your game!

Glad I could help! ^u^

Hey, lab rat! You're finally awake. 

You were trying to destroy STOP, right? Walked right into- (I cannot finish this)

Thank you - I’m very glad you’re enjoying the game!

As a hint - did you click on the pink sticky notes around the room? :>

No problem! >:3c

I think in the meantime, turning off "easy-mode"/puzzle skips should allow you to get the achievement. 

Thanks so much - very glad you enjoyed the game!

I’ll send this bug over to my team and get to it ASAP.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the game. :>

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. :>

No worries! >:3c I feel the same way whenever I play Professor Layton, so I get the feeling completely!

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Thank you so much! Carrick and Vyn did an incredible peformance within the game. I’m very proud of their work…

(Also yes… only good things for Cautionne!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Very glad you enjoyed the game as much as you did, haha. 

With the puzzles, I definitely agree with the insane difficulty range; which is why I'm working on a rebalancing update with my team! The panopticon puzzle (among others) should be a lot fairer once it's out.










I agree with your comments on the writing too - my assistant writers and I did our best to create something compelling within the 31 days of the jam - but yeah, Dr. Danger gets a lot more backstory stuff, especially in Room 3. Cautionne is definitely more of a "show don't tell" type of character. 

I would love to elaborate more on both him and Dr. Danger in the future in different ways. Dr. Danger in terms of how she behaves in a day-to-day setting, and Cautionne with how his experiences have affected him (though I think the spare ending in the base game may have already addressed that somewhat. I don't mind going into more detail though).  I've grown really attached to them both over the past month...

I do have plans for an OST release soon - I'm currently working on the cover art for the OST ATM, so please look forward to that.

To get Busybody, you do need to discover every piece of evidence in one run! As for the final achievement, I believe you need to get all of the achievements in the game to obtain it.

Again - thank you so much for playing and enjoying my game! I'm glad you had a great time with it. :>

I'll also be detailing this in the puzzle + endings guide I'm writing, but here's the long and short of how to get the other two endings:

  • For one ending: try not to investigate any items in the rooms.
  • For the other, try to investigate all of the items in the rooms.

Hope this helps!

Yes! >:3c There are three main endings…