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I probably spent the most time on your game out of all the ones I have played so far just trying to get past level four. I've gotten so close... Speaks for itself. I found your game pretty fun and its great for your first. Definitely felt cheated by some of the hit boxes sometimes but that also contributed to me figuring out the timing. Easy replay ability by not giving the player an option to restart. I often found myself saying "okay now this is the last attempt" only to have it start automatically and at that point I feel obligated to give it another go. Overall great job! Ill probably return at some point to get my revenge on level 4. Thanks!

Hey agent! Loved it. I laughed out loud when I realized that PPAP literally stood for pen pineapple apple pen. The scaling seemed a bit weird (not sure if its just me) but other than that I had fun. Thanks!

High score was 1,700. I lost to a rock who placed himself directly behind a rad-suit guy, smart rock. I know you say you learned you need to get better at everything but we all have to start somewhere and just being able to say you completed a project is the first step! I think this is a great start. Keep grinding! The music is going to be stuck in my head for awhile...I guess that's a good thing? Thanks for the game!

Love the minimalist visuals and the way you used gravity. My highest score was 57, lowest was -1.  Really great polish. The control I had over my comet seemed a little finicky/ out of my control. It was really easy to mess up how long I should be holding z for.  I think with more practice it would be easy to get a hold on. The black hole sound was actually really scary when I was on my high score run (as it should be). Great job! Thanks for the game

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Great job finishing a jam! I too have dropped out of a jam before and I finally did this one. Feels good doesn't it? Overall I enjoyed the game it gave me a bit of an unfair mario vibe. I never made it past the boss with the amount of time I dedicate to playing all these. The frustration for me came from not being able to use an arrow and bounce directly onto another arrow to get a second jump. Killed me plenty of times. But I think you had good pacing introducing enemies and every time I went again I got further and further. One other suggestion I could make is an instant restart button. Many times I would lose a heart to the first carrot or the egg and suicide because I knew I couldn't make it through the rest with just two hearts at the start. But maybe that's just me. Overall I enjoyed it. I liked your art choices. Thanks for the game!

Wow! I really enjoyed this game. Great job. First of all I am a cute fruit. Second in puzzle games there is usually only one right answer but I definitely felt like I had some creative freedom when it came to how I pushed the watermelon and how I interacted with the physics. My only complaint would be the fog. In the screenshots it looks like its behind all the platforms and the player but while playing it covered the entire screen like a mask. Overall I think it detracted from the beauty and visibility of the game. The last level was a little challenging but I found myself saying "I am a watermelon slice. I will not give up!". The ending  was pretty satisfying as well. Thanks for the game!

Sorry the recording didn't work out! Ill be participating in the demake jam in August. Ill be sure to check out PPAP as soon as I can. Thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks detho! Glad to hear you finished! 

I totally understand where you are coming from and player engagement is definitely something I could work on. Thanks for checking it out!