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This game confirms to me that I should never become a bus driver...

So many stupid deaths! Good little game, had a weird bug where different lighter text would appear on the screen but otherwise no problems!

Dubstep is scary.

Putting chickens into cannons shouldn't be this much fun 12/10

Had fun with this one! 

The Simpsons really do hide their eggs in the weirdest places...

Cats are evil.

Who knew bears had a thing for thermonuclear powered garden machines...

That's the thing with taking risks, sometimes they don't work, sometimes they're amazing. Looking forward to your next game :)

Gotta be honest I didn't like this game as much as your others, I guess I didn't really get a long with the wheelchair.

Not sure I got the game, I guess that means I'm a loony.

I've never been on a blind date and if this is what they're like I don't think I ever want too.

Welcome aboard The Magic School bus! Next stop a forest alone with Baldi....

Such an original idea!

Really enjoyed this even though it was very short. 

Fun little game! 

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Had to say I enjoyed this up until the obvious Silent Hill bit. After that it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It's a shame because as I said up until that point I was enjoying myself. I thought honest feedback would be far more helpful to you than simply just telling you what you want to hear. All the best though! 

Oh my gosh! There's been a MERDER!

Good little game for a 2 person dev team! 

I kinda like how quirky your games are, they have a certain charm to them.

Like a cross between Job Simulator and Surgeon Simulator with added Cthulu. 

Viktor Strobovski looks like Jeremy Clarkson in a mask... 

Anyways... Not a bad game, definitley harder than Baldis.

oh it is don't worry 😉

As with all of your games this is completely bonkers!

I really liked the paper like art style, the only problem I had was the game was too short. I'd like to see a full game out of this, but then I do like a game based on different cultures mythology!

All I can say is... what a game... 

Few little issues but a really good foundation! 

Glad you liked the vid! Would be more than happy to take a look at the full version when it comes out as well! 😊

Barry is a food magician! (Also a pyscho).

One of the weirdest dates I've ever been on! Loved this basic concept, the posiblities for expanding on this if you ever wanted to are endless!

The lack of a pizza delivery guy at the door hit me way harder than it should have!

Not sure about the monster but you had some good ideas with this though.

To say how early this is in development I acutally like it! It's scary and has a really tense atmosphere. But a big bug did stop me completing it unfortunately! 

Not bad for a demo, you've got some good ideas. 

Such a strange game! Enjoyed it apart from the music blasting my ear drums into next month!

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Hilarious as always! (I've shared this already but more comments = higher up the page on

Showing some promise, had a few issues with framerate and a few other things, but for a small dev team it's pretty good. Nothing some more dev time won't fix!

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I liked the general idea of this game but having to wind the flashlight every 30 seconds was a little too much. 

Baldi is one mean taskmaster! I feel like I just played some kind of surreal fever dream (I did like it though).

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Not sure I understood the story but as with all of your games and pixel art it was stunning to look at!