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Brilliant but really disturbing!

Was completely blindsided by that ending! Brilliant little game, looking forward to volume 2!

You're more than welcome!

Screw the official Blair Witch game, this was much better!

Simple but works really well!

Didn't understand it at all but it was a great little experimental horror! 

I've had too many bad experiences in sewer levels, might have tainted this for me.

The distopian version of Disney's Cars took a dark turn... 

Surreal and unconfortable but a really good little horror game! Glad to see the Burberry cap make a return! 

That sound... My god did it give me the shivers!!

Really enjoyed this!

Not too bad, felt the jumpscares were a little random though.

Not bad for your first game.

Looking good so far! Impressive work for just one person!

Short but I'd quite like to see something longer like this! Imagine a haunted house flipper!

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It has a tiny table! 10/10 IGN

Very confused as to what I just played... Good atmosphere though!

Gotta love summoning the devil using kids toys! 🀣

Ends a bit too abruptly but definitley not for people afriad of haunted apartment buildings. 

Oh you're more than welcome ;)

These little guys are a massive pain in the butt! Fun little game though!

Who knew Dr Pepper could be so spooky!

Scorpions don't belong in court...

Poor unnamed protagonist, all he want's to do it watch telly!


Can't stand fishing BUT this was actually a good little slow burn horror! (Second game of this compilation)

As an owner of a small dog this game relates to me on a very personal level!

Really well made little game, shame about the ending...

Killer penguins are enough to ruin anyones day...

Jeez Patrick really hung himself out to dry...

Brilliant bit of slow burn horror, really creeped me out!

Seriously this woman has actual thighs of steel! 

Never working nights ever again...

Really enjoyed this! Short but loads of promise!

Made friends with a chimp (who may be evil), ate cookies and got pretty dizzy! Good times!

There's some really weird games on here too and I love it.

Not too bad from your first game, there's some promise here.

Very nostalgic of old demo disc I used to get with magazines, great idea to bundle all these awesome games together!

Short, weird but so refreshing with all the key hunting games around! Good job!

Glad you enjoyed the video!

Got stuck in a table, played catch the knife, went to bed. Had fun.