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Muscle-bound birds gyrate in a corner for 10 minutes. 11 Steroid Fueled Birds out of 10

Tony Squaks would approve.

I thought the first game was peak weirdness... I was wrong!

Haha I have a keen eye for spotting youth subcultures aparently ;D

Saw the Burberry hat and lost it...

I really like your monster designs! Good luck with the kickstarter.

Brilliant little game! 9 mental traumas out of 10!

The most accurate shopping simulator known to man!

A game that's not only funny but also soul destroying at the same time! 

Brilliant little demo, not very often I get hyped for games but this is 100% on my watch list!

Happy birthday Baldi... You [Family Friendly Word]

August looks like a reject from the Teletubbies :O 

Haha no worries, honestly as a huge Silent Hill fan as soon as I see it as an influence on a game I check it out, you'd be surprised how many of them are rubbish (your's isn't).

Really good for a demo! 

Knife little game. Very sharp. 

This game is brilliant fun, had a good couple of laugh out loud moments making ridiculous weapons! 

One of the best indie horror demos I've played, good job!

I'm a sucker for a HP lovecraft inspired game

I'll never be the same again...

I certainly won't be touching any stanger's phones after this...

I had a bit too much fun playing with the typewriter...

Had to STICK with it but enjoyed this, I thought it was TREE-mendous

Actually managed to beat this after a couple of attempts, not a bad little game.

Really enjoyed this! Good blend of Cry of Fear and Silent Hill. Atmosphere was on point!

Actually enjoyed this! Good one!

Thought it was a little easy but still enjoyed it! 

This is like some of my favourite games smooshed into one, will be interesting to see the full game when it's out.

Short but well made little game! 

Quite enjoyed this! Also thank you for actually making a fairly original horror game!

Stalked by a dude in a painting simulator.

I've always wanted to be pizza, this game helped me fulfil my dream.

Good atmosphere, enjoyed this!

Constantly impressed with how much you get done during these jams!

This game was lit fam!

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Going to be honest, I think it'll be hard to get a full game out of this but I can tell some work went into it.  I did find the "creature" funny for some reason!

Good little game, the puzzle properly fried my brain though! 

A year late on this, but hey it's nearly christmas!

This video is sponsored by literally everything...

Enjoyed this! Neat little concept and good atmosphere, I loved the way the missing friends would talk over the radio! Very creepy!

Gosh darn it I hate it when the shop runs out of bread and heck is the only place left with some!