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All I can say is... what a game... 

Few little issues but a really good foundation! 

Glad you liked the vid! Would be more than happy to take a look at the full version when it comes out as well! 😊

Barry is a food magician! (Also a pyscho).

One of the weirdest dates I've ever been on! Loved this basic concept, the posiblities for expanding on this if you ever wanted to are endless!

The lack of a pizza delivery guy at the door hit me way harder than it should have!

Not sure about the monster but you had some good ideas with this though.

To say how early this is in development I acutally like it! It's scary and has a really tense atmosphere. But a big bug did stop me completing it unfortunately! 

Not bad for a demo, you've got some good ideas. 

Such a strange game! Enjoyed it apart from the music blasting my ear drums into next month!

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Hilarious as always! (I've shared this already but more comments = higher up the page on itch.io?)

Showing some promise, had a few issues with framerate and a few other things, but for a small dev team it's pretty good. Nothing some more dev time won't fix!

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I liked the general idea of this game but having to wind the flashlight every 30 seconds was a little too much. 

Baldi is one mean taskmaster! I feel like I just played some kind of surreal fever dream (I did like it though).

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Not sure I understood the story but as with all of your games and pixel art it was stunning to look at! 

Not a problem, glad I could give some useful feedback! I'd love to check it out if it weren't for the fact I don't have a VR Headset :(

Really interesting little game, kinda wish the alien was a little more subtle like the rest of the game but otherwise I enjoyed it.

Not really an airport I'd want to visit! I wouldn't be able to bring my pet aubergine! 

I didn't see that ending coming at all! That's very rare in games these days, hats off to you!

Found the character controlled a little on the heavy side (all the beer?) but otherwise a good little platformer.

Quirky little game, not so sure Witches should like being couriers but I guess it's Mimi's choice.

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Going to be honest the game needs a lot of work. If you can get the story, and give the players a little more direction this game would be a lot better! 


Well 1 out of 3 baddies isn't bad... Sorry to the 2 civilians I blew up...

I feel like this is some weird out of body experience I just played... 

Weird little game! I didn't manage to find all the endings (I think) but it was still suitably weird.

Interesting idea, I liked that it played on the fears and anxieties we've all felt walking home late at night. 

Interesting little game, was much different than I thought it'd be! 

See you same time next year!

Oh boy these cats are assholes! Fun little game, just wish the clicking was a little more accurate :) 

I really enjoyed this! I love this free roam, no hand holding way of telling the story but even though I found all  the pillars and entered the temple I felt helpless at the end. I'm guessing this is intentional and really speaks to how well this game is made. Nice one! 

Really liked the concept, wonder who here got my key?

An incredible realistic shopping simulator (with added Stretch Armstrong powers). Great little game.


Me too, looking forward to seeing more of this!

Really good little demo, shows a lot of promise! 

Really enjoyed what you had going here, a good mix of Souls and Metroidvania styles and an interesting story. Not sure If I could 100% get behind the block characters but it is at least quirky :)

Loved the art style and music but the platforming felt very floaty and the combat didn't really have excitement too it. That being said for an early version of the game these are all things that can be addressed before launch.


I loved the art style, but I really didn't understand what was going on at all xD

An excellent demo for what I hope will be an excellent game!!

(shared this on gamejolt but wanted to share it here as well)