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Short but I liked the hand drawn art style. Not sure if I fully understood what was going on but I gave it my best shot!

Not a bad start for an early alpha, I can see with a little more time this could be pretty good! Glad to see Gollum too!

Despite the fact that I burnt a whole group of pool goers to a crisp I did have fun with this. Loved the music as well!

Wanted to share my support for the game on here! Good luck with the Greenlight guys!

I hope at some point you finish the full game of this, it's genuinely terrifying!

Very well made little game, unfortunately it showed me a very angry side of myself.... Good job with the game though!

I really enjoyed the art style, it's so rare to see a cell shaded horror game! Looking forward to seeing where this is going!

If I have any criticism it's that the fetch aspect of this chapter took away from the horror more than it added. Other than that keep up the good work.

I really liked the tracking mechanic! Hope you make a full game out of this, it'll be very interesting to see!

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I really like the idea, but unfortunately I didn't find the game that scary. The dancing monster in the find section just made me laugh. Obviously I know it's a demo, but hopefully with some user feedback you can make the full game much better! I wish you luck with the game!

A pretty damn fun little game! I can see why it's so popular!

Despite the video I did enjoy your little game, there could be a few tweaks here and there to make piecing weapons together more consistent though. Shame I only managed to sell one weapon, I guess this blacksmiting malarkey isn't for me...

I'm going to be a horrible person and say that I actually found the demo a little boring, go to place A to get key to place B, I heard the "creature" but never saw it. I can see where you're going and the sound design is pretty damn good! With a bit of work this could be something pretty darn good! Hope my feedback helps.

This game is what I imagine being high is like. It did make me laugh though!

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Really fun little game! Shows a lot of promise, looking forward to seeing more of this.

Good to see a game starring a young George Lucas! On a more serious note an awesome little game, good job!

Interesting game, definitely not what I expected.

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Hey guys! First of all the game looks amazing! Really liked the graphic style, just wish we could go visit that volcano in the distance! Only problems I had we're a couple of crashes and lack of keyboard support. Hope to see more from this in the future!

First can I say sorry it took me so long to get to this game! Second on the game itself I can see some promise here, I like the different take on the game depending on whether or not you take the pill.

Started off slowly but once it got going I really enjoyed this! Pretty sure I got the bad ending though....

Can't believe I missed this game when it first came out, thank you for re-releasing it!

Downloaded this on a whim. Glad I did! Very original, looking forward to seeing more.

By far my favourite in the trilogy!

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It is very rare these days for a sequel better than the original. This is one of those games! Loved it!

This started really slow and I have to admit I wasn't really into it at first. Once I finished the game however I can see why it was slow to get of the mark, the last 25% of the game is brutal! Really well made game and very original.

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Really enjoyed this! It had a suitably creepy atmosphere and the graphics were simple but really well done. Good job, looking forward to seeing more!

Fantastic point and click game! Really glad I found this, just disappointed it's taken me this long to play it.

Really looking forward to seeing more from this game, Episode 1 was fantastic and did a brilliant job of introducing us to Sally Face without giving too much away.

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I loved the graphic style! I just wished this wasn't tagged as a horror game. Sure there's a creepy atmosphere, but the scariest part of the game is how tough the last puzzle is! Still looks gorgeous though!

Good little game to say it was a student project! For anyone scared of clowns I can imagine this game is bloody terrifying!

Woo! I honestly thought I'd kill everyone first time through.....

Interesting game, I thought I did REALLY badly but apparently 2/3 alive isn't too bad :D

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Really enjoyed this game! You nailed the atmosphere, give yourself a big pat on the back.

First off let me say I really like the call back to old school survival horror games in the combat system! Otherwise I thought it was brave to use a cutesy art style for a horror game but didn't find the game all that scary. Still for a gamejam game not bad at all.

Never have I seen a prison filled with so many explosive barrels. Fun little game!

That's awesome to hear! Also nice to the see the game doing well!

Thank you for making it! Hope I did the game justice.

Really enjoyed this game! To say it was a text adventure it genuinely gave me goosebumps. Good job!

After a stressful day I found this game and within a few minutes I was laughing. Fantastic little game, looking forward to the full release :)

Good on you for making this game! To say it was made in 7 days it's not half bad! Gotta say you know how to make an atmosphere, the music/ambience were both very good! Good luck in the future, here's my video on your game....

Like Papers Please but with the power over heaven and hell! Loved this game, had a ton of fun with it :)