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yo thanks fouad oll buddy o mine 

hey windy keeper! i enjoyed this one good job, personally not a big fan of timers, so instead of that maybe it could function the same way steps do in moonlight maze. keep it up


thank you! yup we will have to improve the difficulty curve in the future 

hey guys we just started building our world map, cant wait to finish it and fill it with amazing stories. on the next devlog we are gonna focus on making more of the puzzles and adding more detail into the world , feedback is always greatly appreciated

also if you like our project make sure to subscribe to our channel for more devlogs soon

Thank you! 

great art

looks like my older job lol 

just beautiful

this was super fun and addictive 

i genuinly enjoyed this so much , hope you continue and add story to this , since going to that place and then that place isnt as interesting 

you can spend all day breaking those walls lol 

graphics are  awesome , also good mood 

love the visuals 

graphics are dope 

really enjoyed it 

hello fellow player , we really enjoyed watching you play! and yes we are planning on expanding the game 

hey guys we just started working on our new game after the warm reception, we will continiously update this thread and inform you of new devlogs we have , if yall try the game please share your general feedback which is much welcomed

people keep saying its too hard, i would genuinly like to test it with a bigger audience to see if this is something people would like , to help improve the flow and feel of the game 

any feedback is more then welcomed

glad you enjoy it , if we ever continue with this its gonna be even more diffucult lol

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Hey there. Had so much fun watching you play the game isnt actually done yet so im happy you played it without any bugs or issues, and yeh sorry we didnt clarify that wasn't the tutorial. Mybad! Thank you again your awesome!

if you have an issue with the camera remove your ps4 controllers 

groovies got their groove on

thank you <3

ouu that sounds good, i might look into that too

yeh no stress , i get you level design is the hardest part, i had the same challenges with my game in the jam, it took way more then the code and art to make it and im still not that impressed by it , it just needs time and practice 

very solid idea, would like to see you take this further 

love the art style 

this was fun 

love this 


Thank you very much <3 yeh we didnt have time to implement the daylight mechanic properly so its only for show. Doesnt effect the gameplay in anyway. Hoping to fix that in the future