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Thanks, no it wasn't from all the requests, the issue was I didn't feel motivated and I decided to re open the page because I know people wanted to still have a reliable way to access the games. I might work on an update (for pokeshrink) but idk if or when that'll happen.

Thank you very much :)

No worries I'm glad you like it :) I'm happy to know I'm the dev that made you want to make an account.

Glad you like it so much, for Pokeshrink more is coming, I don't know when I'll be able to get around to adding more things especially enough to warrant a new release but for sure new stuff will be coming :)

Thats fair, I will still be working on that one I'll hopefully have something to share will y'all soon

Yes when the next update is out I'll be adding Momo and hopefully a few others :) thanks for playing.

Thanks you so much, incredibly generous. I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making it, and I hopefully you'll love the game :)

After you have have had the discussion with camie you need to go to the bathroom door then you can initiate the scene hope this helps :)

Whoops yea I forgot to remove the sample text from the game lol. Also whats the problem with the second screenshot?

That's what I'm hoping for.

When I get around to releasing the next update I probably won't have that animation in the game as I broke Sonias character and the animation was lost so I will need to renaninate it unfortunatly.

I will hopefully release an update that'll feature that cutscene soon but right now I'm currently focusing on some other things right now, thanks for your lost lasting hopes for this game :)

Hello, I haven't abandoned the game entirely after the previous update I made some progress but after running into some issues I stopped, but I do plan to continue it when I have time to do so, thanks for playing and showing interest in this project with your conpliment. :)

Thanks for playing again and making another video :)

I decreased the jump height to make the player have a much more realistic movement system but I was supposed to add the ability to climb the cake but forgot to before releasing this build. It was a mistake on my part and for that I'm sorry, it will be amended in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

I'm sorry to hear about this but it seems to be an isolated incident could you please elaborate, is your browser failing to download or are you successfully downloading it and the game isn't launching? 

Also I'm heaps stoked that I was your first video back to YouTube, keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much for playing, good job finding the secret death animation :)