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A member registered Oct 16, 2016

Recent community posts

If you like the game, pay him something so he can hire a couple of code monkeys...

I would like to be able to play any league I unlocked.

The new classes are interesting to play, but I miss playing assault-only matches where only the best AI (and not the meta (nerf shotgun!)) would count.

Damn. I knew there was something fishy about Nullpoint.

He did that to me too.

Congratulations on the release of the multiclass patch! So nice to see the new matchmaking which won't allow cheating. I'm sure the top names will change a lot now.

I would like to make a suggestion about the leaderboard. When there is a tie in rating, the next position should take in account how many tied players are on top. Better explain with an example :

Now it's like this:

1- macho

1- msgblitz


2 - duck


Should be:

1- macho




Because if duck has 3 players with higher rating than himself, he is not in 2nd position but in 4th.

Anyone agrees?

As always, thank you for a great game and I wish you the best.

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You are welcome. Thank YOU for a fantastic game. Made a tiny donation. I hope you can someday quit your main job and become rich with Gladiabots! Sorry for my angry comments against the cheater.

I've never played against you nor seen your games. Liar.

Well, GFX said this will be solved in the new matchmaking system so It's fine

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Less chatter, cheater. We all know you are the notorious feeder and unskilled Carlos428. You use collusion, own two accounts, one account playing fake bots against the other to let it win. That's how you got 1st position. Leave this forum now. This is for people who want yo contribute to the game, not just cheat to beat the score of more intelligent players.

I suggest the leaderboard is removed until a way to deal with collusion cheaters is found. Also, I suggest separate leaderboards for each map once cheaters are dealt with, since maps are sometimes so different that victories should be scoring separately from one another.

Simple solution to collusion: you can't enter a player's map if your last 2 log entries were against that same player too. Won't fully stop collusion but will keep cheaters from reaching top positions. Another solution: all logs and games are public so everyone can see if a player has fake bot matches and alter accounts, report them, and get them banned.