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hahaha great strategies right there. Insane moves. Really kept you on the edge with this one

new version of miko is now available , check it out

hahahahaha great video there. Level 7 is the easiest of them all. as usual you where so close to the end.

thanks for the feedback, i will mos def change the background on upcoming Miko games.

good day folks.

i just released my newest game MIKO, its a 2D ptaform game about a boy named MIKO who has to journey through the redlands to get to the evil warlord Braco and take the color prism that he stole which reflects color to the world. The game was inspired by my lack of fitting in, so i decided to make a game where you have to fit in an environment or create your own way through an environment. thus MIKO can maneuver through the red lands or turn them into his own color and move smoothly.

you can buy the game here for a dollar -

nice game, love smashing the other frogs with my bat