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Thanks! I hope we will achieve something more cool later, now i'm working with editor so it will be much easier to do things like this game

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Everything except the sound, my friend making music and participating with me with his awesome music!
Thanks a lot!

i like myuilk! pretty funny app by the way haha

Hello, i'm looking for any projects in any genres, i had some tries at game jams with 2D and 3D projects, one of them was made in 3 days with assets and everything else. Also i'm developed gdx-psx library that imitates PS1 graphics and it's will be very cool if you're doing something like that!
Also i'm able to handle multiplayer games, and i have a place to test it if needed!

You can contact me here or in discord: FXG#2976

thanks! i too haha

thanks !!1!!

thanks too!!!!!



oh, ok, thanks, the main problem for me was very fast particles that appearing almost in front of your platform, but in other pretty nice idea of dialogues and pong

dude make it easier, idk how anyone supposed to complete > 2 levels

Game don't have fullscreen mode, only 1280x720 because its crap game

людей посмотревших сойдут с ума


omfg its so cool haha

well, its not for me tho, game looks good, but too much elements at the one moment, seems hard to play


Very cute game

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not working with multiple displays (AMD CPU & Video) :(

Goose walking only on first display

Very interesting game, im defeated the big slime and game ended, 12 minutes of gameplay was not too bad as i think on start, its very interestring game, you can add some new locations, and make it more interesting i think, anyway very good idea and game, thanks!

опять русские
опять нсфв


Searching the game designer for post-punk lowpoly 3d game (maybe horror)

Hello, my name is Matvey, i'm programming on Java for 4 years, i'm have a bit experience in low-poly modelling and pixelart drawing, have very small knowledge of GLSL. I'm searching small project to work for free or revshare.
You can contact me with links here, by the Discord FXG#7777, or down here.
(I'm using LibGDX engine that provides 2D/3D graphics with android/ios platform support)

Sprytile community · Created a new topic Bug report

i made just ctrl+z and got it
and i cant create a new texture region(idk why)
(and i dont see Material texture selection too lol)
[Bug Image]


interesting experience

Отличная игра, продолжайте в том же духе, не всегда игры могут вывести игрока на реальные чувства

Funny game! I was completed this using Google Translator, but! It was very interesting experience! Ha-ha! Thanks!

Super cool game

if someone interested:
Telegram @fxg00
Discord FXG#7777

funny game!
check this its cool!

Hello, thanks for feedback
I'm not sure you was trying to break right tiles, because we tested all before uploading update

About music, we have music but music was too loud at start and we just decreased volume, and if you was play with low volume on pc, i think you won't hear music

Thanks again, will check your game, ok!

Its very cool game

I think game is maybe too hard, but it looks so awesome!

Very nice idea, i'm enjoyed playing this! very good!

My brother have a birthday today, just made an easter egg for him(sended photo to him already :b)

Thanks for feedback!
I will add 2 tries a bit later, thanks again!

We fixed the product! Please try the new version!

Maybe, but!

WE FIXED IT, AND RELEASED WHAT WE WANT! Please try released version and say something about that!
Thanks for your feedback!