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That´s awesome! I'm also in love with the soundtrack. Would you mind sharing it with me? I don't know how to get access to it :(

OMG Thank youuu <3 This means a lot

Well, I think everything about the novel itself is beatiful! The music used in this along with the characters individually and the story is a perfect combination for me. 

The only thing that I would point out is the orthography :( WOTB should be more careful with that.

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Hey! Can someone tell me where can I find all the background music used in this wonderful game? :) It would mean a LOT! Pretty please <3

What do you mean "CG"? What is that? Sorry, English is not my natal language.

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Thank you all! It was a huge help.

How do I update the game?

Do I have to download it everytime an update comes out or what?

What about my saved data?

Help, please ;-;