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I did that too if you adjust the levels its just the soultion image as a 3d model

I actually am pretty fluent in Latin. I'm going to take an educated guess and assume that there is a grammicatal error and that the line in full english is supposed to read "The fact that i do not know"

i could run that srting of letters through a ceaser cipher and see what i get with different values. MIght take a bit though

well i looked through the DAT file in the game and found nothing i could understand

Oh, no i didnt think you were rude.

Ok for me i distictly herd towards the end. "There is a body by the door" Thats all i could understand

OK thanks for the clarification, It seemed like it was i was just throwing out information i found that i thought could be useful

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Hey I dont know if this helps but im digging in the files and there was one called 'leave' when i opened it this was the text that showed up


title=Don't Play This Game




Seldesc1=Don't Play This Game













Ok that makes more sense, but how would that corelate to the phrase, if it even is part of the solution

Yeah we've tried that but photo shopping it dosen't do much. I wont condemn you for trying though. Keep at it and maybe we'll find something.

If anyone needs it i can be a transcriber for at least a few hours until I have to work.

I genuinely love and am creeped out by mysteries like this. Im currently trying to see is the letters that pop up have any correlation with the messed up words. I was thinking that maybe that x/760 is how many letters you got that are correct. and those letters at the top are ones that you didn't get but not necessarily on the order the phrase is spoken. so your first letter might be an H but that was supposed to be in like that 12 word or something.