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glad to hear it! :^) i tend to look for the same hehe

aw, im glad this resonated with you so much! :^) thank you!

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'm also glad you understood the homestuck references haha :^)

thank you! :^)

thank you! :^) 

aw, sorry to hear that! thank you though

thank you celia!! :>

yeah, i probably could have phrased some things better! glad to hear you still enjoyed it though :>

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thank you for playing it! glad to hear you're enjoying it :>

thank you! i'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :>

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Rose in Bloom is a free visual novel that I made for a small game jam over the course of a week. The theme was "Triptych".

It's a cute game about a girl named Rose. She likes to paint and stay inside. Then one day, there's a knock at the door. What does she do???

I don't want to give away too much. It's a fairly short game with 3 different endings to explore. If you liked my other game, Stuck @ Home, then you'll probably like this game.

So, give it a try!

thanks! and yeah, i think a lot of people didn't get it.. my bad lol

thank you! :>

i'm glad you liked it! :>

ahh, im really glad this resonated with you! :'> thank you for your kind words

thank you! :

thank you! im glad to hear you could relate to it and that you enjoyed it :

im glad to hear that

thank you for playing my game! :> i hope you enjoyed it

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thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it :>

aw, i'm happy to hear that! thank you :> i'm glad you enjoyed it

i definitely think we'll make more games! :>

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thank you! this comment is incredibly sweet and i'm glad you enjoyed it! :> (and your grammar was good! no worries)

thank you! :>

thank you! :>

no problem, i'm glad you got it working! :>

after downloading the zip file, you'll need to unzip it and run the .exe file!

thank you! i hope you enjoyed it :

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thank you! i'm very glad you enjoyed it and will definitely check out the video :>

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thanks very much for playing my game! im glad you enjoyed it :>

aw, thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it so much!! :>

thank you! :>

i think it should work on mac as is!

as far as i know, it should work on windows? i'm using windows and it seems to work fine (sorry for the late reply whoops)

i'm not sure, but after doing some research it looks like it's probably not compatible.. sorry!

wow, this game really ROSE to the occasion (i did actually really enjoy it A+)

thank you so much! i just watched your video, and i'm glad you liked it! :)

thank you! i do have a twitter (@Lynnaira_), but i havent used it very much 0_0;; i do plan on tweeting more in the future thoug

ah, there's a bit of swearing and stuff. i don't think i'd really recommend it if you're looking for kid friendly things

aw, thank you! i'm glad i could inspire you :O i do plan to make more in the future!