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I love this! Such a classic feel and the art is really good!

I loved this game, the only issue that I ran into was the a repair truck got stuck one time and flipped back and forth super fast. Great work!

Thanks so much for checking! I'll look into it! 

cool, will do!

Thanks for playing! I'll definitely keep experimenting with the dash mechanic. There is a cooldown but I think it needs to be more obvious.. not sure why the sounds wasn't working, what browser do you use?

Exhilarating! It would be cool if there was some kind of score as well.

I love the classic feel! Very well done!

This is awesome, I love the concept! It might be a little bit easier if the letters stayed in place after you click them, that way the player can quickly click all the letters they want to get rid of as soon as they see the word they want. Keep up the great work !

These models are fantastic, well done!

This is awesome! I love the switch mechanic, very exciting.

Super interesante! Porfa sigue asi!

If you guys run into the bug where you die and nothing happens, refresh the page.. I'm working on it now!

Love this, the music is a nice touch

Cool, I love the concept for these puzzles 

I love the novel take on the classic platformer! great work, keep it up

This is great! I love the color changing mechanic. It might be a little more exciting  if you could shoot faster and the things came faster

Update: I got distracted by adding checkpoints, a new level transition system and more levels so I haven't written the code for HvP yet

This is really well animated and I love the sound effects, super professional!

Can't stop playing 

Wow it really do go boom! Nicely done!

These are great

Very pretty! my right hand is better than my left at sh'pong aparently lol


"Coding your own game is easier than you think"

Love the graphics!

v e r y c o o l 8)

This is great! I love that it shows the whole level before you start, I may steal that idea for my game ;)

Wow, lots of great content, keep it up!

This is great! Super classic vibe

This is a great concept! I'm stuck on the second level tho lol

Great game, the art is pretty awesome

this is awesome, great way to procrastinate! It might be nice to have a little lead up before the first notes cause it can be a little frustrating to try to hit the first ones

Woah, cool. Love undetale, so this is very cool.

Tank Warfare community · Created a new topic Very Cool!

Love the game, it would be cool if we could shoot by clicking as well!

Super awesome and simple concept and really well executed, I'm having so much fun! Love the art and music as well. 

I love how challenging this is, super entertaining! keep it up!

This is super cool, keep it up

Super chulo, me ha gustado mucho