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awesome, thanks!

What version of wine (precisely) are you using? Thanks!

Also also, the Mapbox Unity SDK is MIT licensed and posted on github.

You should be good to go for source release!

Absolutely fantastic.

I hit a couple places where the map freaked out, like sealevel moved 50 meters up or down.

Also in Explore mode you still use gas but there's no gas gauge. :)

another vote for a mac version!

Yeah, the hidden link has the same issue. I'll try the native build in a bit!

Safari 13.0.1, MacOS 10.14.6

It only seems to extract the blocks.blend into the 'blocks' folder of meshes if you have Blender installed. It failed for me too on a machine without Blender. :)

Just a quick bump, would love to see this!

Awesome, thanks!

is the source available?

Bought! Thanks for the bump. :)

Fantastic news! :)

is there a plan for an iOS release?

Very fun. :)

Two suggestions:

1. Your first person controller is very slide-y. There are a number of really good (free!)ones out there that don't have the issue where it keeps moving for a few hundred milliseconds after you let go. Was super scary until I understood that I couldn't fall off. :)

2. Make a VR version. :D

It mostly does! The mouse pointer gets captured properly, so that's solved... but the doors are the wrong color (yellow instead of red, I don't think I switched the palette?), the viewmodel for the weapon doesn't draw and the enemies are invisible but still shoot (the bullets are visible). Thanks for giving it a shot!

Also PRO TIP: if you pull up the Build Settings window, you can pick "Mac OS X" in the Target Platform dropdown (if you installed support when you installed Unity). That would save you the headache of the round trip to Cloud Builds. :)

Sadly, it doesn't. It doesn't lock the mouse pointer so as you move you end up clicking outside the window. It probably does the same thing on your end in the editor. :)

Haha awesome, thanks!

I'd love it if you could kick out a MacOS build. :)

can you guys make a mac build for the non-vr player? :D

This looks super useful! I would love to have a MacOS version.

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