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Luis Ochoa

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Pretty simple and very straightforward, I like this one!

Amazing art! Definitely this is best judged with 2 players, so I will give a standard rating right now because I don't have anyone to play with. I gotta say, your page says the first characters attacks with B but on my keyboard is actually with V. ;O

Very addicting game, I would say, add the option to change the parry button, Idk why I was hitting Space bar instead of lshift everytime. Some music would've been nice as well.

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Here's mine, barely fitting in here at 29!

Great game, the difficulty spikes really hard on Level 8 (and Level 9 is easier I would say) and there seems to be a bug where I can't grab the box sometimes. Great job nonetheless!

A REALLY good game you have here! It really has a lot of potential to becoming a bigger game. 

Pretty cool game. Seems very polished for game jam standars so congrats on that!
I would say, on the design part, I was hoping the unreachable torches will always have a reachable torch underneath (and also, I was trying to find platforms to reach those torches only to realize they are between the walls lol),  they may be as decoration but I got confused by them cx.

I was a bit confused at first but luckily the enemy didn't kill me before I realized what to do. I gotta say, the space bar is not the best button to mash repeatedly!
But great use of the theme and is actually really clever design and really challenging at first (but it gets easier once you figure it out).

Now this is a really hard game! I managed to beat it but I feel I got lucky with the map layout (I was able to loop the chaser pretty easily on that map layout so you may want to add some random variety to their movements).

Great game, it actually is quite similar to a bigger game I'm currently working on (because of the "only one light" theme). I liked the design, definitely has some potench. Maybe you can click the ghost to destroy them but that consumes your light a little (and need to find another source of light to replenish), because at one point I was completely surrounded by ghosts and couldn't do anything but die, so this is just one suggestion.

Well I had some trouble figuring out that you need to exit the level using the ladder, I was restarting every time thinking I did something wrong, lol. Good job tho, rated.

For the levels where there are cubes blocking the way, sometimes the perspective didn't allow me to see exactly when to turn around so I was just guessing, so an option to move the camera there (just on 1 axis, really) would be great. ;)

Great game, it gets challenging and I actually got softlocked several times since it was not clear what was I supossed to do, but otherwise you did a great job!

Hello, please rate the game on the submission page so it counts. I'll try your game as well!

Definitely a good Game Jam game, just add an option to move around the camera and it's perfect.

Thank you for playing, I played your submission and commented as well. ;)
As for the game breaking bug, it happened to me only once, could never replicate it in the Unity editor to try and fix it. ;c

Thank you for playing, I played your submission and commented as well. ;)

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Yeah I found this glitch too late, but it's such an easy fix (I think, lol).

Good idea at combining multiple things to have a stronger "only one" adherence to the theme. I understand the fact that is a jam, but still, I was struggling so much on getting the jumps right for the green one.

Nice work, one thing for the design, I was hoping "Guard" option during the fight would give me more Guide, otherwise I think is kind of useless to have it as an option.

A winner entry.