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I would so love to buy most of your assets but they are 16x16 and I need 48x48 for RPG Maker MZ. I know it is somehow possible with photoshop or plugins but I would just love to have the "normal" version

ok nice, thank you very much :D

hello again, may I use this in my rpg maker game, which is maybe going to be commercial?

I mostly want to use those banners/flags

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Hello there, awesome drawings :D My question: Are these ok with commercial use in my RPGMaker game/s? When I credit you I am good to go? 

Thanks in advance ^^

Hello there. My question is: Are they commercial free to use in my game projects? I want to use them in an RPGMaker game. When I credit you am I good to go? (all of your tokens, not only this set)

Thanks in advance ^^

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Hello. Are they all humanlike? or also demons, orcs, goblins and such creatures ? ^^

I would really really like it if you could do some more, lets say ork/demon-ish style. like green/red skin and such ^^

Hello there. Would this asset work with RPG Maker MZ(MV)? Because I read its 16x16 it would work I guess but am not sure

It is not bad! but the horizontal cropfield seems to be too close to the vertical now, so a bit of the horizontal one gets cut off into the vertical one but I changed that with gimp, its okay ^^

The door is just fine. thank you for your hard work and keep them assets coming, gonna buy them all :P

Nice, thank you very much. Gonna check it right away :D

will I get notified somehow when its updated? ^^

oh and while we already on it, all the crops seem to be slightly higher than in your gif´s. they are too close to the bottom border of the cropfield. unless im just seeing it wrong :P ( im only talking about 2mm)

oh nice, thank you very much :D

hello, to start with, i love your assets ^^. my problem is, i cant get the "door" for the fence to fit (RPG Maker MZ). doenst matter which of the wooden fence pieces i take it never really fits with the door. what am i doing wrong?

okay thank you for your answer, cant wait :

Hello there Clockwork Raven. I own all your assets and love them BUT are there any characters (people) which would suit the best? Is your character generator meant to be used with your assets? Or can you suggest one? The one´s I am using for the moment are the one from !POP, thanks in advance :D

hey man, looks real nice your game. may I ask what asset you got there, seems like RTP (standard) style mixed with something other ^^ is it buyable somewhere or did you make it yourself?

Would love to buy them BUT do they work with RPG Maker MZ?

- Update 3.12.2022

Found a few bugs, which I patched. Should work now just fine

As always you´re free to critic and maybe give me some suggestions. Thank you all :D

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Sorry for the inconvenience. A few files were gone missing when deploying the game. Is updated and should work now

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hello, I am really interested in all your "retro cyberpunk/city" stuff.  does every package wok with RPG Maker MZ? are they 48x48 scaled or just a few sheets?

Hello, I am curious. Am I allowed to use this and the exterior package for games for commercial use(RPG Maker MZ) and with gore/drugs/..? (18+)

Hello. Would love to buy this if its 32x32 (for RPG Maker MZ). :(

okay thank you :D

Is in this or other packages a police-car?

HeyHo, What characters works best with this asset? Characters as in people I mean. The original MV/MZ people? or another asset? 

Thanks in advance :)

Hello. I dont quite understand that program. I can make my own spritesheet, that worked. BUT how do I import it in RPG Maker MZ? Do I have to manually crop the things I need?

And for the exterior/interior-assets:

A lot of animations are not working and even the cars are only a tileset. So I cant use any car? (for RPG Maker MZ) ?

Besides that, amazing work! :D

I have a problem with the "Green Buildings" Tileset.  The one I want is the 48x48.png. But when I use it as Tileset(B,C,D,E) a lot gets cut off. (tried the 16x16 too and it cuts pieces of the builduingpats next to it). How is this tileset supposed to work? (48x48 if possible). tried also with "!$" as a character and doesnt work. what am I doing wrong?

ok then, thank you very much for the quick answer. am ordering now all your stuff :P keep up th good work

greetings, i have a question, i would loooove to buy all of your assets because they just look incredible! BUT.... i cant see any npcs/characters/monsters. am i missing someting? or  am i allowed to take the characters from "time fantasy"?