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Yes. Please read the downloads list carefully.

It already exists. If you don't see it, please download the latest version (3.5, or if you want the alpha, build 59)

Hi San, 

They are still a little buggy, but this is how you use them. Place one mass driver, then another within the first one's range. Zooming out helps a lot with this. Then, click on the first one and select the second one, and vice versa. This will like the two of them. After that, provide power to them until their power bar reaches full power. Place conveyors going in to the first one, and place conveyors going out on the second one. When items come, they should slowly point at each other, and the first one will shoot at the second one repeatedly, items coming out of the second one after a shot is recieved.

Hi Rednax, 

If you are running 4.0 builds, there is the bridge conveyor that you can unlock when you obtain dense alloy (by smelting lead and copper). Those bridge conveyors can bridge over cliffs and generally anything.

Hi dg, 

You must obtain silicon to unlock the Dart Ship Recontructor. From there, power it, and once it is fully powered, walk onto it. It will change in appearance as if you had pressed it down. Once you are on it, click it, and your current mech will be reconstructed into a Dart Ship. If you would like to transform back to the regular mech, repeat the process starting from standing on it.

Trust me, It won't turn into a p2p. ;)

There is kind of a team of mainly two devs (Anuken, EpowerJ) and two minor contributors.

Coming soon. I'm working on localization for the game, and I'll try to find a translator that can put it in German.

He uses LibGDX. Link

Wiki now available! LINK!!!

I absolutely LOVE the teleporters they are just SO USEFUL. One thing that might really help is if there was a better config UI, or if you could click on a little button next to the block selection box to change the color that would be used whenever you placed a teleporter.

I'll start when he gives permission, lol. Currently, in the new beta, he has more elaborate defenitions and descriptions of blocks in the game, and he might not want a Wiki as a result. But then again, maybe he might XD

Bottom line, if he gives me permission to do so, then I'll start making it ASAP.

Anuken, your game is just mind-blowingly amazing! But I realized that a few players here are having difficulty understanding certain mechanics of the game, so may I please have the permission to create a Wikia about the game as a guide to users who are new to the game? Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I'm the same Luxray5474 in GitHub