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Trust me, It won't turn into a p2p. ;)

There is kind of a team of mainly two devs (Anuken, EpowerJ) and two minor contributors.

Coming soon. I'm working on localization for the game, and I'll try to find a translator that can put it in German.

He uses LibGDX. Link

Wiki now available! LINK!!!

I absolutely LOVE the teleporters they are just SO USEFUL. One thing that might really help is if there was a better config UI, or if you could click on a little button next to the block selection box to change the color that would be used whenever you placed a teleporter.

I'll start when he gives permission, lol. Currently, in the new beta, he has more elaborate defenitions and descriptions of blocks in the game, and he might not want a Wiki as a result. But then again, maybe he might XD

Bottom line, if he gives me permission to do so, then I'll start making it ASAP.

Anuken, your game is just mind-blowingly amazing! But I realized that a few players here are having difficulty understanding certain mechanics of the game, so may I please have the permission to create a Wikia about the game as a guide to users who are new to the game? Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I'm the same Luxray5474 in GitHub