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Very well done game. Its has a few issues such as collision problems when going through doors and no proper feedback when striking enemies, but for a 3-day jam it has a surprising amount of polish and playability. Well Done.

This was a nice little game despite your limited time to develop it. There are some issues with collision where I would get stuck on a wall every now and then but it was challenging enough.

This was amazingly relaxing to play.

Not a lot to say about this one. It was funny to play.

I would really like to see this concept expanded upon. For a really small game this has potential for a nicely stylized space sim

The shifting backgrounds were a nice touch. A fun little adorable game to play.

Even with a simple theme as what you had I love what you were able to do with it. The art style and the extra tasks beyond the crops has me laughing. It reminded me of old-school Newgrounds. I legitimately applaud you.

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This was a little fun to play but I don't know if this was a feature, but when the rock at the bottom of the screen even crosses the y axis of the player you lose health. you don't even have to physically touch it.

I like games like this and this was fun to play. A major issue is that even though there upgrades of a turret and missile launchers, they seem to do very little in later waves. And clicking on them in the shop again you would think upgrades them but it doesn't and it just takes your money.

All in all a nice little submission.

very well done. One critique i would say is to maybe increase the timeframe a bit. other than that it's a chill little game. good job.

That is definitely a much better idea. Thank you.

Very professional looking game. Graphics were adorable.

The artwork was beautifully simple, I loved the calming atmosphere with the music. I am a man of few words overall an excellent game. Great Job!

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The game does not work for me unfortunately. I cannot move when the game starts but I can hear the voice acting. I do like how you have implemented voice acting. I will save my rating for later, until the issue is fixed for me.

I really enjoyed how hectic this game is to play. Very well done. One issue I had is the screen is a bit too dark for me, but my eyes suck so I wont hold that against you.

Excellent so I just finished. The art style is very cute and I quite enjoyed the scenery. I do think collisions and the controls need a bit of fine tuning because it is easy to get stuck when jumping and about half the time I had to hold down 1 for the fireball to travel some time instead of just instantly exploding. Other than that very nice job.

I like the graphics. Unfortunately since the player moves so fast I was unable to get very far at all.

Unfortunately I cannot play this game without installing Unity. It throws an error saying it is missing the UnityPlayer.dll file.