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L Gravovski

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Love the sprite work and the mechanics are great. I personally really appreciate the lack of combat. Of course that means the exploration needs to be ramped way up and maybe add some puzzles and whatnot. Great first level, looking forward to seeing where you take it.

Really solid game, dude.

Nice efforts, friends. Keep up the good work!

Hey, glad you at least got to the end. You know it's funny, under the UI input settings in godot, it says d-pad controls added. But my d-pad only controller wouldn't work until I added the joystick input, weird.  I added both so that issue is fixed now.

Yeah I plan on doubling or tripling the size of the world, maybe adding a few more diverse areas and all around polishing it up and adding a little story. I'll send you a link when the final version is complete.

Yeah that was a goof on my part. I left testing mode on before I exported. Once judging is over I'll re-upload the game how it's supposed to be.

DOH! I forgot to turn testing mode off before I exported. You're not supposed to be able to infinitely jump right off the bat. Sorry!

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There are loads of really easy to use and free music making apps for mobile and desktop. Google will probably be more useful for suggestions than I could be, not knowing your preferences.