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Wuuuw, you regained access to itch, I'm glad for you :)

Awesome asset pack btw, it really match 0x72's style :)

Okay I kinda understand what you mean, I'm not in a huge need of it anyway, you know I like downloading assets for future use so I'll just abandon this one haha, thanks for reply and sorry for inconvenience^^'

And good luck for you jam :)

Wuuuw this is sooo beautiful omg :o

I love the patterns! Thanks!

Okay I understand, actually I'd like to use it in a future game (not sure what type of game though, so I don't know if it'll be commercial or not) although I'm pretty sure I'll allow for donations here on itch.

Thanks for reply and sorry for super late response, I was on holiday^^'

Okay, though legally "no licence" means that we basically can't do anything with it, so if you want to give them for free without any restriction, make them licenced under CC0 (public domain)^^ 


It's cute! Nice work!

What's the license? :)

Awesome, what's the licence ? :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah I'll check it out if I have time :)

Hello, yeah this is a known bug, please download from google drive and not from itch, the link is in the game's page^^

Sorry for inconvenience^^' (also sorry for super long reply, I wasn't at home this week)

For a debugged version, see the game's page^^

Thanks for downloading (but my game isn't about freeing a cristal though)

Thanks for playing and the feeback!

It's weird if no one can get to the boss :( but no, the spawn point of enemies isn't random at all, it's fixed.

About art style, it's funny because this is actually the very first artworks I made with my new graphic tablet :) Also the first time I make my own assets from scratch for a game, but yeah they are my first trial in general. I like the style too :)

And I don't know if it's obvious or no, but if you destroy rocks with a shot (beginning of the part 2) you can have extra recharge from cristals^^

Yeah, I forgot to mention it in the desc, it's not balanced yet, and is a bit hard (because it's fast), I wanted to make a sort of checkpoint, so when you die you don't restart from the beginning, but didn't have the time (I didn't even implement sounds...) although for little enemies, they don't make so much damage but they give a great recharge, I though that would be enough to balance but apparently not xD

Also, did you try to shoot on rocks ? They give you charge too.

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing and giving such constructive feedback, I'll surely take it in account when I'll come back to this game :)

In the game's description, I've added a link to Drive with the fixed version, where the scaling of the character is removed.  Just go there and download it again (it's not an updated or improved version, I just removed that disappearance)

I'm sorry for this bug :/

Yeah, I don't know why :/ In the playtest it works just fine but when I export it there is that bug... Thanks for playing though !

Thank you very much, and no don't be sorry haha, it's normal to have this kind of "problems" when running a jam with such amount of participants that are all over the world^^

Wait wait, I'm in +0 timezone and the itch calendar (and crowdforge's) says the deadline is Monday 8th, at 5:59 am, I'm always messing up with timezones so I wanted to be sure, just is the itch calendar correct ? (I know it follows each one's timezone)

Sorry for bothering but I prefer asking rather than regret it afterwards :)


Hey, I have a little suggestion (you don't have to take it into consideration if you don't want^^)

What about having more winners if the Kickstarter is funded, rather than increase the prizes ? Like, if the goal is reached, having the 4th, 5th and 6th also win cash ?

I think it'd be nice since there is soo many jammers, but as I said you do what you want, this is just a suggestion^^

(and good luck for all jammers out there !)

Thank you !

The downloadable build still doesn't work, but through Steam it works perfectly. I'm excited to see what we can do with this really good engine :)

Ah thanks for your help but I tried in Brave and Chrome and that doesn't work, this is for sure because of our proxy server _-_

Anyway thank you^^ (huh ten minutes ?? this was just right xD I know the feeling of the deadline being very close ;)

Thanks for your reply^^

I'll probably buy this in the future because I don't need it right now, but it's sure an interesting tool :)

Hey, this seems very good, but is the DialogueDesigner required to use it ?

Whaaat an awesome music omg ! I played the game just to listen to it more *^*

Is it available to download/use ? The link seems dead :/

Also I love the graphics and the concept :)

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Yess, finally part 6 !

Thank you so much for all these awesome games !

EDIT : awwn, just finished it, it was so cute and heart breaking ! Can't wait for part 7 :)

Awesome, thank you !

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Okay then, I made it

And don't worry, it's really easy to use, just like microsoft Word (but cleaner). You don't have to set up anything, just write :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'm sooo glad I found you !

In fact I already thought about all this, and I came up with a great idea : I can create a Google Sheet and share it with you only so we can talk and upload things privately (I don't have social media) is this okay with you ?

And just don't pressure yourself, you are doing this freely for me so I won't impose a deadline or something like this, just do it when it's possible for you, really (and anyway I'm not in a rush, so take your time^^) even if it's for next month or more !

Speaking of animations, yeah I can do this myself if I have the sources, but I may need some specific poses (like running for example) so if you could just do some key poses then it would be easy for me to add transitions and animate properly^^

Again it would be much better if we could talk about this in another place, so let me know if that Google Sheet idea corresponds you.

And thank you, really, because I can't pay an artist/draw pixel art myself, I always have to tweak some assets and aaah this reply is going to turn into a book ! Well, to resume I'm very very thankful to you ! I'll give you a big spot in my game credits !

Oui, c'était justement le principe de métamorphose en plusieurs formes qui était la base de mon jeu, la transformation en ombre n'était qu'une "étape" pour y arriver.

Il semblerait en effet que les antivirus veuillent l'examiner voire le bloquer, mais comme je n'ai pas trop d'expérience en déploiement et encryption des données du coup j'ai juste pris le premier tutoriel de "wrapping" pour RMMV. J'ai remarqué que c'est un peu compliqué de déployer un jeu avec RMMV malgré ce que dit le site officiel, donc peut-être que je vais changer de moteur tant que le jeu est encore petit.

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Wow your pixel art style is just amazing !

I love the ones in your reply, but honestly I don't actually have any project of making a game with pixel art (but I'd like to, I love pixel style !)

In fact I'm working on a game right now (the jam version is avalaible in my profile) and since it's was for a jam I didn't think much about the graphical style, just picked some assets that was in my folders.

So maybe, but just if you want to of course, maybe we could collaborate ? I'd like to see a pixel sprite for the main character :3

EDIT : oh and before you make anything, I'd like to know if you are okay with it so I can clarify what I want^^

Thank you very much :)

Ooook je vois xD

Du moment qu'on a tous le temps de proposer une version débuggée, c'est l'essentiel xD

Je me posais la même question, et tant mieux qu'il y ait du temps entre la fin des votes et le live parce que je préfère pas créer de nouvelle page/uploader mon jeu quelque part d'autre. Merci :3

Ah d'accord ! Je vois c'est mieux ainsi alors, du moins jusqu'à que ça soit équilibré^^

Oui t'as raison, je crois que je me suis un peu mal exprimée, désolée^^ Je voulais juste dire que c'est une simple "augmentation de niveau" mais bon, comme j'ai dit chacun son point de vue ;)

Mais le jeu est vraiment super, bien joué !

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This is AWESOME.

Thank you, I absolutely love pixel things !

Is the characters in the screenshots available for download as well ? They are so beautiful :o

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Hmm, j'aime pas trop être éparpillée. Je peux juste savoir quand le live commencera ? Ca serait bien si c'était un peu après les votes, pour laisser le temps à tout le monde de débugger.

EDIT : c'est bon, j'ai eu la réponse à ma question sur l'autre topic^^

Ouch, oui, j'ai cru comprendre ça lorsque je suis allée voir tout à l'heure... J'espère donc qu'ils feront en conséquences et laisseront du temps entre la fin des votes et le live.

Merci du follow et j'espère que la suite te plaira !

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Au fait grâce aux notif's par mail j'ai pu voir ton message sur Discord, c'est gentil de m'avoir prévenue^^

Comme je peux pas répondre sur Discord je le fais là^^

EDIT : maiiiis je peux pas mettre à jour mon jeu ! ça me mets "la jam Pot au Jeu est en cours" du coup j'ai pas le droit de modifier... Comment on est censés débugger nos jeux ??

Hey !

Apparemment on peut débugger les jeux pour le live de la jam, je viens de le voir !

Du coup je pense poster la mise à jour ce soir ou demain ! (+ une autre version améliorée plus tard, en fait je comptais améliorer des trucs après la jam mais pour le live, il faut uniquement une version débuggée et non pas améliorée donc 2 updates prévues !)

Pour l'update il me faudra encore un ou deux jours (j'étais censée travailler dessus hier et aujourd'hui mais j'ai fini par vider à la place... et donc je dois tout trier xD)

C'est vraiment dommage que la suite soit indisponible, parce qu'il s'y trouvait un élément important qui était la base de la relation avec le thème (la transformation en ombre n'est pas censé être la "métamorphose", mais bon d'une pierre deux coups) et c'est là que le gameplay allait être révélé.

Merci d'avoir joué en tous cas^^ J'essaierai de poster l'update dans 2 jours max.

Ah d'accord ! (moi aussi ça m'est arrivé pour mon jeu, ne pas savoir pourquoi ce truc ne marche pas alors qu'on a pourtant bien paramétré... xD)

T'en fais pas, c'est juste un (très) mauvais souvenir qui revient de temps en temps... Mais ton jeu n'a rien à voir, il est super :o