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How long is the black screen after the title supposed to last? Each time I've tried to start the game, it never proceeds no matter how much I click or which buttons I press; it just stays on the black screen with the beach sounds. I'm on Windows 10.

Hey, I really enjoyed the demo! The concept is so unique and there's clearly a lot of love put into it.

Just wanted to say that I got an error on Windows while trying to edit the MC's hair in step 2. This was in the build before the new hair colors were introduced, so maybe you've already fixed it, but I thought I'd make you aware just in case.

Thank you so much for making this game, it's so cute! I loved all the variations of each character's endings, and the art is wonderful.

I just wanted to report a couple small issues:

  • Characters without sprites show up as "unknown" in the log
  • In the line beginning with "I lean over to pick up a book", "illusion" should be "illustration"

I'd love to work with you! Can you please contact me on Discord?

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This VN (name TBD) is a fantasy story about a knight rescuing a princess from an evil witch...except the situation turns out to be much more complex than she could have anticipated.


  • Lianne - The protagonist. A boisterous knight with a love of all things pretty and cute—including the princess she’s supposed to protect! She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a hard time hiding her emotions, making her crush on Mara obvious to everyone…except Mara herself.
  • Mara - The handsome princess of the kingdom. She’s a quiet, bookish sort who likes to spend time reading in the castle gardens or her own substantial library. Her parents, the king and queen, keep trying to set her up with princesses and noblewomen, but Mara insists that if she marries, it will only be for love.
  • Astrea - Formerly a court mage, the infamous witch Astrea disappeared suddenly after becoming corrupted by demons. She has been blamed for numerous murders and kidnappings. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Roles needed:


  • Character/sprite artist
  • CG artist
  • Background artist

(these don’t all have to be different people, but please consider that the workload will be higher for you if you choose to take on more than one position!)

LOWER PRIORITY (but still much appreciated!):

  • GUI artist
  • Composer
  • Programmer

If you're interested in working on this with me, please contact me here, via Twitter (@lunaterra_), or via Discord (lunaterra#8000). I'll send you an outline and more information about the characters. You must have a Discord account; all communication between the team will occur via group DM.

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I love playing games with lots of text, whether they're RPGs, interactive fiction, visual novels, or anything else. However, I've noticed a big problem with a lot of text-heavy games: they're not edited.

Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but I think that's a shame. Typos and grammar errors can really take me out of the flow of the game, you know?

Luckily for you, developer-of-a-game-with-text-in-it, I happen to be a professional freelance proofreader! I have experience writing, editing, and proofreading games. Projects I've been involved in as an editor or proofreader include:

(A full list of projects I have been or am currently involved in can be found here.)

I'd like to think that I've got quite a few things going for me. I'm a native speaker of American English. I got a perfect score in reading on the SAT, alongside an only-slightly-lower writing score. I have video game experience, both playing and making (especially playing). I was the copy editor of the school newspaper in middle school. In short: I know what I'm doing.

I'm happy to proofread NSFW/adult projects! However, I am not comfortable editing projects which involve any of the following subjects:

  • Guro; sexualized violence, including explicit rape/non-con
  •  Incest
  •  Lolicon/shotacon; romance between an adult and a minor, regardless of the genders involved
  • Romanticized abuse

I also reserve the right to turn down any project for any reason.

My rate is based on the word count of your script, including dialogue and narration, but not counting code. I require half payment upfront before I begin working. I will only accept payment via PayPal.

  • Editing (content editing): $0.01/word
  • Proofreading (line editing): $0.01/2 words, rounded down to the nearest cent

If you want to hire me, you may contact me via one of the following outlets:

  • Email: lunaterra25 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Discord: lunaterra#8000
  • Twitter: lunaterra_
  • Lemma Soft Forums: lunaterra

"First, I would like to say that DR will be a kinetic novel in the sense that there will not be multiple endings per route."

This is a bit misleading. A kinetic novel is a VN with no choices whatsoever. I think what you mean to say is that once you get on a route, the plot is linear from that point on?

That said, I loved the demo prologue and I'm looking forward to the full game!

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This was a Twine game that I had initially planned to make for #iluJam 3; unfortunately, that game fell through, and I lost all progress on it when my laptop died (PSA: BACK UP YOUR SHIT). I’ve decided to dust off the premise and try again for Yuri Jam!

The game is set in the same universe as a passion project of mine that’s too ambitious for my current dev abilities: a fictionalized version of 1910s/1920s Hollywood, where the films are silent, the times are a-roarin’, and the girls are beautiful.

...well, girls are beautiful in any era. But flappers and art deco, amirite? *_*

“A Tale of Two Extras” (working title) stars Woman Talking Outside Cafe #1 (aka Janet; she’s the MC) and Woman Talking Outside Cafe #2 (aka Rosamond, aka Rosa), two aspiring actresses cast as extras in a film. Their job is to sit outside a fake cafe storefront and chat with each other during tea. Of course, since they’re just extras sitting in the background of a silent film, the director doesn’t care what they’re actually talking about…

Flirting ensues.

While this started as a Twine game, I’m thinking about making this a visual novel in Ren’Py instead, in which case I’ll need someone to do character art, since art isn’t my forte (at all). Janet and Rosa are the only two characters who need sprites (the director and an unfortunate gofer might have lines, but they can stay offscreen). Anything else—backgrounds, music, GUI—I’m considering extra for now and will use premade assets unless there’s someone out there who wants to contribute custom stuff.

My goal is to have a playable kinetic novel with the whole cafe set scene, although if time permits, I’ll add choices and/or possibly more dates (going to a movie together, actual lunch at an actual cafe). I might still work on this after the jam even if I “finish” it.

(s/o to CrouchingBacon/12am_arcobaleno for encouraging me on the discord to make this and post a devlog lol)

Hey, just commenting here to say that I got a pair of errors near the end of January's route. Full text of the error message: I was able to ignore the errors without consequence, but I figured you'd want to know about them anyway.

Other than that, I've really enjoyed the game! (I'll have to concur with the earlier commenter who said that Seer's sprite should be reversed after The Event. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed that the issue keeps distracting me, I dunno...)

I'm only six days late...hahahaaaaaaa...

I actually found out about this jam the day before it started, but due to a combination of job hunting + being unable to decide what I wanted to do + my apparently constant need for sleep I only really got a handle of what I wanted yesterday.

My big thing was trying to decide between making a game in Twine, Ren'Py, or RPG Maker VX Ace (all programs I've played with, but never finished a game in before). Since I'm primarily a writer and can't really do visual art, I decided that I'll be using Twine 2. Once I finally decided on that, my plot spiraled out of control.

Aurora Borealis is going to be a fantasy text adventure/RPG starring a player-named protagonist who lives in the tropical city of Jana and makes a living doing odd jobs for the local shrine to the goddess of magic. However, the protagonist has little talent in magic themselves (hence the odd jobs). One day, they check their mailbox to find that they have received a package containing a spell tome full of obscure weather spells and a vague but polite letter signed "Witch". Having little use for the spells, the protagonist shelves the tome in their bedroom...

...until two weeks later, when continuous rainfall has caused much of the town to flood. Desperate to save their hometown, the protagonist stumbles upon the weather tome and uses a drying spell, saving the town.

In Jana, it is considered rude to not thank someone in person when they have helped you. And the protagonist wouldn't have been able to save Jana without the Witch's help.

Thus begins the protagonist's epic quest for politeness.

I realized while I was brainstorming that my original four-act game plan was way too ambitious for this short of a time frame (especially considering my late start sobs), so I'm going to focus on the first "act" (i.e., the protagonist saving Jana from the flood). Hopefully, I'll be able to continue working on the game after the jam ends, and at the very least complete the story I have (kind of) planned out.

(As an unintended consequence, the name I chose won't make any sense, since it refers to something that would happen in the fourth act, lmao. Maybe I should change it. I thought of "Ettiquest" earlier today and literally laughed out loud, so that's an option.)