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Sure! :3 the subject is Game Design by the way - just started this month, it's our first year! We had to create a tabletop game based on a videogame, while also taking one mechanic of two other games and implementing them in it somehow, mixing it all together. Then make a report on our very weird creations 馃槄 We had a specific list of games to work with though, and it just so happened that Factory Hiro was one of them. It does get so chaotic and challenging - maybe a bit too much at times, but I love it! Sadly it was a team from another shift who picked your game to work with though, so I have no idea how that went! It seems a little tricky to turn it into a tabletop game, mmm 馃

Greetings! Thought you'd be happy to know that your game is being studied in game development classes at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. We had a lot of fun with it :3 have a lovely day!