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Lunar Wilderness

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It's very cool that you managed to playtest this game! My only gripe is that mic quality across you guys is very uneven on the recording

Hey thanks for checking out the game! (and sorry for the late reply)

Yeah, I missed one of the spots at the edge of the maps, unfortunately. About Dread Gazes: if you succeed, they will lower the opponents defensive stat for the next two rounds. Unfortunately, I failed to come up with a way that can convey this easily in a visually clean way.

Thank you so much! I'm sorry you encountered an issue, I haven't heard this bug from anyone yet. I'm glad it didn't entirely ruin your experience though!

Very cool visuals/atmosphere and nice to sea a traditional point and click game! I especially liked the nightmare sequence, it's a unique way to use the "memoriam" concept. My only issue is that I encountered a bug where I couldn't access my inventory

I also, I kinda got stuck on figuring out what to do after Benedict gives Kolya the night off, as Kolya gives no hint on what he really intends to accomplish, so I simply don't know what to look for.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! You make a good point about the controls, I just felt like it would create problems for the turn based nature of the game and I didn't have the time to reconcile these two ideas well

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you very much and also for the video! You are absolutely right about the arrow key thing and I intended to fix it, but I as you mentioned, I was worried it would create usability problems for the other systems that rely on the game's turn based nature and that I wouldn't be able to resolve all design problems in time. Really sorry about your hand!

This was nice! I really liked the moody city environment (although maybe it was a bit too barren, but I understand it's time consuming to fill an open world) and the central mystery was engaging. What I liked the most is that the protagonist was not a vampire, but someone who simply got tangled up in their business, it's an often unexplored angle in VTM media!

Thank you for doing this!

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much for featuring it on your stream!

I really like this game! This wild west sort of setting is an interesting and cool pick for a VTM story and I like the characters too

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Now that the submission period is over, is there going to be a voting/rating phase?

your generators are very cool!

hey I've seen your youtube channel before, but I didn't know you also made games! you nailed to VtM atmosphere in this one