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Lunar Wilderness

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Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can come up with something interesting!

Wow, thank you so much! I didn't really get feedback on the game itself, so it's very nice to hear that someone liked it! I felt like more moral ambiguity could be introduced by having characters that are not inherently monsters fighting their nature, but rather people struggling against their pride.

I also felt the idea of them "being at odds with their past" was a good parallel to how Hungarians feel about the consequences of World War I, so the game is kind of a metaphor, and being metaphorical is a big trait of World of Darkness in my opinion (like how Vampire is a huge analogy for the "security vs liberty" argument)

It's always cool to meet other WoD fans in the wild!

I really like how summarizing everything as Mind-Body-Spirit elegantly simplifies the usually convoluted character sheets seen in other games! The theme you picked is also cool.

Also using the Joker for an element of surprise is a neat way to introduce unpredictability into the story itself

Now that the submission period is over, is there going to be a voting/rating phase?

your generators are very cool!

hey I've seen your youtube channel before, but I didn't know you also made games! you nailed to VtM atmosphere in this one