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Such a cute game. Hope its still in development.

Enjoyable side characters and the graphics are great.

There are a  few places where the male and female pronouns are mixed up - for example the MC says her instead of him when talking about Nolan.

I agree. Will be hard to say goodbye to this story.

But at least its fun to replay :)

Also keep checking ;)

Loved this demo (played off patreon first).

The art and the story has already drawn me in! You guys have done a great job :)

Looking forward to more <3

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Just loved this game. The butler route had me laughing, but my favourite is "Kaito". Well done, binged this in one evening. :)

There are a few errors in the English translation for Sol's route, but it doesn't take a way from the story. Hoping one day there is an expansion for these guys.

Love the work you guys do <3

I agree, Jun would be an awesome route!

Loved the demo. Super cute. Looking forward to the game.

Have you got a Patreon site?

Looking forward to the full game :)

Thanks for the update.

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for such a great game. The writing is amazing!! <3

Looking froward to the DLCs and OurLife 2. 

Hi, thanks for trying to find her. 

I hope wherever she is she is alright. There is another Otome that just stopped. (Atrium).  Its sad when the devs disappear, especially when their writing is so good.  Let hope they are well and looking after themselves.

Loving this demo! 

Looking forward to the full game release. :) Keep up the good work and look after yourselves.

Must say, I fell in-love with Tuck!!! Love how all the characters are so interesting.

This is a great game. 

Sorry to ask here, but is the game still being developed? Couldn't find anything on Tumblr.

So, I stumbled onto this game while browsing ..

Wow, Hooked already, its so well done. Looking forward to more!! Keep up the good work n look after yourselves.


Love your games. Would be so epic if Rayner became a love interest one day.

Can't wait for this!

Was so sad when our life ended, glad there's more content coming from you all :)

Hi Ajane,

Love your games and the art you use. It is sad that this series is not going to continue, but your reasoning is sound. Taking care of yourself and having passion for your work is what matters more.

I was just wondering if Jun's route is going to be completed?

Keep well and keep safe.

Hi there, really enjoying the game.

If I'm using the app, is it possible to add the patreon version to it? Or must I download separate versions?

Looking forward to it :)

Took me a while to figure out patreon ;)

Hi. Love this game, the mc and characters are well written.

Played it on steam. I was wondering if Tailor tales plus would be released on steam at all?

Thanks :)

I found this too. Had to backtrack so I could complete a quest with Dandee.

Hi, really enjoyes the demo.

Hope this game is still in development. Have you thought of releasing a steam version?

yay, new update. :)

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Really enjoyed changeling.. Looking forward to the steam release! =)

Love this demo so far. Great graphics and enjoy the story line.

Please release on steam?  I am very careful about making payments, but trust steams security.